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Luocha Best Build

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest RPG game created by gaming developers miHoYo. With millions of players taking up the mantle of the Trailblazer and the game receiving regular patches and updates, Honkai: Star Rail’s Astral Express is well on its way to being one of the best games released this year.

Speaking of updates, Honkai: Star Rail has included special characters with each big updated and has already gone through three limited-time banners that featured Seele, Jing Yuan, and Silver Wolf.

The fourth and current banner features Luocha who boasts supportive abilities and is one of only three healers in the game currently. Read on to see a general overview of Luocha along with his best build, Relics, and Light Cones!

Luocha Best Build
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Character Overview

Luocha Character Summary

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As mentioned above, Luocha is one of only three healers available in the current version of Honkai: Star Rail, making him a fantastic pick for anyone who doesn’t already have a Bailu or Gepard. His Skill allows him to heal a single target and can be upgraded through Traces to add a cleansing effect.

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At the time of writing, Luocha’s Ultimate is the only skill in the game that has an AoE debuff effect, allowing you to cleanse buffs from groups of enemies like Mara-Struck in one go.

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If you’re looking for a defensive option for your 2nd team in the Memory of Chaos, definitely consider pulling for Luocha while he’s still available.

Abilities and Traces

Luocha Abilities

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Luocha AbilityAbility NameAbility TypeAbility Effect at Trace Lv. 1
AttackThorns of the AbyssSingle TargetDeals Imaginary Damage equal to 50% of Luocha’s Attack to a single enemy.
TalentCycle of LifeRestoreWhen Abyss Flower reaches 2 stacks, Luocha consumes all stacks of Abyss Flower to deploy a Field against the enemy.
When any enemy in the Field is attacked by an ally, the attacking ally’s HP is immediately restored by an amount equal to 12% of Luocha’s Attack plus 60.
The Field’s effect lasts for 2 turns. When Luocha is knocked down, the Field will be dispelled.
SkillPrayer of Abyss FlowerRestoreAfter using his Skill, Luocha Immediately restores the target ally’s HP equal to 40% of Luocha’s Attack plus 200.
Meanwhile, Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower. When any ally’s HP percentage drops to 50% or lower, an effect equivalent to Luocha’s Skill will immediately be triggered and applied to this ally for one time (without consuming skill points).
This effect can be triggered again after 2 turns.
TechniqueMercy of a FoolRestoreAfter the Technique is used, the Talent will be immediately triggered at the start of the next battle.
UltimateDeath WishAoERemoves 1 buff from all enemies and deals Imaginary Damage equal to 120% of Luocha’s Attack to all enemies. Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower.

Luocha Traces

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Luocha TracesHow to UnlockTrace Effect
SanctifiedAscension 2When any enemy in the Field is attacked by an ally, all allies (except the attacker) restore HP equal to 7% of Luocha’s Attack plus 93.
Cleansing RevivalAscension 4When the skill’s effect is triggered, removes 1 debuff from a target ally.
Through the ValleyAscension 6The chance to resist Crowd Control debuffs increases by 70%.

Luocha’s Traces make him an overall more effective support character since they allow him to cleanse debuffs from allies, heal more than one ally at a time, and resist enemy debuffs.

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The debuff resist is especially notable since plenty of enemies apply some form of crowd control, and if your healer happens to be the one that gets disabled, it usually leads to a game over.


Photo: miHoYo
Eidolon LevelEidolon NameEidolon Effect
E1Ablution of the QuickWhile the Field is active, Attack of all allies increases by 20%.
E2Bestowal From the PureWhen his Skill is triggered, if the target ally’s HP is lower than 50%, Luocha’s Outgoing Healing increases by 30%. If the target ally’s HP is at 50% or higher, the ally receives a Shield that can absorb Damage equal to 18% of Luocha’s Attack plus 240, lasting for 2 turns.
E3Surveyal by the FoolSkill Lv. + 2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic Attack Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
E4Heavy Lies the CrownWhen Luocha’s Field is active, enemies become Weakened and deal 12% less Damage.
E5Cicatrix ‘Near the PainUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. + 2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
E6Reunion With the DustWhen Ultimate is used, there is a 100% fixed chance to reduce all enemies’ All-Type RES by 20% for 2 turns.

We’d like to preface this section by telling you that Eidolons in general are always nice to have but never required. Luocha can perform his duties as your teams’ healer regardless of whether or not he has any Eidolons activated.

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If you’re hard set on pulling for more copies of Luocha for Eidolons, we suggest aiming for E2, as it significantly increases the amount of healing Luocha does with his skill and even adds a Shield which Luocha previously did not have any access to.

Luocha Best Build and Relics

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Luocha Best Cavern Relics

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Relic SetHow to Farm2-piece Set Bonus4-piece Set Bonus
Passerby of Wandering CloudCavern of Corrosion: Path of DriftingIncreases Outgoing Healing by 10%.At the start of the battle, immediately regenerates 1 Skill Point.
Musketeer of Wild WheatCavern of Corrosion: Path of DriftingAttack increases by 12%.The wearer’s Speed increases by 6% and Basic Attack Damage increases by 10%.

Luocha is unique as a healer in that his heals scale off of his Attack stat instead of his HP like Natasha and Bailu. This becomes a bit of an issue since an Attack focused Luocha becomes brittle compared to either Natasha or Bailu.

But because Luocha’s heals scale off of his Attack, the general consensus for Luocha is that his two best relic sets are either Passerby of Wandering Cloud or Musketeer of Wild Wheat.

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Passerby of Wandering Cloud allows Luocha to focus more on a supportive role and increases his overall healing while Musketeer of Wild Wheat provides a smaller bonus to his healing in the form of attack boosts, but grants him more damage for when you’re trying to clear content within a set number of turns.

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Alternatively, you could equip your Luocha with a mixed set with two pieces of Musketeer of Wild Wheat and two pieces of Passerby of Wandering Cloud, allowing your Luocha to deal damage and heal a little bit better at the cost of doing either maximally. Building Luocha this way also becomes significantly more convenient since both Cavern Relic Sets can be farmed from the same Cavern of Corrosion.

Best Cavern Relic Stats

Best Relic Stats
Main StatHP +Attack +Outgoing HealingSpeed
Sub 1Attack +Attack %Attack +Attack +
Sub 2Attack %HP +Attack %Attack %
Sub 3HP %HP %HP +HP +
Sub 4SpeedEffect RES %HP %HP %

As mentioned above, Luocha’s heals scale off of his Attack stat, hence our Stat choices for his relics focus on boosting his Attack to increase his healing capabilities while taking as much HP as we can to allow him to survive longer.

Speed is the main stat of choice for the Feet slot since we want an active Luocha and active healers in general. Slow healers tend to take their turns late which often leads to defeated characters since we couldn’t get our heals out on time.

Additionally, Speed helps with the activation methods for our Planar Ornaments! More on that below.

Luocha Best Planar Ornaments

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Planar Ornament SetHow to Farm2-Piece Bonus
Space Sealing StationSimulated Universe – World 3Increases the wearer’s Attack by 12%. When the wearer’s Speed reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s Attack increases by an extra 12%.
Fleet of the AgelessSimulated Universe – World 3Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s Speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies Attack increases by 8%.

Both Space Sealing Station and Fleet of the Ageless help Luocha play his role as your team’s healer. Space Sealing Station boosts Luocha’s Attack which also boosts his healing while Fleet of the Ageless increases Luocha’s survivability.

Photo: miHoYo

Both Planar Ornament sets also have a secondary effect trigger that relies on the Speed stat, which reinforces the need to equip Speed on our Feet slot.

If your team is lacking in damage, go for the Space Sealing Station to boost Luocha’s Attack. Otherwise, Fleet of the Ageless is the better supportive option since it boosts not only Luocha’s HP but also the Attack of the entire team once you have enough Speed.

Luocha Best Planar Ornament Stats

Best Planar Ornament Stats
Link RopePlanar Sphere
Main StatEnergy Regeneration Rate %Attack %
Sub 1Attack +Attack +
Sub 2Attack %HP %
Sub 3HP +HP +
Sub 4HP %Speed

Just like with his Cavern Relics, Luocha’s sub-stats focus on both Attack and HP. Energy Regeneration Rate was chosen for his Link Rope’s main stat for an almost 100% uptime on his Ultimate Ability. This allows you to reliably cast Death Wish whenever enemies try to apply buffs to themselves.

Luocha Best Light Cones

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RarityLight ConeEffectHow to Get
✦✦✦✦✦(Best in Slot)
Echoes of the Coffin
Increases the wearer’s Attack by 24%. After the wearer uses an attack, for each different enemy target the wearer hits, regenerates 3 Energy. Each attack can regenerate Energy up to 3 times this way. After the wearer uses their Ultimate, all allies gain 12 Speed for 1 turn.
Limited-Time Gacha
✦✦✦✦✦Time Waits for No OneMorn, Noon, Dusk, and Night
Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 18% and Outgoing Healing by 12%. When the wearer heals allies, record the amount of Outgoing Healing. When an ally launches an attack, a random attacked enemy takes additional Damage equal to 36% of the recorded Outgoing Healing value. The type of this Additional Damage is not affected by other buffs, and can only occur 1 time per turn.
✦✦✦✦Warmth Shortens Cold NightsTiny Light
Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 16%. When using Basic Attack or Skill, restores all allies’ HP by an amount equal to 2% of their respective Max HP.
Reach Lv. 30 in Nameless Glory
✦✦✦✦Shared FeelingCure and Repair
Increases the wearer’s Outgoing Healing by 10%. When using Skill, regenerates 2 Energy for all allies.
✦✦✦MultiplicationDenizens of Abundance
After the wearer uses their Basic Attack, their next action will be Advanced Forward by 16%.

In line with tradition, Luocha’s best Light Cone is his signature Light Cone, Echoes of the Coffin since its the only Abundance Light Cone that increases a character’s Attack stat.

Photo: miHoYo

Some notable and more readily available alternatives are the 4-star Light Cones such as Warmth Shortens Cold Nights and Shared Feeling. Since our Luocha build has a good amount of Speed, he can perform an abundance of basic attacks, making Warmth Shortens Cold Nights a good choice for consistent healing.

Photo: miHoYo

Shared Feeling helps allies regain their Energy for their Ultimate Abilities, making it useful in essentially any team composition, while also increasing the wearer’s outgoing healing.

Alternatively, the 3-Star Light Cone, Multiplication is the best option amongst the other 3-Star Abundance Light Cones since it is still unconfirmed whether or not Luocha’s auto-heal Talent procs the Prosperity effect from the Cornucopia Light Cone.


Photo: miHoYo

Luocha is a unique character, the likes of which Honkai: Star Rail has never seen before. He can simultaneously act as an Attacker and a Healer, allowing you to clear levels in the Forgotten Hall while hitting the turn count objectives.

Photo: miHoYo

Additionally, Luocha is of the Imaginary Combat Type with the only other Imaginary characters being Welt who is locked behind Gacha or Yukong who was also just recently released. If you need a second healer or coverage for the Imaginary type against the likes of enemies like Kafka, definitely consider pulling for Luocha.

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