Blades Tale – Guide to Classes and Skills

Anurag Ghosh
Blades Tale Classes
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)
Blades Tale Classes and Skills

In Blades Tale, there are four classes or “WPNs”. Before your adventure begins, you will be able to select a WPN of your choice – Sword (Warrior/Paladin), Fist (Monk/Martial Artist), Bow (Archer) and Parasol (Wizard/Mage). You can change you WPNs any time during your adventure.  

Once you select a class, you can start your adventure. After completing a few quests, you will meet an NPC who will allow you to change your WPN. 

Your character’s class is determined by the weapon equipped to your hero. To change a class anytime during your adventure, you must equip a weapon that’s linked to a class. For example: if you want to change your class from “Sword” to “Bow”, you will have to select the bow. Here’s how you can do this:  

1. Tap on your hero’s portrait on the upper-left corner of the screen.  

2. On the hero page, tap on your “Bag” on the right side of the screen.  

3. Now tap the “equip” tab and then tap on a weapon that’s different from the current WPN’s weapon. 

4. A new weapon comparison window will pop up on the screen.  

5. Tap the “Equipment” button on the lower-right side of the weapon screen.  

That’s it! You have successfully changed your class. Your player level remains the same even after changing to a new class.  

To acquire new weapons pertaining to each class, keep completing quests. Don’t forget to open treasure chest rewards in your “bag” as they may contain some of those weapons. Once you obtain all four weapons, start switching to a new WPN or class by just choosing a new weapon which is connected to a class. When you select a new weapon from the bag, you not only change a WPN, but also change all skills under that WPN.  


Choose your class wisely as each class or WPN has a set of unique active skills and passive skills. The effect and damage vary from one class’s skill to another. During combat, tap on each skill located on the lower-left corner of the screen to unleash devastating effects. Advanced active skills and passive skills unlock when you reach higher levels.  

You will unlock the skills menu when your character reaches level 4. Complete quests to gain EXP and keep upgrading your character until you reach level four. When unlocked, tap “Skill” on the right side of the screen. You can then view all active and passive skills under each WPN and know their strengths.  

To make things easier for you, we have listed all skills in this Blades Tale guide. The first four of them unlock at level 1, level 3, level 7 and level 16 respectively. In the list below, the level at which a skill unlocks is shown between parentheses:   

Sword (Active Skills):  

Whirlwind (Level 1): When you tap on this skill, your character spins like a whirlwind, hitting enemies several times. Damage can be dealt to multiple enemies. There’s also a chance to stun an enemy for one second. When the whirlwind activates, your character is protected by a shield. The higher the character’s spins, the higher the shield’s HP. The shield protects your character for five seconds.  

Taixuan Sword (Level 3): Your character unleashes a powerful shockwave to the front enemy as well as enemies surrounding him.  

Siphon (Level 7): Your character pulls enemies towards him and then launches a devastating blow. Along with dealing damage, there’s also a higher chance to stun enemies for a few seconds.  

Power Strike (Level 16):  You can inflict damage to multiple enemies, with a chance to stun them for a second. When you cast this skill, your character will also be immune to CC effect.  

Falling Sword (Level 25): Your character rushes towards the enemy and attacks.   

Frenzy (Level 31): Your character’s base evade increases.  

Sword (Passive Skills):  

Sword Mastery (Level 20): It permanently raises base ATK, HP regeneration and base EVA.  

Sky Soar Combat Spirit (Level 34): It’s a team passive skill where it raises the ATK power of the main character and his team mates.  

Momentum (Level 37): You will get one stack of focus every 3 seconds. You can get up to a maximum of 3 stacks of focus. When you are activating any one ATK, all focus stacks accumulated so far will be consumed and your character will reach Xuan Ning state which increase his/her ATK power. The more focus stacks a character consume, the higher the ATK effect.  

Concentrate (Level 45): It permanently increases the damage caused by normal ATKs.  

Fist (Active Skills)  

Earthquake (level 1): When you tap on Earthquake, your character strikes and smashes, attacking an enemy several time. There’s also a chance to freeze an opponent for a second. Each time your character hits the enemy, its attack power increases.  

Sweeping Wind (Level 3): Your character jumps and spin kicks, hitting enemies multiple times. He deals damage to multiple enemies. During the skill effect, he is immune to CC effect. It also improves his base defense by a certain percentage.  

Avalanche (Level 7): Your character jumps in front of the target and does a “Chinese tackle”. It causes damage to multiple enemies around him. Chance to freeze for 2 seconds.  

Dragon Strike (Level 16): One of the most devastating skills in Blades Tale, Dragon Strike allows your character to summon a fierce dragon who attacks and deals massive damage to all enemies in the front.   

Harmony (Level 25): With this skill activated, your character deals damage to nearby enemies. He will taunt enemies, forcing them to attack him and then attack them.  

Audacity (Level 31): Your character is immune to damage when attacked and also has a slight chance of restoring HP. The higher your character’s endurance stats, the higher the HP restores.  

Fist (Passive Skills):  

Serenity (Level 20): permanently increases self  base defense and base HP. Also, it increases base damage to monsters. 

Preparation (Level 34): Increases your team’s and your defenses.  

Brawler (Level 37): Enhances your main character’s defense for each enemy near him. When his HP is lower than 50 percent, his DEF increases more.  

Bombardment (Level 45): Permanently increases damage caused by normal ATKs.  

Bow (Active Skills) 

Lightening (Level 1): Shoots a rapid burst of arrows, dealing damage to enemies in front of your character. Chances of an enemy slowdown for 2 seconds.  

Rampage (Level 3): Shoot arrows in a circle to attack surrounding enemies. Chances of slowing down for 3 seconds. When this skill is activated, you can knock back enemies that are within half of your attack range.  

Fan Arrows (Level 7): Shoots multiple arrows, causing damage to enemies in the front. The lower the remaining Hp of the target enemy, the higher the damage dealt by the Fan Arrows skill.  

Pheonix Fire (Level 16): Another most destructive skill under Bow class in Blades Tale, Pheonix Fire allows you to unleash a phoenix to deal fire damage to multiple enemies. Soon after the Pheonix leaves, the leftover flames will continue to deal damage to enemies.  

No Escape (Level 25): When you unleash this skill, a barrage of arrows falls from the sky, dealing damage to multiple enemies in the front of your hero. Damage is higher depending on the HP level of your enemies. The higher his HP, the higher the damage.  

Juggernaut (Level 31): Raises morale and increases movement speed. When attacked, your character will be immune to 80 percent of the damage dealt by the enemy.  

Bow (Passive Skills) 

War Cry (Level 20): Permanently increases CRIT and ATK.  

Fanaticism (Level 34): (Team Aura) Increases CRIT damage of your character and teammates.  

Rapid Fire (Level 37): Each time you cast an active ATK skill, you will enter “sharpshooter” state. The sharpshooter state will increase the ATK power of basic ATK skills.  

Archery (Level 45): Permanently increases the damage caused for basic ATK skills.  

Parasol (Active Skills) 

Flower Wind (Level 1): The celestial aura of the Flower Wind skill allows your character to fire magic missiles to multiple enemies in a circle.  

Nightmare (Level 3): Inflicts damage to nearby enemies and synchronizes with a target teammate thereby continuously restoring HP and increasing attribute effect chance to your character and the teammate.  

HEX (Level 7): Use the Hex skill to cast magical spells to enemies. The most interesting part of this skill is that it turns enemies into pigs for 2 seconds. When the enemies turn into pigs, their movement is reduced and they cannot attack your hero.  

Drunken Gate (Level 16): Unleashes a “spirit gathering circle” that targets multiple enemies. You and your teammates also have a chance to restore HP and gain attribute effect. The higher your hero’s constitution stats, the higher the HP restored.  

Rain Dance (Level 25): launches fan-shaped missiles towards enemies in the front, dealing massive damage to them. This skill also causes extra damage to the target based on the enemy’s constitution stats.  

Prayer (level 31): When you tap this skill, you cast a celestial technique spell which improves movement speed and attribute effect. It also restores HP. The higher the hero’s constitution stats, he the more HP is restored.  

Parasol (Passive Skills) 

Autumn’s Ice (Level 20): Permanently increases self base HP, damage dealt to monsters and the resistance ATR effect.  

Blessed Aim (Level 34): Increases max HP of your character and his teammates.  

Fervor (Level 37): Chance to enter “wind state” which lasts for two seconds. This special state increases movement speed and allows your character to deflect damage.  

Don’t forget to upgrade or level-up your skills. You will need skill points to upgrade a skill. You will obtain points when your character levels up. Pay attention to the skill cap and make sure you upgrade all skills time after time using those skill points.  

When you unlock all active skills, you may want to test each of them to know their powers. Because you can equip only four skills as there are 4 slots available, you can replace your current skill with a new one through the configuration menu. Tap “skill” on the right side of the screen and then tap the “configuration” button. You can then switch between skills easily. Now tap the “Return” button to go back to the skill menu.