Black Deck Card Battle CCG – Ultimate Guide & Tips

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Card game fans, ASSEMBLE! Black Deck Card Battle is one of the top card battlers out there. This was expected since the developers are SayGames, who have made games like Decor Life, Mini Market, Tower War, and numerous others.

Now Black Deck has so much to look into that I can keep writing about it. You can have tons of strategies, dozens of cards, multiple decks, PvP and boss battles, card upgrades, and a lot more. This game will be so addictive once you get a hold of everything.

In this Black Deck guide, I’ll cover all the relevant information that you need to level up faster and increase your deck power. Let’s begin!

Black Deck – Card Battle CCG: Basic Guidelines

Before we move on to the technicalities, first let me list down the basic gameplay guidelines.

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  1. It’s a turn-based game, and you’ll have the first move.
  2. Clicking on any of your cards will show which enemy card you can attack.
  3. The more strength a card has, the more damage it will deal.
  4. You have 9 cards in a deck including one Hero card. Once any of your cards get destroyed, the next one will be drawn automatically.
  5. You need to eliminate all enemy cards before attacking their Hero.
  6. Whose hero dies first will lose the game.
  7. You can level up your card either by sacrificing other cards or using XP potions.
  8. Cards also have multiple skills and artifacts which increases their power.

This should give you a good idea of what the game is all about. Below, I’ll explain some more details, along with some tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Know the Ins and Outs of your Cards

Battle cards are your bread and butter in this game. You should know exactly how a card attacks, what its abilities are, what skills it has, and everything else.

So, we’ll first look at the types of cards and then move on to the stats.

Types of Cards

Cards can be divided into four categories: by Attack, by Effects, by Factions, and by Rarity. I’ll explain them one by one.

1. By Attack

The cards are either Melee or Ranged attackers. Your team shouldn’t have all the cards from just one category. Rather, a mix of both attack types works best.


Melee units take damage equal to the target’s strength when they attack. They also provoke a counterattack.

Photo: SayGames

These cards have a sword on their bottom right.


Ranged units don’t take damage when they attack, and neither do they provoke a counterattack.

Photo: SayGames

These cards have a bow and arrow on their bottom right.

2. By Effects

Some cards only have a basic attack, while others have a special effect in their attacks. For instance, they can freeze or burn a card, resulting in problems for the enemy team.

The melee or ranged icons are colored for cards that have special effects. Also, the cards that have a certain effect are immune to that effect themselves.

For instance, if a card freezes another card, it can’t be freezed itself.

There are currently 4 effects in the game, as follows:


Photo: SayGames

Lightning cards shock the card that they damage. This results in the damaged card losing its special abilities.


Photo: SayGames

Poisonous cards poison any card they damage. The poisoned enemy cards take damage every turn.


Photo: SayGames

Frost cards freeze any card they damage. Frozen cards can’t attack or deal any damage while defending.


Photo: SayGames

Fire cards ignite any card they damage. Burning cards have reduced strength.

3. By Factions

Factions are areas to which particular cards belong. When you upgrade a faction in the Town Hall (more on that later), the strength of the cards from that faction increases.

Currently, there are the following 10 factions in Black Deck Card Battle:

  1. Desert
  2. Temple
  3. Forest
  4. City
  5. Island
  6. Crypt
  7. Abyss
  8. Mountain
  9. Swamp
  10. Wasteland

You can check them out in the Codex section on the top right.

4. By Rarity

Rarity is equal to the number of stars a card has. If it has a single star, then it won’t have the best stats. Contrarily, cards with 5 or 6 stars can win the battles alone for you.

Here are the current rarities in the game:

  • Common: 1-star
  • Uncommon: 2-star
  • Rare: 3-star
  • Epic: 4-star
  • Legendary: 5 or 6-star

Stats of a Card

Stats define how good a card really is. They show the card’s strength, level, skills, artifacts, rarity, and more.

Units (cards) in the Black Deck Card Battle have 4 sections, as follows:

1. Level Section

Photo: SayGames

This section has:

The card image: Click on it to read the character’s bio.

Star Rating: Can be from 1-6.

Level: The maximum level of a card depends on the star rating.

Faction: This can be any of the 10 available factions.

Strength: This represents a card’s attack and power.

Power: This represents a card’s effective combat rating, showing how powerful it is compared to other cards.

Type/Effect: The type will either be melee or ranged, and some cards will have one of the four effects.

Attack Pattern: The default pattern means the card will attack a single enemy card. A random (2) attack pattern means the card will attack the selected enemy card and another random unit.

2. Skills Section

Photo: SayGames

This shows the skills your card currently has and gives you the option to upgrade them.

The higher the rating (stars) of your card, the more skills it will have.

There’s also a Foil upgrade, which will instantly make your card stronger by increasing its strength and critical chance.

It will also give the card a cool visual effect.

3. Artifact Section

Photo: SayGames

Artifacts are pieces of equipment that give certain boosts to your cards, depending on the sets you have equipped.

For instance, the Critical Damage set will increase your chances of doing critical damage and will improve your power as well.

Similarly, Fire or Frost Resistance sets will make your card immune to these effects.

There are several sets, and you can equip three sets on each card. You can also equip all 6 artifacts from the same set.

It all depends on your strategy and playstyle.

Accessories also increase your strength, but you only get one accessory slot for cards less than 5-star.

Besides, each accessory set can be worn by cards from specific factions.

So, the Mountain cards can’t wear the accessories of the Temple cards, and the Wasteland cards can’t wear the accessories of the Forest cards, and so on.

4. Upgrade Section

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This section has the following options:

Level Up: Here you can upgrade your card level.

Ascend: Ascending your card will boost its stats and unlock new skills.

You need soul stones for ascension, which can be found in Dungeons.

Evolve: Evolving means increasing the star rating of your card. So, a 2-star card can evolve into a 3-star card, a 3-star card can evolve into a 4-star card, and so on.

Before evolving, your card should be at the maximum level of its star rating. If it’s a 2-star card, then it must be at level 20 of the upgrade. A 3-star card must be at level 30, and so forth.

Foil: As mentioned in the skills section as well, converting your card to Foil will increase its strength and critical chance.

Unequip: Removes the card from the deck.

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Game Modes in Black Deck – Card Battle CCG

There are three game modes in the game, and I’ll shortly highlight each of them.

1. Campaign

The campaign has 48 chapters, and each is harder than the previous one. There are normal card battles in every chapter, while the last game is against a boss card and other monsters.

Photo: SayGames

There’s also a Battle Puzzle at the moment, which you can play every time you reach a certain number of stars.

2. Arena

In the Arena, you can compete against real players. Select an opponent to play with and defeat them to get Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals for Town Hall upgrades.

Photo: SayGames

Focus on fighting opponents that have lower deck power than you.

You also need to set up a defense for when other players attack you.

3. Dungeon

You can get soul stones, artifacts, coins, gems, and a lot more in Dungeons. Click on any dungeon to see the rewards it offers and complete the levels.

Photo: SayGames

There’s also a Treasure Tower with great rewards. Make sure you participate in that every time it refreshes.

Other Unlocks in the Game

Apart from the game modes, there are five more areas that you will unlock.

1. Forge

Here, you can sacrifice specific cards to create a more powerful and upgraded card.

Photo: SayGames

One card can only be forged once.

2. Town Hall

Here you can upgrade your factions to improve the stats of your cards.

Photo: SayGames

The better your Arena league is, the better your Town Hall will become.

3. Sparring Pit

You can place a card here and select Level Up to automatically increase its level.

Photo: SayGames

You’ll get one slot by default, and more can be purchased with gems.

4. Market

The market refreshes every hour and comes with new items that you can buy.

Photo: SayGames

Focus on buying relevant items instead of wasting money.

5. Gem Mine

The Gem Mine produces gems. The production speed is pretty slow but you can improve it with gems.

Photo: SayGames

If you’re in it for the long run, then it’s worth the investment.

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Tips to Excel in Black Deck – Card Battle CCG

I hope you have gotten a good overview of the game and what it has to offer. Keeping that in mind, the following are 10 tips for you to reign supreme in Black Deck Card Battle.

1. Keep Summoning Cards

Summon cards no matter if they are common, elite, or legendary.

Photo: SayGames

Each of them will be useful. If you don’t use them in your deck, then use them for sacrifice or forging.

2. Level Up, Ascend, and Evolve your Cards

This is the primary way to make your deck more powerful.

Photo: SayGames

Always focus on upgrading your units and heroes.

3. Upgrade Artifacts and Skills

Just like your card levels, upgrading their artifacts and skills is also necessary to improve their strength and abilities.

Photo: SayGames

You need duplicate cards or skill tomes to upgrade skills.

Meanwhile, the artifacts are upgraded simply with coins, but the chances for the next upgrade level decrease.

Photo: SayGames

It starts with certain, then high, then medium, and then low.

4. Invest your Energy in Dungeons

Unable to win in Campaign for the moment? Head over to Dungeon and collect soul stones, artifacts, potions, and more.

Use them to upgrade your units and win in Campaign.

5. Compete in Treasure Tower Daily

Make sure to enter the Treasure Tower and collect a handful of rewards.

Photo: SayGames

It refreshes every 18 hours.

6. Complete Quests, Missions, and Challenges

Completing them will give you coins, XP, summoning tokens, and more. Focus on them!

7. Participate in Different Tournaments

Every few days new tournaments come with some guidelines and rewards upon reaching certain milestones.

Photo: SayGames

They are a jackpot to level up faster.

8. Keep an Eye on Market Items

Whenever you find a good artifact, accessory, token, or anything else for a cheap amount, go ahead and buy it.

9. Set Up a Good Defense for Arena

Bad defense results in the loss of Arena trophies. Make sure you have the best possible deck defending you.

Photo: SayGames

More often than not, a deck with higher power will beat you. However, you will still have a chance to win against those who are at the same power level.

10. Watch Ads for some Free Rewards

After almost every battle, you will get a chance to get some chests, coins, or gems by watching an ad or two. Watch them for easy rewards.

And this was all about the SayGames Black Deck Card Battle guide. Implement these tips, and you will soon become a much better player.

Any questions? Ask in the comments below!

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