Sea of Conquest – Best Rooms to Upgrade First

June Reyes
Best Rooms to Upgrade First - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

Sea of Conquest is among the best modern city-builder strategy games you can play on your phone right now. It offers a visually stunning experience that you can sink several hours of the day into, or play casually all thanks to its handy QoL features. 

In terms of gameplay, it closely resembles one of the most popular pirate simulation games of all time (Sid Meier’s Pirates!).

Here, you can hunt treasures, battle other pirates for their loot, explore uncharted lands, and customize your very own ship that’ll one day rule the high seas.

Sea of Conquest - Ship rooms
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Speaking of ships, in Sea of Conquest, there are several rooms that you can build on your ship, and then upgrade.

Now, if you want to be as efficient with your time and resources as possible, then worry not—this guide will show you all the rooms that are worth upgrading as soon as you unlock them. 

Best Rooms To Upgrade First In Sea Of Conquest

Listed below are all the rooms you should prioritize upgrading above all the other available rooms in the game—ranked according to their usefulness and urgency.

Priority #1: Flagship’s Upgrade Requirement/s

Ideally, you’d want to always be working towards building or upgrading the room/s required to level up your Flagship in Sea Of Conquest. 

For example, the image below shows that I need a Level 6 Drill Hall before I can upgrade to Flagship Level 7, so that’s exactly what I should focus on first:

Sea of Conquest - Ship upgrade requirement (Lv. 6 to Lv. 7)
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Prioritizing the room that’s set as the Flagship’s upgrade requirement not only allows you to increase your ship’s overall stats significantly but also to systematically upgrade all the other rooms that are not mentioned on this list.

Unless you’re deliberately holding off on leveling up your flagship (like if you want to take advantage of the PVP protection while exploring at Flagship Level 7 or below, for example), then you should always go for a Flagship upgrade.

Priority #2: Shipbuilder’s Study

Sea of Conquest - Shipbuilder's Study
Photo: FunPlus International AG

The level of your Shipbuilder’s Studies determines the upgrade speed of all of your rooms, which makes it the most important room to upgrade next to your Flagship’s upgrade requirement.  

The higher the level of your Shipbuilder’s Study is in Sea Of Conquest, the faster you finish upgrades, and the faster you finish your upgrades, the quicker you achieve higher power.

As you can see, the most important resource in this game, like in almost all city-builder games, is time.

Furthermore, as an F2P player, you only get up to two builders at most, which means you’re going to need as much upgrade speed as you can get.

Priority #3: Storage

Sea of Conquest - Storage
Photo: FunPlus International AG

You are going to be doing a lot of looting and cargo trading in Sea Of Conquest, so upgrading your Storage is also very important—especially if you’re looking to streamline your Auto-Trading sessions.

It’s basic logistics. The more Storage space you have on your ship, the more cargo you can transport to and from Trading Venues, which then translates to more profit per trip—allowing you to earn more gold.

Priority #4: Oarsman Quarter (Build Only)

Sea of Conquest - Oarman Quarter
Photo: FunPlus International AG

The last room you might want to consider building ASAP in Sea Of Conquest before all the other rooms is your Oarsman Quarters, which increases the sailing speed of your ship.

While having a faster ship might not sound all that appealing compared to having one that has more damage or survivability, it’s actually quite essential because:

  • It helps you avoid danger by being able to outrun enemies or chase down the ones running away from you.
  • It increases the number of trades you can do while Auto-Trading.
  • It makes exploration go by quicker, hence making it more tolerable.

Keep in mind that Oarsman Quarters cannot be upgraded once they’re built and only cost 50 Wood to build, so you’re better off getting it as soon as you can considering what they can do for your ship.

Why You Should Join A Gang ASAP

Sea of Conquest - Gangmate helps out (-45 seconds on upgrade time)
Photo: FunPlus International AG

As you can see from the image above, your gangmates can “help” you by decreasing the time that your room upgrades take.

The more gangmates that help you, the more time you can shave off your room upgrades, so make sure to join a Gang ASAP—preferably one with lots of active members!


Once these rooms are upgraded in Sea Of Conquest, only then should you consider upgrading other rooms—preferably ones that boost your power or give you resources that you might often lack, like Iron, for example.

If you’re a new player who’d like to know more about Sea of Conquest and how to optimize your gameplay, then you’d do well to visit our Ultimate Game Guide and Hero Tier List!

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