Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas: Hybrids Explained

Migo Harrison
Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas - Hybrid Champion

Ask any fan of gacha games, and they’re sure to tell you about the time they almost had the “perfect” character. They’ll detail exactly how the character in question was acquired nearly perfectly with the correct stats and traits, and how its one flaw stopped it from being the best it could have been.

Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas is a hero-collector RPG developed by the same people who created Dungeon Hunter VI, GOAT Games. Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is available in the Play Store, and we recommend downloading it since the game makes flawed units a thing of the past.

Thanks to their Hybrid system in Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas, players can customize units via their Marriage feature and replace any unwanted traits with more desirable ones. This marriage comes at a cost though, and we’re here to teach you all the ins and outs about it.

What Is A Hybrid?

A Combination of Two Different Units

Bloodline - Heroes of Lithas - Valora
Photo: GOAT Games

Hybrids are a combination of two units of the player’s choosing. Essentially, one unit is selected to inherit the traits of a different unit. This results in the destruction of the “consumed” unit and the empowering of the “inheriting” unit.

How to Get Hybrids in Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas

Create Hybrids Through Marriage

Bloodline - Heroes of Lithas - Marriage unlock conditions
Photo: GOAT Games

The marriage system is a late-game mechanic that is unlocked once the player clears Stage 3-20. Once Stage 3-20 has been unlocked, players will gain access to the marriage system.

Marriage System

Transferring Traits from One Unit to Another

Bloodline - Heroes of Lithas - Hybrid Karg
Photo: GOAT Games

As we mentioned above, the marriage system allows the player to select two units, one of which will “give” traits, and the other to “receive” traits. The system is random in Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas, so the resulting character might not always inherit the desired traits.

This means that players might need to continue attempting to marry the selected unit until it eventually inherits the desired trait.

Marriage doesn’t always result in a Hybrid

Bloodline - Heroes of Lithas - 2 different clan traits
Photo: GOAT Games

The characters that result once a marriage is completed might not always be Hybrid characters. To be considered a Hybrid, the target unit must inherit the Clan Traits that are typically exclusive to members of that clan.

In addition to this, the target character must not only inherit the exclusive clan trait, but it must also inherit the clan trait into its secondary trait slot.

Successfully creating a Hybrid will result in a character that has two exclusive Clan Traits simultaneously while also having a mixed aesthetic between the two merged units.

Tips and Tricks

How to Create The Perfect Hybrid in Bloodline – Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline - Heroes of Lithas - Heir
Photo: GOAT Games

Perfect is an objective word since some players would want A to have B’s Clan Trait, while also having C’s aesthetic. This can be done through the use of multiple marriages.

For example, let’s try to create a Yvnian character that has a Lionstone’s trait, but a Lycanis’ aesthetic.

First, you will want to marry the Lionstone to the Lycanis so that the Lycanis can potentially inherit the Lionstone’s trait. Successfully marrying these two should create another Hybrid.

Next, you will want to marry the Hybrid Lycanis to the Base Yvnian so that the Yvnian could potentially inherit the Lionstone’s Trait while getting the aesthetic werewolf look from the Lycanis.


Merging heroes in Bloodline – Heroes Of Lithas is fairly simple, but getting the exact results you want is far from easy. There’s no real trick or shortcut to getting the exact unit that you want, but this can be achieved with enough repetition.

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