Big farm: Mobile Harvest – How to Increase Worker Happiness and Get More Rewards and XP

Anurag Ghosh
Big Farm Mobile Harvest

Big Farm Mobile Harvest is a casual farming game from Goodgame Studios. In this game, you will be looking after Uncle George’s farm. It’s not easy to make a living from a barren land, but you will have to prove your farming and business skills. If you are crazy about farming sim games like Big Farm, then I am sure you will love playing Rilakkuma Farm game. It features your favorite bear and other Kawaii characters from Japan’s most popular franchise.

You will have access to production facilities, processing units and fields where you can grow and harvest different types of crops. You will also be taking part in exciting events, produce organic, farm-fresh food and sell them to customers via the market.

The game will also let you keep pets and feed them from time to time. There are quests galore and lots of secrets and new areas to explore. With these tips and hints, you will be able to get more rewards from contracts, know how to level up fast, boost worker happiness and become the world’s richest farmer:

1. Three Ways to Increase Happiness

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest’s happiness meter shows how happy your workers are. If you are planning to lower your production cost, then you should increase happiness. But as you progress, you will need more workers to build production facilities and processing units. To get more workers, you will have to build new houses or upgrade existing ones. Sadly, building and upgrading houses will decrease your happiness meter. But there are a few ways to boost happiness:

Build decorations: Tap the yellow hard hat icon and then tap the decorations tab (fountain icon). Construct those decorations that can be bought using dollars as they are easy to earn, unlike gold, which is premium currency. For example: Flowerbed can give +12 happiness points (HP) and can be bought using only 400 dollars. It’s the cheapest decoration available. You can also purchase the Ornamental tree, which costs 600 dollars and gives +13 HP.


Buy season decorations: These are special decorations that are available during certain festivals and special occasions, such as All Hallows’ Eve, Christmas etc. They offer more happiness points than normal decorations. You will need special season coupons to buy them. You can get season coupons from offers and special rewards.

Look for Event decorations. They also give HP. You will need event coupons to purchase them. You can get them from offers and special rewards.

2. Have Multiples of One Production Facility

If you want eggs or want to harvest crops faster, then you will have to build more than one production facility. It takes hours to harvest crops, or get eggs from chicken coop and so the only way to get more of them in less time is to have multiples of production facilities so that you get more at the same time.

Big Farm Mobile Harvest

Let me explain this with an example:  If you have only one field and you want to grow corn. When you harvest it, you will get few corns from that one field after a few minutes or hours. But if you harvest corns on two fields, you will get more corns in the same time period.

Building more than one production facility, such as a field, will let you grow and harvest two different crops simultaneously or harvest the same crop at the same time. This way, you will be to get two different crops or more crops of the same type in the same time period.

3. Connect to Facebook and add friends to get Gold

Every time you refer your FB buddies, both you and your friends will receive gold when they connect the game to their Facebook account. Make more friends and invite them to play this game to get more gold.

Gold is premium currency and can be used to purchase decorations. Make sure you save gold only for decorations and not for purchasing production facilities or processing units as they can be easily bought using dollars. Dollars are easy to earn, gold isn’t so spend them wisely.

4. Don’t Store your Decorations

You might think of storing your decorations in the temporary storage box to free space. Well, doing this will deduct happiness points from your total happiness score. In other games, storing decorations is a norm, but not in Big Farm Mobile Harvest as they have value and are directly linked to worker happiness. If you have stored your decorations, then you should add them back to your farm immediately. Tap the yellow hard hat and then tap the green cardboard box icon (Temporary Storage). You will find your decoration. Just tap “Place” to place that decoration on your farm again.

5. Fulfill Market Contracts to get XP and Dollars

The market lets you sell farm produce to customers. You will have to fulfill a market contract to get rewards like XP and cash. Contracts can be accessed by tapping the supply truck icon. To complete a contract, produce the required number of products and then tap the “Send” button on a contract to get rewards.

Market Contracts

You can unlock additional contracts slots by collecting the required materials like roofing shingles and bricks. To get these materials, keep completing existing market contracts. You can also get materials by giving treats to your pet dog.

6. Buy and Upgrade Improvements to Get More Rewards from Contracts

The “Improvements” tab (purple star) is located next to the contracts tab in Market. You might want to know what improvements are. Well, they augment your contracts so that you get more rewards.


You can buy improvements with materials, which you can get after fulfilling existing contracts or giving a treat to your pet. You can start buying these improvements when you have the required materials:

1. Contracts slots bonus: Buying this improvement adds an extra contracts slot. More free slots = More Contracts = More rewards. Once purchased, an additional contract slot will be unlocked in the market tab. It requires Bricks and Roofing Shingles.

2. Dollars bonus: If you want more dollars per contract, then you should purchase Dollars bonus. Requires bricks and roofing shingles.

3. Player XP bonus: Everyone wants to level-up faster and buying Player XP bonus increases the amount of player XP awarded after completing contracts.

7. Expand Your Farm

Instead of storing buildings, why don’t you buy more farmlands so that you can accommodate more production facilities and processing units? A new farmland is available for purchase at a certain level. You will have to reach that player level and have enough dollars to buy it.

For example: You can buy farmland for 4500 dollars when you reach player level 10. Reaching new levels will also let you unlock special in-game features that will help you become a rich farmer.

8. How to Level-Up Faster

Leveling up will let you unlock more farmland, get access to special buildings and unlock more facilities. You will need XP (blue stars) to level up. Here’s how to get lots of XP:

Completing quests is a sure-shot way of getting XP. Tap the blue book to get a list of available quests. Complete them to get cash and XP.

Fulfill contracts to get XP. If you want more XP per contract, just buy the “Player XP Bonus” improvement.
You will also get XP each time you construct a new building, purchase decorations or upgrade a building.

  1. How do you activate building boosters? I’ve done something in the nursery which means the boosters are now in my barn but cannot figure out how to actually use them to get faster and increased produce!?!?!

  2. How can I get more workers without adding yet another house? I’m already out of space and can’t keep building houses that decrease the happiness. 🙁

    1. To start your own co-op, you will need to reach level 9. Also, make sure you are not a part of any co-op. once you reach level 9, you can start on your own but it will cost you 375 gold.

  3. We need a new bartender on the island! Too slow. Is there no way to produce faster? I am at level 32 and maybe get enough to fulfill 4 contracts a day. Anyone have a strategy?

    1. I have 4 out of 5 chicken boosters completed. How I did it, I don’t know. I really don’t know how to finish. What do I need? Can anyone help me? I just bought the boosters and wasted my money. That doesn’t work. Does anyone know? I was just made a leader. I play everyday. The others are, I don’t even know if there are others, I never talk to any, except 1 person. And I haven’t talked in days. So, it is really only me. I don’t mind. But, I need help! Thanx

    2. Uhh… at your level, I’d probably not even bother with the Island. In fact, unless you plan to spend a decent amount of real dollars on the game, just act like that island and any other “additional” farm doesn’t exist lol.

    1. To grow peanuts, you will have to be on adventure level 5 and your field must be upgraded to level 2.

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