Getting The Best Mythic Units In Multiverse Defenders

June Reyes
Multiverse Defenders - sabon obtained in summon gacha

Mythic units in Multiverse Defenders are the rarest units you can get from the Summon gacha. They don’t just give you bragging rights over how hard they are to get, however, as they are also the best units in terms of actual in-game performance.

In a tower defense game such as Multiverse Defenders, having the best units to protect your base can determine how far you can get when it comes to the stages you can clear. In a nutshell, the stronger your Mythic Units are, the easier it gets to progress in the game.

Multiverse Defenders - loading screen
Photo: Roblox Corporation

But again, getting Mythic units can be quite a tall task, especially considering their drop rate in the gacha. Ideally, you’ll need to save up a ton of Diamonds to get even one copy.

In this Roblox – Multiverse Defenders guide, we will go over the entire process you’ll have to go through to get some of the best Mythic units in the game, as well as how to ensure you’ll get them whenever they appear in a Summon banner. 

Multiverse Defenders: Getting Mythic Units

You can summon units in Multiverse Defenders by either walking over to the Summon building’s attendant or just clicking the “Summon” button at the right side of your screen—as highlighted in the image below:

Multiverse Defenders - summon gacha attendant (left) summon gacha button (right) higlighted
Photo: Roblox Corporation

The drop rate for Mythic units is 0.5%, which isn’t a lot, but you’ll be way better off targeting these units instead of Legendary, Epic, Rare, or Common units, as Mythic units are vastly superior when it comes to general usage.

You do get some leeway despite the low drop rate of Mythic units though, as you are guaranteed to get a Mythic unit every 150 pulls, as shown in the following image:

Multiverse Defenders - mythic unit pity highlighted
Photo: Roblox Corporation

This essentially means that you have a 100% chance of getting one copy of the Mythic unit in any banner you’re pulling every time you spend 7,500 Diamonds. That’s no small amount of Diamonds, to be sure, but it is well worth it 

Do keep in mind that this 150-pull Mythic unit pity resets every time you get a Mythic unit in Multiverse Defenders.

This means that you might not need to spend 7,500 Diamonds if you’re lucky enough, but getting a Mythic unit before the 150th pull mark will set the guaranteed Mythic unit back behind 150 more pulls.

Multiverse Defenders - sabon obtained in summon gacha
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Getting any Mythic unit is a net positive for your account, but we do recommend pulling for the following top-tier Mythic units first:

  • Shonks
  • Bocchi (Secret Mythic unit)
  • DoFlamingo 
  • Megu

TIP: Summon banners refresh every sixty minutes in Multiverse Defenders, so if you want to get a specific Mythic unit, we recommend setting an alarm every sixty minutes, checking the banner, and then only pulling when the Mythic unit you want is featured in that banner.

Multiverse Defenders: What To Do With Duplicate Mythic Units

In case you get duplicate copies of Mythic units, what you should do is upgrade their stars by going to the Evolve Building:

Multiverse Defenders - evolve building
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Once you’re there, interact with the Star Upgrade machine, which will allow you to increase a Mythic unit’s star level—improving its overall stats and making them even stronger during your stage runs.

Multiverse Defenders - star upgrade
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Next, select the Mythic unit whose star level you want to upgrade. It will then show you all the duplicate copies you have of that unit.

Each duplicate copy you feed to the unit you’ve selected adds a chance of the Star Upgrade being successful. For upgrading from Star Level 1 to Star Level 2, each Mythic unit duplicate adds a 5% success rate.

Multiverse Defenders - star upgrade (sabon)
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Also, keep in mind that doing Star Upgrades will cost you a lot of Diamonds, so make sure you only do this for Mythic units that you’re planning to use in stage runs the most!

Upgrading a Mythic unit’s star level comes with a significant amount of risk, as failing an attempt will result in your Diamonds and duplicate copies being destroyed for nothing. Use the Star Upgrade system at your own risk!

TIP: Seeing as doing Star Upgrades is risky, costs a lot of Diamonds, and that Mythic unit duplicates barely increase a Star Upgrade’s success rate, we highly recommend you pull only one copy of a Mythic unit and just save your Diamonds for another Mythic unit.

Multiverse Defenders: Using Mythic Units In Battle

Multiverse Defenders - sabon in battle
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Almost all Mythic units will carry you through any stage if you put them on your team and level them up enough but do keep in mind that there are a few caveats to using them in battle.

First off, Mythic units generally cost more than Common, Rare, Epic, or even Legendary units to deploy on the map and upgrade, so you’ll have to watch your Money very closely while playing them.

Multiverse Defenders - money unit (bulma)
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Oftentimes, you might not be able to place a Mythic unit in the early rounds of the game, which means you’ll have to skip a few rounds just to deploy one. Our advice? Bring a cheap unit that’ll get you through the first few stages until you can bring out your Mythic unit.

Also, remember to bring along the best Money unit you have just so you can cover the cost of deploying and upgrading multiple Mythic units during battle. This will surely help you build up your defenses for the final round of each stage!


Mythic units aren’t all built equally, as some perform marginally better than most in terms of overall damage and utility. However, do keep in mind that any Mythic unit will outperform most (if not all) Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary units, so you can’t go wrong with getting any of them.

However, if you want to maximize the returns you get from your saved Diamonds, then you better check out our Multiverse Defenders Tier List, which will help you find the best units you can get from the Summon gacha regardless of rarity!

If you need some extra Diamonds (and you most likely will if you want to pull for Mythic units), then feel free to give our Multiverse Defenders Codes List a read for coupon codes that you can redeem in-game!

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