Games like Bitlife on Android

The 7 Best Games like Bitlife on Android

Games like Bitlife on Android

Bitlife: Life Simulator is the new app sensation everyone’s talking about! It’s a life simulation game that lets you step into the shoes of a random character and make decisions that will affect his/her career, finances, health and relationships.

Developed by CandyWriter, this text-based game simulates real life by allowing players to make easy and tough life choices, choose a job get into a relationship, buy house/car and try to lead a successful life. But just like real life, there will be twists and turns.

Make bad choices and your health/happiness indicators decline. Attack someone and you will go behind bars. From time to time, the game will display certain choices that may provoke you to assault random strangers – this may land you in jail. Also, some life decisions will also determine certain traits, such as your intelligence (smarts).

Throughout your virtual life, you will need to make several choices until your death. The decisions you make will reflect on your gravestone and you may earn ribbons, which are based on the lives you lead. So, if your net worth is at least 1 billion until your death, you will be rewarded a “Rich” ribbon which will be displayed on your gravestone. If you haven’t achieved anything, you will get the “Mediocre” ribbon. There are lots of ribbons to collect, which makes Bitlife even more interesting and engaging.

Are There Any Games Like BitLife on Android?

Yes! There are a few life simulation games that are somewhat similar to BitLife: Life Simulator. Some offer a more visual representation of your life, others are text-based games that cram in more details and provide a detailed perspective of your virtual life. Not all games begin from your birth. Some let you live a life of a homeless person, whereas others begin life just after college. We have picked the best games for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting games like Bitlife:

Life is a Game is more like an arcade version of Bitlife. The visual portrayal of a fast-paced life and cut-throat competition is pretty accurate. You begin as a toddler and have to tap the fast-forward button to kickstart your new life. From infancy to old age, your avatar will keep running until his death. As he runs, you will have to make appropriate life choices by tapping the “choice” button to help him choose his education, hobby, career and love life.

On your journey, you will also come across several key traits floating in the air. They will let the game decide what’s the best career for you. You will have to tap the “jump” button at the right time to catch those traits that will help you choose your career. You will also have to jump to catch coins. With these coins, you can buy a car and house. However, pressing the jump button every now and then will also have an adverse effect on your health and happiness. Once you marry, you will also have to reserve your time for your wife and kids and your hobbies to make sure you are hale and hearty.

As the name suggests, Life is a Game simulates life just like an arcade game, but also teaches us great life lessons. I personally liked the end, where your avatar dies and the game rewinds your entire life, showing you what you could have done, what you shouldn’t have done and what was the best time of your life. Your avatar runs backwards and shows you key milestones, the decisions you made and your life regrets.

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Nirvana is a reigns-like life simulator. The game is all about making life choices. Death is inevitable. You, can however, delay death, become rich, have a family or just make weird decisions that will change your virtual life permanently. Right from your birth to death, there are tons of choices to make, some are pretty common, others are very strange. Your goal is to make life choices keeping in mind that all bars or indicators are balanced. These indicators are health, happiness, popularity and money.

After a brief conversation with your creator, you will begin your adventure. You will be presented with cards containing scenarios. You will have to swipe them left or right to make a choice. Your choices directly affect one or more indicators. Your life choices begin right from infancy. Some of these cards are plain funny, others pretty thought-provoking, forcing you to choose between morally questionable acts that will affect your popularity. Since gameplay is very similar to “Reigns”, you will have a hard time getting the right balance between indicators. The game’s pretty hard because any indicator, if too low or too high will cause death. Even if you are too high on happiness or health, you will die. Not like Bitlife entirely, but fun to play.

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Life Simulator’s interface and gameplay is very similar to Bitlife. You will have to tap the “Grow Up” button on the bottom of the screen to begin your life. The game generates a random name, gender and a unique stats page showing fitness, sanity, health, health, intelligence and a random hobby. Your goal is simple - ensure your health stats do not reach zero. If it does, you are dead. As you advance to the next age, you will be given certain life choices that will change your stats and might be key turning points in your life.

The game provides a more in-depth perspective about your virtual life. It generates separate pages for personal care, exercise, hygiene and clothing once you start getting allowance from your parents. You can spend money on clothing, health, personal care etc., wisely as it may directly affect your key stats. As you grow up, making life choices and spending money will be difficult, which is why I feel the game’s more complicated than Bitlife.

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Your virtual life in “LifeSim” begins just after your studies are over. The game focuses on the most important phase of your life - early 20s. You start off by creating an avatar by choosing facial features, hairstyle, skin color etc. You will then have to choose one profession from the three - Startup, Show Business and Politics. You will have to take care of your health and happiness as you advance through key stages in your career.

As you follow your passion, you will also have to do part time jobs to make ends meet, and at the same time complete certain tasks that will improve your health and happiness. The game also has a separate “relationships” section that will help you find a date and marry. I love how there’s a section on sending likes to girls on Tinder in search for a date. What’s more, there are several buildings such as the stock exchange and casino, where you can invest your hard-earned money to earn more cash. You can also improve your looks at the salon or go to the “Karaoke” to play a simple mini-game to improve happiness. There are lots of things to do in ”LifeSim” and you must try it if you are bored playing Bitlife.

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As the name suggests, “Virtual Families” lets you create a virtual family by adopting a randomly-generated character. The game provides a home for your adopted character. You can help him find a job, date and finally help him get married and have kids. The game continues from where you have left even when you have switched off your device. Once your virtual characters have kids, you can watch them grow, help the entire family in their career and health and pass the house from one generation to another.

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Another nice little Android game like Bitlife, InstLife has a very slick interface. There are separate tabs for your avatar’s CV, stats, career, assets and finances. You will have to advance through your life by tapping the “Age” button. As you age, you will be offered life choices, career choices and relationship choices. The game will also provide choices that are morally right or wrong. Whatever you select, it will have a direct effect on your career, health and finances. As pointed out by one of our readers "Sigrun", Instlife was released before Bitlife. The latter might have been inspired by InstLife's text-based gameplay.

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Hobo Life Simulator is very different from other life simulation games. The game lets you live a virtual life of a homeless person, a vagabond. You will have to improve your well-being by increasing health, happiness and satiety. And to do this, you will have to tap on several actions to maintain a balance between all these indexes. If any one of them reaches zero, the game will warn you that you will have only 7 days remaining and you should increase the indicator by completing the right actions to avoid death. There are separate tabs for food, health, jobs, even studies and real estate! You will have to cycle between tabs, complete actions keeping in mind that all indicators on top of the screen will be affected by your actions.

Hobo Life Simulator is not an easy game. It will be very tough to earn money at first, since you will start off as a hobo. You will have to beg or fight with another hobo. You can even rob a bank, but would you do this? The game gives you the freedom to become rich, get an education or job, become the leader of hobos. As you amass wealth and prosperity it also gives a chance to become a senator. All this can be done by making sure that your health, happiness and satiety does not reach zero and to do this you will have to cycle through tabs, use your brains to make in-game money, buy medicines, exercise, start a hobby or participate in sports.

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