10 Best Loot-Based Games for Android

Best Loot-Based Games for Android

In video games, loot motivates players to complete quests, explore and fight enemies. It’s a way of rewarding players for advancing through stages or defeating a tough foe. And the superior the loot is, the more motivated a player is to complete a quest in hand.  

For Android, there are several loot-based games. Here’s a rundown of some of the top role-playing games that provide a rewarding experience:  

Mighty Quest is a hack-and-slash role-playing game in which you will have to find that one elusive “loot” most kings fail to capture.

As you battle monsters in the floating castles of Opulencia, you will gather items, weapons and armor, equip the best gear to your character to make him more powerful. There are tons of loot to collect and over 1000 unique gear items to equip to your hero.  

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Eternium is a brilliant action RPG. Gameplay reminds us of old school role playing games like Diablo. With classes, such as the Mage, warrior or bounty hunter, Eternium allows you to choose the hero of your choice, equip the best weapons based on his class and fight a host of monsters across three stunning environments or in randomly-generated dungeons.  

Your battle against ferocious demons, skeletons, aliens and dragon won’t be in vain as there are tons of treasure chests to acquire. Chests contain gold, gear and gems. You can equip cloaks, helmets, shoulder pads and an assortment of gear items. As you progress, you will discover rare, epic and legendary gear. Armor and other gear items can also be made more powerful by putting gemstones into their empty sockets.   

Eternium is NOT one of those pay-to-play games and in-app purchases are completely optional. 

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Evil Lands has everything an RPG fan wants - upgrades, skills, and most importantly LOOT. The game’s loot system lets you collect gear from dungeon raids. There are tons of quests and maps.

Evil Lands has two online modes - co-op and PvP combat. Join other players in co-op mode to raid enemy dungeons or team-up and battle players from all around the world in co-op mode. This action MMORPG has amazing 3D graphics and is one of the best-looking loot-based mobile RPG for Android.   

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Pocket RPG is one of the oldest mobile role-playing games for Android. As you fight hordes of monsters and huge bosses in trap-filled dungeons, you will discover lots of treasures and items.

Pocket RPG is a pure hack-and-slash dungeon crawler and with three unique classes with their own combat styles, exploring dungeons can be fun.  

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Another great action RPG, SoulCraft lets you play the role of a battle angel and fight demons in beautiful 3D worlds based on real-world locations such as Rome and Egypt. The game has five different modes such as boss fights, arena and time run. 

SoulCraft throws lots of challenges in the form of traps and different types of enemies. The game has plenty of customization options tons of loot to collect. Developers take player feedback seriously constantly add new spells, items and a lot more to keep the game alive.  

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Mystic Guardian’s gameplay and visuals are reminiscent of old school JRPGs of the 90s. The game is set in a steampunk fantasy world, has unique storylines, each with alternate endings, two different characters and seven classes. It also has a raid mode where you can battle monsters for loot in endless dungeons.  

In a single-player campaign mode, you will find several treasure chests scattered all over dungeons. Metal treasure boxes contain coins, crafting ingredients, gear and a lot more. You will need a silver or golden key to open them. These boxes refill over time, so that you can come again with another key and open the same box after a few hours. The game has over 50 boss battles and a plenty of skills and combos to learn. A must-play RPG if you are looking for a good loot-based game for Android.  

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Dungeon Quest offers randomly generated dungeons, allows players to customize their hero’s weapons and equipment to their hearts content, has a gear, skill and pet-based system and several difficulty modes.

The game’s main focus is on loot, so seasoned RPG fans looking for such games will love everything about Dungeon Quest.  

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A Dungeons and Dragons game, WoW allows you to explore the greatest city of the Sword Coast, battle monsters and collect powerful weapons and equipment to make your party more powerful. As you explore more, you will discover several locations from the D&D universe.

The game also has a challenge mode which is pretty tough to complete but the loot is superior than those in normal stages. Besides receiving rewards from campaign and challenge mode, you will also get more items and inventory  from quests.  

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An open-world role-playing game, Vampire’s Fall: Origin has a turn-based combat system. There are over 100 unique weapons and gear items, lots of skills and abilities to make your character stronger, great storyline and PvP battles!

Seasoned RPG players will love Vampire’s Fall: Origin. The game gets rid of lengthy tutorial. It’s a pure Android RPG with a good loot system.  

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The sequel to the popular roguelike RPG has the same distinctive art style. Dungeons are randomly generated and so is the loot. There are more than three hundred gear items to collect and various weapons to equip.

Each weapon activate a unique skill tree. You can explore dungeons in real time and join other players from around the world to defeat monsters.  The Greedy Cave 2: Time Game is probably the best loot-based game if you are looking for one on Android.  

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