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Sparkle is among the newest characters introduced in Honkai: Star Rail, debuting alongside Black Swan in version 2.0.

Representing the Masked Fools, Sparkle is a dangerous master of theatrics engrossed in playing roles – a woman of countless masks and many faces; wealth, status, nor power matters to her.

If you’ve been looking for the best build for your dear Sparkle, you’re in the right place.

Sparkle Best Build

Photo: miHoYo

As a Harmony character in Honkai: Star Rail, Sparkle is the team’s best ability/ stats amplifier. Her kit improves allies’ Critical Damage, increasing the maximum number of Skill Points (SP), Advance Forwarding someone’s turn, and more.

As such, Sparkle’s best build revolves around the following gear sets:


Best Cavern Relics Set

Best Planar Ornaments Set

Best Light Cone

Sparkle's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Messenger Traversing Hackerspace cavern relic set's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.

(4-piece) Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

Penacony, Land of the Dreams planar ornaments set's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.

Penacony, Land of the Dreams

Icon of the 5-Star Light Cone, Earthly Escapade, from Honkai: Star Rail.

Earthly Escapade

The Hackerspace and Penacony sets bump up her Speed and Energy Regeneration Rate, all while increasing allies’ Speed and outgoing damage according to each set’s effect requirements.

Sparkle’s signature Light Cone, Earthly Escapade, elevates all party members’ Critical Rate and Critical Damage when her Mask is worn, besides permanently increasing her own Critical Damage as well.

In terms of the gear stats, the main ones need to be spread like this:


Critical Damage



Planar Sphere

HP % / Defense %

Link Rope

Energy Regeneration Rate

Going through her sub-stats, you need to prioritize the following to maximize her overall utility:

Sub-stats Priority

Critical Damage > Speed > HP % = Defense %

Generally, prioritizing improvements to her Critical Damage benefits everyone, and Speed lets her move ahead of enemies more frequently in the turn order.

Sparkle isn’t amazing offensively, so allowing her to help the team as the support gives you the most value out of her kit. To this end, she’ll need more HP or Defense to ensure she stays in the fight for as long as possible.

Sparkle Alternate Light Cones

Collaged images of 3-Star Harmony Light Cones from Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Due to its rarity, not everyone can pull for Earthly Escapade. That’s why a few other Light Cones can also replace it depending on Sparkle’s build you’re working on.

Light Cone


Icon of the 5-Star Light Cone, But the Battle Isn't Over, from Honkai: Star Rail.

But the Battle Isn’t Over

Increases Energy Regeneration Rate by 10% – 18%

Regenerates 1 SP when Ultimate is used on an ally (triggers after every two Ultimate uses)

After using Skill, increases the next ally on the turn order’s damage by 30% – 50% (1 turn) 

Icon of the 4-Star Light Cone, Dance! Dance! Dance!, from Honkai: Star Rail.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

When using Ultimate, all allies are Advanced Forwarded by 16% – 24%

Icon of the 4-Star Light Cone, Past and Future, from Honkai: Star Rail.

Past and Future

When using Skill, the next ally on the turn order deals 16% – 32% increased damage (1 turn)

These alternatives play around Sparkle’s core utility; Energy Regeneration Rate, Advanced Forward, and damage buffs. This maintains her team role regardless of your progress in building her in-game.

Sparkle Alternate Relics

Sparkle prancing alongside fishes in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

While the Hackerspace set gets Sparkle moving earlier to use her Ultimate as soon as it becomes available, it dampens her offensive capabilities, particularly in the Critical Rate and Critical Damage departments, reducing her lethality.

Also, the Penacony set restricts Sparkle’s inclusion towards a Quantum-only team (a.k.a. Mono Quantum) for the best results. If you have a diverse range of characters, other Planar Ornaments could improve her overall synergy on a mixed-element squad.

With these in mind, here are a few possible Relic combinations that could suit experimental Sparkle builds more:

Quantum Damage Build

Cavern Relics Set


Genius of Brilliant Stars cavern relics set's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.

(4-piece) Genius of Brilliant Stars

(2-piece) Increases Quantum Damage by 10%

(4-piece) Attacks ignore 10% of enemies’ Defense, penetrating another 10% of those weak to Quantum

Completing this set bolsters Sparkle’s damage-per-second (DPS) output, making her a legitimate danger to foes during battle.

Planar Ornaments Set


Penacony, Land of the Dreams planar ornaments set's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.

Penacony, Land of the Dreams

Increases Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%
Allies of the same elemental type deal 10% more damage

Re-using the Penacony set, all Quantum heroes on the team (except Sparkle) enjoy more damage increases to their attacks, empowering them. Plus, Sparkle gets to refill her Energy faster, setting up chances to prompt her nifty Ultimate.

Bulky Support Build

Cavern Relics Set


(4-piece) Longevous Disciple

(2-piece) Maximum HP is increased by 12%

(4-piece) When hit by an enemy or HP is consumed by an ally/ self, the Critical Rate increases by 8% (2 turns, stacks up to 2 times)

Playing her as the main support, Sparkle needs to stay alive at all costs. Here, the Longevous Disciple set is great at doing that, plus the nice Critical Rate bonus to complement her innate Critical Damage numbers.

Planar Ornaments Set


Fleet of the Ageless planar ornaments set's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.

Fleet of the Ageless

Maximum HP is increased by 12%

If Speed is at 120 or higher, increases all allies’ Attack by 8%

With the Ageless set, Sparkle can tank a few hits more, added by the useful Attack improvement to allies if you can get her Speed to at least 120 via gear substats.

Break Effect Build

Cavern Relics Set


(4-piece) Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations

(2-piece) Increases Break Effect by 16%

(4-piece) After using Sparkle’s Ultimate on an ally, all allies’ Break Effect improves by 30% (2 turns, non-stackable)

To put even more misery onto foes, running a complete Watchmaker set gives everyone a massive Break Effect push, guaranteeing a world of pain for foes with flimsy Toughness meters.

Planar Ornaments Set


Sprightly Vonwacq

Increases Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%

If Speed is at 120 or higher, Sparkle is Advance Forwarded by 40% at the start of the battle

With Sprightly Vonwacq, Sparkle has a higher chance of taking action before foes after entering a fight, allowing you to prompt her skill for a carry unit to immediately do severe damage thanks to its Critical Damage increase.

Sparkle Best Team

Collaged images of Sparkle fighting in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Sparkle’s kit makes her one of Honkai: Star Rail’s most versatile characters, able to complement nearly any setup. That being said, some of her abilities do function more effectively when utilized in parties like these:

Pure/ Mono Quantum Team

Seele's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Fu Xuan's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.

Fu Xuan

Lynx's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Taking full advantage of Sparkle’s Trace, Nocturne, this complete Quantum-element team would make short work of enemies in combat! Seele would benefit tremendously from Sparkle’s buffs, letting her cut down foes in mere seconds.

Fu Xuan is there to hold the team together against oncoming attacks, while Lynx does her best to shoulder the healer’s role.

Ice-Burst Team

Jingliu's icon from Honkai: Star Rail.


Gepard's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Bailu's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Considered to be among Honkai: Star Rail’s most incredible supports, Sparkle can also help a Jingliu-Gepard combo unleash devastation. Jingliu is clearly the hyper-carry thanks to her aggressive kit, while Gepard’s shields are instrumental in protecting everyone.

Bailu’s consistent heals ensures the whole team continues standing despite all odds.

Weakness Break Team

Xueyi's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Ruan Mei's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.

Ruan Mei

Luocha's icon in Honkai: Star Rail.


Against foes with strong Toughness barriers, having Xueyi and Ruan Mei in one team is a godsend. Combining their Break Effect proficiencies with Sparkle’s own damage buffs guarantees huge DPS against enemies like Elites or Bosses.

Luocha’s supreme healing abilities sustain the whole team despite the lack of a proper tank.


Photo: miHoYo

Sparkle is such a fun character to play with when you understand all her abilities to the T.

Mind you, she can also offer respectable damage outputs when her gear is built properly, but her main draw is still her unparalleled utility for others to take advantage of.

By checking her entire kit, you’d agree as well:


Basic Attack

Deals 50% – 110% Attack as Quantum Damage


Empowers an ally’s Critical Damage by 12% – 24.6% (1 turn), and Advance Forwards them by 50% (this doesn’t apply to Sparkle)

Red Herring

While Sparkle is present, increases the maximum number of SPs by 2 counts

Using an SP increases all allies’ damage by 3% – 6.6% (2 turns, stacks up to 3 times)

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Instantly regenerates 4 SPs and applies Cipher to allies

Cipher strengthens the Talent’s damage buff by 6% – 10.8% per stack (2 turns)

Sparkle’s additional SP count, Cipher effect, and Advanced Forward are the most valuable aspects of her gameplay, but some might also experiment with her Critical Damage boosts to create unconventional strategies on the field.



Basic Attacks regenerate 10 Energy

Artificial Flower

The Skill’s Critical Damage increase remains until the start of the enemy’s next turn


All allies receive 15% more Attack

If there are 1/ 2/ 3 Quantum allies present, all Quantum character’s Attack is increased by 5%/ 15%/ 30%

Sparkle’s Traces align with her support role on her team, and her three most prominent ones here showcase that.

In terms of direct stat increases, her other Traces bolster her survivability by toughening her HP and Effect Resistance, apart from more Critical Damage.


Level 1

Suspension of Disbelief

Ultimate’s Cipher effect lasts for 1 additional turn

Increases Attack of all allies with Cipher by 40%

Level 2

Purely Fictitious

Each of the Talent’s damage-bonus stack adds 8% Defense Penetration against enemies

Level 3


+2 Skill Levels (maximum +15 Skill)

+1 Basic Attack Levels (maximum +10 Basic Attack)

Level 4

Life is a Gamble

Sparkle’s Ultimate generates 1 additional SP (total of 5 SPs), and her Talent increases the maximum SP count by another 1 (maximum of 3 extra SPs)

Level 5

Parallax Truth

+2 Ultimate Levels (maximum +15 Ultimate)

+2 Talent Levels (maximum +15 Talent)

Level 6

Narrative Polysemy

Increases Skill’s Critical Damage buff by another 30% of Sparkle’s Critical Damage value

Skill’s Critical Damage effect now applies to allies with Cipher

When using Ultimate on an ally with Cipher, this Critical Damage bonus is shared with every party member

Sparkle’s Eidolons make her overall kit much scarier, but getting them all is another nightmare altogether.

At her basic capacity, Sparkle’s already a wonderful team buffer, making her the perfect support for SP-hungry heroes, like Dan Heng (Imbibitor Lunae).

If you want more Honkai: Star Rail content, we recommend visiting our Penacony Chest locations guide and Stellar Jade farming tips too before you go!

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