The 7 Best Games like Bitlife on Android

Anurag Ghosh
Games like Bitlife on Android
Games like Bitlife on Android

Bitlife: Life Simulator is the new app sensation everyone’s talking about! It’s a life simulation game that lets you step into the shoes of a random character and make decisions that will affect his/her career, finances, health and relationships.

Developed by CandyWriter, this text-based game simulates real life by allowing players to make easy and tough life choices, choose a job get into a relationship, buy house/car and try to lead a successful life. But just like real life, there will be twists and turns.

Make bad choices and your health/happiness indicators decline. Attack someone and you will go behind bars. From time to time, the game will display certain choices that may provoke you to assault random strangers – this may land you in jail. Also, some life decisions will also determine certain traits, such as your intelligence (smarts).

Throughout your virtual life, you will need to make several choices until your death. The decisions you make will reflect on your gravestone and you may earn ribbons, which are based on the lives you lead. So, if your net worth is at least 1 billion until your death, you will be rewarded a “Rich” ribbon which will be displayed on your gravestone. If you haven’t achieved anything, you will get the “Mediocre” ribbon. There are lots of ribbons to collect, which makes Bitlife even more interesting and engaging.

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  1. Ancient life is also text-based game which also very similar with Bitlife. The game is based on ancient Chinese. It’s so much fun playing it. *recommended* ^_^

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