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Black Clover’s mobile adaptation has received a great response, and many fans of the original manga are enjoying the game. The turn-based RPG is already top-grossing on the Play Store and has received much positive feedback.

Now, Black Clover M has dozens of mages, just like in the manga, along with their different skills and powers. But another important factor that can decide whether to enhance the power of your mages is the gear you equip.

This article will briefly cover information about the gears and the best gear sets to use in the game currently.

What are the Gears in Black Clover M?

Gears play an important role in Black Clover M (mobile), as they can give a significant attack, defense, or health boost.

Equipping gear in Black Clover M
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Apart from this, they can help in other ways as well, like stunning your enemies or reducing the damage you take.

When do Gears Unlock?

The gear is unlocked after you complete the “Defeat Dungeon Monsters” quest in Chapter 2.

Gears tutorial after unlocking them
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What is the Best Dungeon to Get Gears?

Red dungeons have the best gear, so you should target them. However, the other two dungeons are no less either.

Black Clover M Gear dungeons
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Defining Our Tiers

Now to divide the gear sets, I have made four sections. But keep in mind that selecting a specific set depends on your team composition as well.

Sometimes you might require an HP or DEF-heavy gear set rather than an attacking one, and vice versa.

Anyway, here are the tiers:

  • S-Tier: The best gear sets, hands down. They are mostly the ‘advanced’ ones and are more rare.
  • A-Tier: Great gear sets to equip. They can help out a lot as well.
  • B-Tier: These are very good too, but you won’t want to prefer them over S or A-tier sets.
  • C-Tier: Average gear sets, but they can come in handy at some point.

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Black Clover M – Gear Tier List

Having looked at the tiers, now it is time for the actual Black Clover M gear tier list. I’ll also mention the effects of each set.

Gears in Black Clover M
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Also, you need to know that equipping at least two and a maximum of 4 gears of the same set will have an effect.


Advanced ATK set:

  • (2) +7% ATK and MATK
  • (4) +15% DMG

Advanced CRIT DMG set:

  • (2) +7% CRIT DMG
  • (4) +15% CRIT DMG

Advanced DEF set:

  • (2) +30% DEF
  • (4) +40% DEF and +8% Endurance

Advanced HP Set:

  • (2) +7% HP
  • (4) +10% HP recovery before each turn

Basic ATK Set:

  • (2) +220 ATK and MATK
  • (4) +10% DMG

Basic DEF Set:

  • (2) +250 DEF
  • (4) +20% DEF


Advanced PEN (Penetration) Set:

  • (2) +7 PEN
  • (4) +15% DEF PEN

Advanced CRIT Set:

  • (2) +5% CRIT Rate
  • (4) +10% CRIT Rate

Basic HP Set:

  • (2) +2000 HP
  • (4) +10% HP

Basic CRIT DMG Set:

  • (2) +10% CRIT DMG before activating special skill
  • (4) +10% CRIT DMG

Vampire Set:

  • (2) 10% HP recovery after killing an enemy
  • (4) Grants +20% Lifesteal when the HP is below 50%


Advanced Speed Set:

  • (2) +5% Speed buff at the start of each wave for 2 turns
  • (4) +5 Speed

Basic Accuracy Set:

  • (2) +10 Accuracy
  • (4) +10% Accuracy and +5% CRIT Rate

Basic CRIT Rate Set:

  • (2) +10 CRIT Rate when your HP is 70% or above
  • (4) 10% CRIT Rate buff for 2 turns if the last hit wasn’t a critical one

Basic CRIT RES (Resistance) Set:

  • (2) +4% CRIT RES
  • (4) 20% chance for 2 turns to block debuffs when the battle begins


Basic PEN Set:

  • (2) +5 PEN
  • (4) +10% DEF PEN

Basic Speed Set:

  • (2) +20% Speed buff for a single turn after being afflicted by an abnormal status
  • (4) +4% Speed buff at the beginning of every battle for 1 turn

And this was all there is to know about the Black Clover M – Gear Tier List. Do you agree with this, or would you make some changes? Let us know in the comments section!

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