The Best Money Unit In Multiverse Defenders

June Reyes
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Multiverse Defenders is one of Roblox’s many user-generated games where you can collect several characters from your favorite anime series such as One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and Naruto—then send them off into battle against hordes of enemies.

It’s a tower defense game that employs the classic place-upgrade-sell mechanic that you’d commonly see on games of the same genre.

During battles, you use Money to place characters on the map. Money can only be obtained by killing enemies, clearing a stage, or from Money units.

Multiverse Defenders - tower defense map (namek)
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Roblox – Multiverse Defenders also has a prominent gacha system that decides which characters you can take to battle. After summoning a character through the gacha, you can then level them up and evolve them to improve their performance in battle.

In this guide, we will reveal the best Money unit in Multiverse Defenders that you can summon in the gacha, as well as what exactly this unit can do during battles.

Best Money Unit In Multiverse Defenders

Multiverse Defenders - bulma obtained from summon gacha
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True to her character’s backstory of being a mega-rich heir of a world-class tech conglomerate—Capsule Corp., Bulmi (a.k.a. Bulma) is the best Money unit in Multiverse Defenders. 

Bulmi is an Epic-rarity (Purple) unit that you can get from the Summon Reward Exchange, so she’s not particularly hard to get. She’s not always available for summoning though, as the summon banner in Multiverse Defenders resets every sixty minutes.

What Does Bulmi Do?

Multiverse Defenders - money (left ) and money given per round (right) higlighted
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As highlighted in the image above, Bulmi gives you a set amount of Money at the start of every round, which you can then use to either place new units or upgrade old units on the map. The higher her upgrade level is, the more money she gives away every round.

Being a Money unit, keep in mind that Bulmi does not attack enemies. Make sure to place Bulmi out of range of enemies, just so you can place other units that do attack on areas of the map that actually matter.

Multiverse Defenders - bulma placed on map
Photo: Roblox Corporation

For reference, here’s how much money Bulmi gives you depending on her upgrade level and how much it costs to upgrade her per level:

Upgrade LevelUpgrade Cost For Next LevelMoney Given Per Round
Level 0175 Money20 Money
Level 1250 Money50 Money
Level 2300 Money100 Money
Level 3375 Money150 Money
Level 40 Money (Max Level)225 Money

As you can see, having Bulmi on the map is very much worth it. In fact, we highly recommend getting her from the gacha as soon as you can, since a Money unit like her can make your stage runs much easier.

You can place up to three copies of Bulmi on the map. Get all three and max them out as early as you can for maximum efficiency.

TIP: In the final round, you can sell all three copies of Bulmi for additional Money. She’ll be useless in the final round, so just buy or upgrade other units with the Money you get from selling her!


Just like in most strategy games, securing a healthy supply of Money coming in every round is crucial if you want to clear a stage without any hitches. 

This is exactly why Bulmi isn’t just the best Money unit in Multiverse Defenders, but also one of the best overall units that you simply must have to get better at the game.

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