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Black Lemonade Cookie stats
Image: Devsisters Corporation

As the Cookie Run Kingdom community continues to grow and expand, players from all corners of the globe are sinking their teeth into this flavorful mobile game. The game constantly introduces new characters, flavored spectacles, and delicious new content.

One of the latest coveted characters in the game is Black Lemonade Cookie – a mysterious yet enchanting addition to our already vibrant cookie world.

We’ll talk about Black Lemonade Cookie’s best toppings in detail to uncover the scrumptious secrets of this dark powerhouse!

A Tale of Darkness and Refreshment: Black Lemonade Cookie’s Abilities

A story of a brave traveler wandering through the Mystic Forest, Black Lemonade Cookie, was struck by a mysterious force that turned them into a cookie of darkness.

If you find yourself wandering down into a dark basement and hearing electrifying guitar sounds combined with a fresh citrus aroma, chances are it’s Black Lemonade Cookie’s studio!

Black lemonade cookie in-game
Image: Devsisters Corporation

Although she may appear distant at times, once on stage, her persona completely changes. Her signature two-tone lemon icing and energetic music ensure every Cookie shakes to her music’s beat!

Black Lemonade Cookie’s music may be difficult for some Cookies to grasp, but everyone agrees that every song she performs is done so with love and passion; that is what matters to Black Lemonade Cookie, after all!

No matter the size of the stage or the darkness, Black Lemonade Cookie always puts forth her best effort in singing to her fans!

Black lemonade cookie in battle
Image: Devsisters Corporation

Now, without wasting any time, let’s unravel the toppings that will amplify these abilities and make Black Lemonade Cookie a fierce opponent!

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Black Lemonade Cookie comes equipped with various toppings that you can choose to tailor her build exactly the way you’d like.

Plus, after the Version 4.8 update, all new characters released as part of the Summer Rock Fiesta storyline can utilize Tropical Rock Resonant Toppings, which function similarly to Moonkissed Toppings but with increased damage multipliers!

Black lemonade cookie wallpaper
Image: Devsisters Corporation

Black Lemonade Cookie can benefit from being equipped with two recommended toppings depending on where she will be deployed in PvP Arena battles with different team compositions.

When it comes to choosing the right toppings for your Black Lemonade Cookie, experimentation is key. Here are two of the best toppings to help our beloved cookie shine on the battlefield:

1. Solid Almond (Tropical Rock Toppings)

Solid almond topping
Image: Devsisters Corporation

First is equipping her with all available Solid Almond Toppings; these may help Black Lemonade Cookie become temporarily immune to interruptive effects while using her skill, increasing DMG resistance and overall durability.

This ultimately makes her viable to spam buffs into battles more frequently than usual.

This Solid Almond can increase the Cookie’s DMD resistance.

  • Equip 5: +5% DMG Resist
  • Sub-stat Priority: ATK > Cooldown > Crit > ATK Speed > DMG Resist > Crit Resist

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2. Searing Raspberry (Tropical Rock Toppings)

Searing Raspberry toppings
Image: Devsisters Corporation

Black Lemonade’s Basic Attack and Skill Attack can both benefit from equipping Searing Raspberry Toppings.

In doing so, her Zap damage increases, dealing more critical hits to nearby opponents and giving Black Lemonade a greater combat edge overall.

A Searing Berry can increase the Cookie’s ATK.

  • Equip 3: +3% ATK
  • Equip 5: +5% ATK
  • Sub-stat Priority: ATK > Cooldown > Crit > ATK Speed > DMG Resist > Crit Resist


Black Lemonade Cookie is a fantastic addition to the Cookie Run Kingdom family, with its unique character and powerful musical abilities.

While there are numerous toppings to choose from, invoking the true potential of this dark cookie lies in combining Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry Set.

With these toppings equipped, Black Lemonade Cookie will triumph against the mightiest of foes. Try it out yourself by downloading Cookie Run Kingdom!

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