10 Must-Play Survival Games on Android

Anurag Ghosh
Best Crafting and Survival Games on Android
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Survival games puts players in a virtual world of uncharted islands, alien planets and post-apocalyptic zones where staying alive requires being alert, building tools and weapons to fend off beasts, and gathering food/storing water so that they don’t remain hungry or thirsty after a long day’s exploration. Most of these games present several what-if scenarios, encouraging players to find a proper solution to make sure they don’t fall prey to wild beasts or die of hunger and thirst. While survival games on Android are just games and shouldn’t be equated to real-life struggles and hardships faced by humans stranded on deserted islands, they have great entertainment value.  

Best Crafting and Survival Games on Android
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