Blade Legends – Basic Gameplay Guide

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

Created and published by EACHFUNGAME, Blade Legends is set in a fantasy world riddled with demons waiting to be saved. Players must help the legendary warriors as they try to rid their world of this Dark Age.

Despite being an idle RPG, Blade Legends requires plenty of attention. 

All the demon-slaying is automatic, but everything else is in the hands of the players. 

Players must summon and defeat bosses, collect rewards, upgrade character stats, and continuously improve their gear.  

It’s such a fast-paced game that beginners will have a hard time getting started. So, play along with the dictating tutorials and use this Blade Legends gameplay guide to develop a deeper understanding of the game. 

Blade Legends Gameplay Guide – Understand The Gameplay & Mechanics

Blade Legends has partially idle gameplay.

While the hero does all the fighting automatically, the players’ must collect all the rewards and continuously upgrade their hero, weapons, and more.

In the campaign mode, players must defeat minnows of every stage before summoning and defeating the boss of that stage. 

This is an important mechanic to understand. 

You can’t progress to the next stage until you summon the boss manually. 

Blade Legends dishes out tons of sign-up rewards. So, as soon as you start the game, you’ll collect hefty bonuses that will put you on the right track.

Moreover, to help beginners, the game points out the exact buttons to press.

That means you’ll continue to progress even if you don’t understand the mechanics fully at the beginning.

Other important mechanics include:


This is where you equip the best armor, weapons, and accessories for your character. There is a Quick Equip button that automatically equips the best stuff. But players can manually select everything for a desired build.


Using Forge, players can enhance their equipment.

From the main weapon to support accessories, everything boosts the power stats of your character in Blade Legends. So make sure to forge whenever you have enough gold.


Your character is not alone in this battle against demons. Pets can be summoned to help out your character in tough battles, mostly when a boss shows up.

That’s why it’s best to make your pet as strong as possible by continuously leveling them up. 

Blade Legends Game Modes

Campaign mode, i.e., PvE is not the only game mode available in Blade Legends.

When players eventually get stuck at a stage, there are different game modes players can try.

For starters, the Dungeon mode.

Players can raid dungeons and defeat monsters to farm resources. 

Then there is the Arena mode, which is the PvP mode of Blade Legends. It unlocks once players reach Level 130. 

Within these modes, there are certain challenges and missions that players can complete for rewards. 

So don’t limit yourself to just the Campaign Mode if you want to enjoy Blade Legends to the fullest.

That brings this Blade Legends gameplay guide to an end. 

This is just a basic overview of the game modes, how the gameplay works, and the important mechanics. If you would like a detailed Blade Legends guide, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try to get it up as soon as possible.

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