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5 Best Games Like Auto Chess on Android

The Auto Chess rage has people wondering what’s the game about. For starters, it has nothing to do with chess. It’s a tile-based strategy game where two players deploy heroes on a grid that resembles a chess board.

Each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses and belongs to a unique class or species. When the battle begins, heroes fight automatically and player who deploys stronger heroes wins a match. And while you have no control on your heroes when a battle begins, you must ensure you recruit the best heroes for your team.

There’s actually a lot of strategy to be found, including choosing the right champions that activate combos, proper formations and lineups.  

Best Games Like Auto Chess

Android Games Similar to Auto Chess

The custom Dota 2 mod that has generated a lot of attention and is the reason behind the creation of a new sub-genre of RTS games called “auto battler” has a new mobile version. But wait, there are a few auto battlers out there that are as immersive as the original game. Here are 5 best games like Auto Chess on Android: