The Best 20 Roblox Games To Play In 2024

Shahzaib Manzoor
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With over 70 million daily active users playing and creating, Roblox has over 5.5 million active games and experiences as of September 2023. That’s a lot of games! Sadly, not all of them are worth it. 

Most games get abandoned by their devs and dumped into Roblox oblivion. It has happened to some of the best Roblox games and experiences. 

However, that hasn’t dented Roblox’s value one bit.

Robloxians continue to create and enjoy new games and experiences daily. Some are good, some not so much. This list highlights the good ones.

Here are the 20 best Roblox games that you should try in 2024.

20 Best Roblox Games To Try in 2024

While this might not be the biggest Roblox games list, it is the most diverse. From Horror to Anime-themed to FPS and more, you’ll find all types of games on this list.

Because of the diversity, this is not a ranking list. Every one of these games is great in their own right. It’s just a list of recommended games that are already enjoyable and will only get better in 2024.

1. Blox Fruits

Kicking things off is the One Piece-inspired Roblox game Blox Fruits.

official artwork of Blox Fruits
Photo: Roblox

Players take to the seas as pirates, fighting enemies, plundering treasure, and taming the wild seas. 

To become the strongest pirate, players can take two routes. Either become the best swordsman in the world or find a Blox Fruits and master its powers. Right now, there are 39 Fruits in the game, meaning 39 different fighting styles and abilities to master.

Blox Fruits gameplay includes Sailing the seas, Trading and Socializing with other players in real-time, and fighting PvE and PvP battles.

Do check out Blox Fruits codes to get a head start.

2. All-Star Tower Defense

All-Star Tower Defense mixes two of Roblox’s most popular genres: tower defense and anime.

Players must fend off and defeat waves of attacks using an anime all-star roster that has characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and more popular anime shows.

official artwork of All Star Tower Defense
Photo: Roblox

Everything else is exactly what you’d expect from a tower defense game. You can level up your fighters, play in different maps, and even have PvP battles. 

3. Slayers Unleashed

If all-star anime is not your style, try Slayers Unleased. Based on the Demon Slayer anime, this Roblox game takes the players on an adventure full of thrill, action, and demon-slaying. 

Players get to play as their favorite Demon Slayer characters, master the best skills, and fight the most blood-thirsty villains from the series. 

Apart from the action and adventures, there are other RPG elements in the game as well. You must mine, farm, fish, and craft to get by. 

official artwork of Slayers Unleashed
Photo: Roblox

4. Adopt Me!

When it comes to relaxing time killers, few Roblox games are as good as Adopt Me!

Adopting and raising virtual pets, building them homes, and trading them with other players in real-time is what Adopt Me! is all about.

The limitlessly diverse roster of pets makes Adopt Me such a fun and engaging game. You can adopt and train some fantastical creatures from cats and dogs to dragons and unicorns.

official artwork of Adopt Me!
Photo: Roblox

But Adopt Me is not just about pets.

It also lets players build a virtual dream home. Cozy cabins, magnificent mansions, urban houses, you can build whatever you want, decorate it however you want, and show it off to your in-game friends. 

5. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is a brutal platformer made by YXCeptional Studios. And let’s just say finding a game with a difficulty curve as steep as Tower of Hell is near impossible.

Controlling a stick figure named Pixel, players must climb an endless tower riddled with traps and puzzles. Almost everything is trying to kill you. The only thing you can do to avoid death is jump, slide, and climb!

To make matters worse, there is no checkpoint system. You die, you restart from zero!

official artwork of Tower of Hell
Photo: Roblox

If you deem yourself a platformer champ, give Tower of Hell a go and see what happens. 

6. Anime Champions Simulator

Anime Champions Simulator is a fresh and new Roblox experience that you shouldn’t miss if you like anime-based games. The fresh premise is what makes this game so exciting.

Anime Champions Simulator brings together some of the best fighters of the anime-verse and sends them on an intergalactic adventure. 

official artwork of Anime Champions Simulator
Photo: Roblox

As you explore new planets and fight familiar foes, you must train your fighters to make them the strongest in the galaxy. Create the strongest team to compete in tournaments and climb up the global leaderboard. 

7. Piggy

Roblox has some great Horror games, and Piggy is just one of them. Piggy is similar to the various escape games like Granny and the Ice Scream series. Players must find clues, pick up items, and escape the building without getting caught by Piggy. 

There are 12 Chapters of Piggy: Book 1 and 12 Chapters of Piggy: Book 2. More playable content is regularly added to the game so there’s no shortage of scares.

Jump right in whenever you’re ready for it. 

official artwork of Piggy
Photo: Roblox

8. Slap Battles

Let’s bring some wack and chaos to this list with Slap Battles.

As the name suggests, layers virtually slap each other across the face. But it’s not meaningless slaps. Players must slap each other using all their might to send their opponent flying as far as possible. Whoever sends their opponent the farthest with a slap wins!

While slapping, players wear gloves. These gloves have different abilities that decide the power of the slap. 

official artwork of Slap Battles
Photo: Roblox

All of this happens in wacky arenas. You can have slap battles on floating pizzas, inside active volcanos, or in a galaxy far, far away.

9. Pet Simulator X

Think of Adopt Me with more action, adventure, and a bit less cuteness, and you get Pet Simulator X.

This is another pet-collecting game where you can collect, raise, and trade pets. Pet Simulator X currently has over 1000 pets, and the number is growing with each passing day. You can even keep a whole planet as your pet.

Other than collecting pets, Pet Simulator X offers plenty of exploration as well. 

official artwork of Pet Simulator X
Photo: Roblox

There are many weird and wonderful worlds to explore where players can find valuable resources that are used for obtaining more pets.

Read our guide on how to get Claw Tokens in Pet Simulator X.

10. Blade Ball

Even though Blade Ball is still a beta, I’m putting it out there as a must-try Roblox game in 2024. 

Clearly inspired by dodgeball, Blade Ball is a frantic game. While everyone is having a sword fight royal rumble, a red, deflectable homing ball is hunting the players.

To survive, players must fend off enemies and deflect the attacking ball towards enemies. Be advised that the ball can kill you just as easily as it kills your enemies. 

official artwork of Blade Ball
Photo: Roblox

11. The Trolley Game

Tease your brain and test your ethics with this casual Roblox game. The Trolley Game presents different hypothetical scenarios to players. 

You are standing on a bridge overlooking a train track and have access to a lever that can divert the train to another track. On both tracks are different people who will be run over by the train depending on the choices you make. 

official artwork of The Trolley Game
Photo: Roblox

After you make a decision, the game also shows how many people agree and disagree with you. It’s a fun game to play with friends and provoke moral and ethical discussions.

12. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is one of the best social deduction games on Roblox right now.

Players take up one of three roles in the game: Murderer, Innocent, and Sherrif. The Murderer is tasked with killing everyone without getting caught, while Innocent and Sherrif must work together to figure out who the Murderer is. 

Sherrif has a weapon and is the only one to take down the Murderer. It’s up to the Innocents to figure out who the Murderer is and convince the Sheriff to shoot him down.

official artwork of Murder Mystery 2
Photo: Roblox

13. FNAF: Coop

If you’re looking for a thrilling cooperative experience in the FNAF universe, FNAF: Coop is worth checking out. It finally lets you enjoy Five Nights At Freddy’s in co-op mode.

You’ll face off against familiar foes like Freddy, Foxy, and Bonnie, but they are different. New animatronics and never-seen-before mechanics give this coop horror game a fresh feel.

official artwork of FNAF: Coop
Photo: Roblox

That’s why, as with any other coop game, teamwork is key in FNAF: Coop. So, Grab your friends, choose your roles, and prepare to face your nightmares together!

14. Build a Boat for Treasure

If you want to explore the seas without the “pirate” label, Build a Boat For Treasure can fulfill your dream. 

This Roblox game turns you into a shipwright as you build ships that follow realistic physics. Use the right materials and create a sturdy design otherwise, your ship will sink, and your exploration dreams will drown along with it. 

official artwork of Build A Boat For Treasure
Photo: Roblox

The troubles don’t end once your ship is afloat. You will encounter harsh sea weather, enemy ships, and a hungry Kraken on occasion as well.

15. Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is a coop survival game set in a dystopian world run over by zombies. To survive, players must work together to collect resources, build defenses, and craft weapons to fight against the zombies.

There are various maps to explore, different types of zombies to kill, and a progression system to follow.

official artwork of Those Who Remain
Photo: Roblox

The most important thing is to build a solid fort to keep the unending waves of the undead at bay.

16. Alone in a Dark House

Along in a Dark House is another fantastic horror game on Roblox that is available for Xbox, Mobile, and VR. 

The game follows an investigator who ends up in a haunted house while following a runaway murderer. Now, the investigator must find the murderer and survive the paranormal activities happening in the house.

And let me just tell you, you’re not really alone in the dark house.

official artwork of Alone In A Dark House
Photo: Roblox

Something creepy lurks in the shadows. You can feel it but can’t see it. Not for the faint-hearted, this one.

17. Frontlines

Frontlines is no longer a hidden gem on Roblox. It’s now lauded as one of the best first-person shooters on the platform, thanks to its intense and action-packed gameplay.

With various maps, different game modes, and tons of weapons, Frontlines has everything you would normally see in AA games. That’s why many call it Roblox’s Call of Duty clone. The graphics, collection of guns, and even game modes are quite similar to what we see in COD and COD Mobile.

gameplay screenshot of Frontlines
Photo: Roblox

If FPSs are your thing, you have to check out Frontlines.

18. Taxi Boss

Sit back, relax, and have some driving fun with Taxi Boss. If you’re looking for a casual game to kill some time, Taxi Boss can provide the right entertainment, along with a sense of fulfillment.

Players drive a taxi, pick up passengers, and drop them off to their destinations. 

However, there is a rating system that dictates which passengers will get into your taxi. High-paying passengers will only use your taxi if you have a high rating and that rating depends on how well you drive.

official artwork of Taxi Boss
Photo: Roblox

Earn the big bucks, upgrade cars, and become the Taxi Boss.

19. Medieval RTS

Travel back to the era of of knights, archers, trebuchets, and castle sieges with Roblox’s Medieval RTS. 

The goal is to become the ultimate victor of medieval times by establishing the mightiest kingdom. You’ll need to attack, defend, and form alliances with other kingdoms to take over the world. 

All this is happening in real time and you must strategize on the go otherwise you’ll get crushed.

official artwork of Medieval RTS
Photo: Roblox

20. Welcome To Bloxburg

This one will cost you 25 Robux because it’s the best life simulator on Roblox.

Building a home, socializing with other players in real-time, and pursuing a virtual career, you’ll basically be leading a second life inside Welcome to Bloxburg. 

Only in this virtual life, everything happens as you want.

official artwork of Welcome to Bloxburg
Photo: Roblox

You can create your dream home, get your dream job, and spend your time doing whatever you want. That includes doing absolutely nothing. 


That concludes this list of the best Roblox games to play in 2024.

Stay tuned for more similar lists and keep an eye on our Roblox section to read our guides about the latest Roblox games.

Find gift codes for your favorite games in our Codes section. And let me know in the comments below what type of lists you want to read next.

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