Best Games Like Auto Chess

5 Best Games Like Auto Chess on Android

The Auto Chess rage has people wondering what’s the game about. For starters, it has nothing to do with chess. It’s a tile-based strategy game where two players deploy heroes on a grid that resembles a chess board.

Each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses and belongs to a unique class or species. When the battle begins, heroes fight automatically and player who deploys stronger heroes wins a match. And while you have no control on your heroes when a battle begins, you must ensure you recruit the best heroes for your team.

There’s actually a lot of strategy to be found, including choosing the right champions that activate combos, proper formations and lineups.  

Best Games Like Auto Chess

Android Games Similar to Auto Chess

The custom Dota 2 mod that has generated a lot of attention and is the reason behind the creation of a new sub-genre of RTS games called “auto battler” has a new mobile version. But wait, there are a few auto battlers out there that are as immersive as the original game. Here are 5 best games like Auto Chess on Android:  

With Chess Rush, Tencent Games has now joined the auto chess bandwagon! Chess Rush pits you against other players in PvP matches that pits random players against each other until there’s one winner. There are multiple game modes, including a “Turbo Mode” where matches are just ten minutes long.  

Chess Rush has over 50 heroes belonging to various classes/species. You can choose formations and lineups before every battle, recruit the best heroes and then sit back and watch your team fight other players’ teams. One great aspect about this game is that there’s no in-app purchases. Chess Rush encourages strategic thinking and planning and discourages the “pay-to-win” system. If you are a big fan of auto-battlers, you will love everything about this game.  

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Another superb Auto Chess like game for Android, Arena of Evolution: Red Tides has stunning graphics. The board design is lit the 3D characters are just awesome. Gameplaywise, Red Tides is very similar to other auto battlers. You will be fighting 7 other players. The tournament begins with monster rounds where you will have to fight bots. Monsters drop equipment, which can be equipped to your heroes to make them more powerful. Soon you will be battling other players in intense PvP matches. The game boasts more than 60 heroes, and each hero can be upgraded by merging two identical heroes with it. Graphically, Arena of Evolution is the best-looking auto battler on Android. 

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Due to the immense popularity of Auto Chess, a Dota 2 mod, the creators of Dota decided to come up with their own standalone version called Dota Underlords, and they haven’t disappointed fans. Gameplay is smoother, thanks to Valve’s lightning fast network. There are still a few bugs, but that won’t spoil your gameplay experience. 

Dota Underlords promotes crossplay, so you can the game of your Android device and finish it on your computer. No matter where you play, you can continue on a new platform from where you left as your profile is shared across all platforms. The game provides ranked matchmaking, in which you will play against new underlords and as you climb through the ranks, gameplay will become more challenging. There’s also an offline mode where you will get some practice battling bots. With four difficulty levels, offline mode is the best way to sharpen your skills.  

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Another Auto Chess like game to look out for, Hero Chess has over fifty heroes from different classes. The game’s not released yet, but looking at the trailer and screenshots, I assume that it’s going to be a fun game. Hero Chess has bright, cartoonish visuals. The game offers blitz matches that last only fifteen minutes long.  

Just like other Auto Chess games on Android, this game lets you create parties and battle against your friends, merge heroes to upgrade them and create formations to crush your opponents. I am really looking forward to Hero Chess and I have pre-registered for it. There’s a nice little pre-registration gift for players, so don’t forget to pre-register!     

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Optimized for Android phones, Arena Allstars offers bite-sized auto battler matches. The game has shorter rounds and bigger characters. Arena Allstars is one of the few, if not the only game that offers a portrait mode. Unlike other Auto Chess games, tiles aren’t visible during battles. They appear only when you drag and drop a hero onto the board.  

The game has three modes - practice, custom mode that allows you to create a custom match and challenge you friends, and the usual 8-player knockout mode where you will have to employ various strategies to outwit your opponents. Much like other auto battlers on Android, Arena Allstars lets you merge heroes to level them up and look for “synergy bonuses” when three heroes share similar traits. The game’s fun and the best part of it is its short tournaments, which makes battles more intense and engaging. 

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