10 Dreamy Otome Games on Android

An otome game is an interactive romance novel that revolves around the escapades of a female protagonist. The player assumes the role of a female character who is being wooed by several male characters.  

Gameplay primarily focuses on romance and the player has to make correct choices to find Mr. Right. Some games also encourage raising character stats, much like RPGs, to develop a romantic relationship with the desired male character.  

Story plays a big role in such games, which is why they boast great (and sometimes outlandish) plotlines that keeps players hooked to the game. Along with developing a relationship, a player will also have to make certain story-based choices that can change the course of the story, leading to a good or bad ending.  

On Android, there are tons of otome games available, but it’s difficult to find the best ones. Here’s a rundown of some of the top games available free on the Google Play Store. 

best otome games for Android

Charming Otome Games for Android

Dangerous Fellows is an otome game with a twist. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where five intrepid survivors save you from a zombie attack. Holed up in a school building with them, you will have to team up with dashing guys to fight the infected.

As you progress, you will feel attracted to their qualities, but your choices will be crucial in finding Mr. Right. From the geeky, but dependable Lawrence, to the brash and careless Zion, you will interact with each character and your choices will change their reactions and opinion about you. As the heroine of this story, will you find the best guy to help you survive the terrifying zombie apocalypse?

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As you get enrolled in an esteemed magic school, you will go through several mysterious incidents that will change your life forever. You will also meet three charming young men and your choices will determine the ending of each mystery.

WizardessHeart is an endearing game and the stories are very engaging. If you are a big fan of supernatural teen movies, you will love this game.

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Ikemen Revolution’s very own version of Alice in Wonderland will make you want for more! The good news is that you will receive free chapter tickets every day to progress to the story. As you fall into the rabbit hole, you will come across the several Ikemen belonging to the Red and Black armies.

Your decisions will change the course of the story and your interaction with Ikemen. The game has beautiful visuals, exclusive voice cards, gorgeous outfits and accessories to dress up your favorite character. It has two endings for each guy and the choices you make will change the story. Ikemen Revolution also lets you unlock secret letters received from your love.

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In Supernatural Investigations, you will step into the shoes of a smart and charming private investigator who’s tasked to investigate strange murders. After being transferred to a secret special task division, you will meet five extremely dashing men, which also includes your boss.

The secret team’s sole purpose is to investigate murders that are committed by the outworld beings and to your surprise, you will join them to solve these mysteries. But more surprises await as three handsome co-investigators fall in love with you.

Besides catching the culprit, you will have to make tough decisions to choose the right man you would love to spend the rest of your life. The story has its share of twists and turns and you will have to make complex choices to investigate supernatural murders and at the same time discover your true love.

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Twilight School is one of the best Otome games on Android. This interactive romance game lets you delve into the world of vampires, werewolves and zombies.

These “Demi” creatures are feared by humans and a group of hunters are baying for their blood. When you join your father, you meet these Demis and to your surprise, they are not as dangerous as portrayed. In fact, they are extremely charming and helpful. Your father wants to protect them and you join him to stop the hunters from killing them.

Your choices will save them from hunters, but the demis are attracted to you. How will you save them and will you find your soulmate among Demis?

Twilight School is perfect for those who love fantasy movies like the Twilight Saga. The game’s free and the best part of it is that you don’t have to pay to progress.

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Lovely Hero’s story is very unique. You play the role of a shy girl, who finds it difficult to socialize because of her scarred body. She plans to lead a dual life and so wears a mask that hides her true self. As she moves to a new city to live a new life, she meets a team of boys in the university. Each guy has a unique style and character.

Like the girl, these boys too have a secret identity, but that of a superhero. They wear masks to hide their identity and protect inhabitants from villains. You will meet them, but will you unveil their secret identity, or will the villains defeat them? Lovely Hero is an episodic otome game that not only focuses on romance, but also on key life lessons.

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Unlike other Otomo games for Android, Arcana does not stick to one gender as the main character. It allows you to choose a male, female or a non-binary character. It’s one of the rare LGBT-friendly games that has a great storyline and six different characters to meet. Each character has a unique story to tell and your interactions and the choices you make will decide your fate. You are free to get into a relationship with the character you want as there are no gender restrictions.

Arcana has a mystery theme, and besides meeting and dating different characters, you will also be solving a murder mystery. Since you play the role of a tarot card reader, you will also receive free tarot card reading each day, plus there’s a fun mini-game that lets you collect memories and prizes.

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Shadowtime combines otome genre with RPG and presents a thrilling experience, complete with enchanting manga characters and lots of avatar customization options. The game focuses on original story and lots of endearing characters to interact with.

The best part of this series is that it offers new stories and chapters regularly. It’s a no-frills interactive romance game where you choose your destiny and your prince charming by making the right choices. Visually, it’s one of the best otome games out there, and anime loves will love the artwork.

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Disloyalty takes place during the Italian renaissance period. You play the role elder daughter in the Mocettis family. An artist by choice and extremely beautiful, you accompany your father in his work. Your duty enables you to meet a lot of important men, include princes.

As you progress through the story, you will meet a charming prince and later an unknown masked stranger at one of the several masked balls. Your choices will determine the life of the protagonist and the reactions of her love interest. Will you be able to choose the right man or will your story end abruptly?

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Most Otome games on Android are very imaginative. Creators of these games know your reveries very well! Take the example of Destiny Ninja. It lets you have an intimate time with a shinobi.

Set in the era of Genpei in Japan, the game teleports you to the middle of a war, where ninjas fight for their survival. You will help them, but also fall into a forbidden romance with your favorites. Your choices will determine the story’s ending.

Destiny Ninja has multiple endings. You will come across various new characters, interact with them and receive cool bonuses throughout your adventure. The game also offers adorable ninja accessories to dress them up.

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