Black Clover M – How To Build?

Amirul Annuar
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Released around the end of last month, Black Clover M is quickly proving itself to be among the biggest anime-inspired role-playing gacha games this year.

Unlike others, like One Punch Man: The Strongest, Garena’s new game is laden with triple-A (AAA) quality and content, justifying its meteoric rise with new and recurring fans alike.

Implementing familiar game designs similar to others before it, many of Black Clover M‘s mechanics are easy to grasp. However, new audiences to the anime/ manga might not understand certain aspects, such as Skill Pages or United Attack moves.

So, if you’re looking for a quick guide on how to build your current roster of mages correctly, then you’re in the right place.

The Next Wizard King in Black Clover M

Asta and Yuno conversing in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

For anyone uninitiated with the Black Clover M universe, the Japanese comic revolves around two protagonists, Asta and Yuno; both rivaling each other to become Clover Kingdom’s next Wizard King.

While Yuno is a highly gifted individual blessed with immense Mana (magic energy used for conjuring spells and abilities), Asta is the polar opposite whose lack of Mana seems to belittle him to his fellow villagers and peers.

Asta and Yuno fist bumping in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

Still, Asta’s determination to achieve his dream entails Yuno’s acknowledgment of him as his eternal friendly rival. With both of them eventually acquiring their specific grimoires (book of spells) later on, both will need to work hard to best the other in achieving their goal.

Black Clover M explores this side of the narrative, and you’re responsible for guiding your team of summoned mages against the many challenges lying on your path. One of those duties is to help them grow, letting them become more powerful in due time.

This involves the management of a couple of things, all of which are explored here.

Prepping The Best Mage Team

A team lineup consisting of four different roles in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

In Black Clover M, your in-game success is determined by two things:

  • Individual mage’s (hero) Combat Power (CP)
  • Overall team composition/ effectiveness

When it comes to building your party of mages, both of them are interrelated.

A mage with a low CP usually brings down the entire group during combat, while a team consisting of ineffective typings and roles will bring very little to the table during battles, especially against higher-level enemies with unbreakable synergies.

Mimosa Vermillion attacking enemies in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

As such, let’s explore the basics of the mages themselves first. Every mage is classified into one of five different classes, each being:

  • Attacker (A)
    • These mages excel in dealing massive damage or sustained assaults to enemies during battle.
  • Defender (D)
    • These individuals are great at taking hits for the entire team, normally boosting everyone’s defensive attributes while taunting foes as well.
  • Supporter (S)
    • Support mages are those who help bolster their allies’ attacking prowess and skills.
  • Debuffer (Db)
    • Mages who specialize in applying negative effects or debilitating statuses to enemies are the Debuffers.
  • Healer (H)
    • Healers are the cogs keeping party members alive.
Shiren Tium's overview in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

A party can only accommodate up to four mages in Black Clover M, so planning your next team’s lineup will force you to think strategically to defeat upcoming battles or quests.

Ideally, the most tried-and-true combo is the Attacker (A) + Defender (D) + Debuffer (Db) + Healer (H)/ Support (S) team, but this also depends on the respective mages’ current CPs and their Attributes (akin to elemental typings), to which some might be weaker against certain classes of monsters/ foes.

Speaking of which, these Attributes work on top of the mages’ classes, with everyone deemed one of three types:

  • Power (Red)
  • Sense (Green)
  • Technique (Blue)

In terms of their combat relationship, this image sums it all up:

The relationship between different Attributes in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

Thus, no single mage is universally overpowered against everyone else, meaning your team’s chosen lineup and each mage’s CP will determine your chances of winning the next fight.

We’ve covered the most powerful Black Clover M mages recently, so you can get an idea of who to pull banners for via the in-game Summon. Regardless of who you get, you can still beat all story content without being too overzealous with the gear grind (which isn’t the same for PvP, though).

Charlotte's Skill 2 in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II

So, how do you build your next team in Black Clover M? Consider doing this:

  • Prepare two to three different team compositions (e.g. A+D+D+H, A+A+Db+S, A+D+Db+Db).
  • Choose and stick to a few characters for each Attribute type to fill in those roles, covering for multiple potential weaknesses in different fights (e.g. SR-grade Asta as the Red Attacker, and Gauche as the Blue Attacker for another instance when needed).
  • Increase all those mages’ levels and ranks, and then enhance them accordingly, especially when it comes to equipping the most useful gear sets. Disregard other summoned mages to focus your precious resources on improving your preferred heroes.
  • Before taking on new quests or challenges, check the details regarding potential enemies and their Attribute types. You’ll get an idea of who to pick for the upcoming battle.

In due time, you’ll get the hang of things and will be better at managing your characters’ growth relevant to your team strategies and synergies.

A back shot of Asta in Black Clover M.
Photo: Garena International II


Black Clover M is Garena International II‘s first real stride in the mobile gaming market, and it’s a commendable huge step in the right direction. More characters and content will surely be added in the near future, so you can start building your mage team right now to prepare for them.

While you’re here, why not check out our Black Clover M‘s reroll guide to get an SSR-grade unit right off the bat? If you think we missed out on something, though, make sure to share them in the comments section below!

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