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Best Artifacts To Upgrade First - AFK Journey (Featured Image)

All artifacts in AFK Journey have their uses and can be upgraded to max level eventually, but in general, the best artifacts to upgrade first are your Ironwall Spell, the Starshard Spell, and the Confining Spell.

Read more if you want to find out what each of them can do and whether or not they’re the perfect artifacts for you!

Best Artifacts To Upgrade First In AFK Journey

Listed below are the three best artifacts that you should consider investing your resources in first out of all six collectible artifacts in AFK Journey.

Ironwall Spell (Increased Survivability)

Ironwall spell artifact - AFK Journey

Unlock Requirement: The Ironwall Spell can be obtained while playing Chapter 3 of the main story or from in-app purchases.

Boosted Stats: Haste, Vitality

Upgrade Levels (Ironwall)Effects (Ironwall)
+1Blesses the frontmost allied hero at the start of a battle, increasing their Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 15% and Energy on Hit by 20 for the rest of the battle. 
At the start of a battle and every 12s thereafter, grants the blessed ally a shield by 20% of their max HP for 6s. The blessing effects can’t be dispelled.
+5The value of gained Phys DEF and Magic DEF of blessed allied heroes is increased to 20%.
+10The blessing effect will be transferred to a living allied hero in the frontline when the blessed hero is defeated. The blessing can only be transferred 1 time in each battle.

The Ironwall Spell gives your frontline tanks as well as some of the other heroes in your team enhanced survivability. 

As you can probably imagine, this artifact is best utilized in battles where your main tank cannot absorb damage long enough for your backline heroes to do their work. It works especially well with heroes like Thoran and Granny on your team.

You can get the Iron Wall spell right away by claiming the First-purchase reward alongside Rowan—one of the best heroes in AFK Journey. This deal is very much worth it, so feel free to spend any amount you can muster on any in-app purchase. Even one dollar will do!

Starshard Spell (True AoE Damage)

Starshard Spell artifact - AFK Journey

Unlock Requirements: The Starshard Spell can be obtained while playing Chapter 2 of the main story.

Boosted Stats: Haste, HP

Upgrade Levels (Starshard Spell)Effects (Starshard Spell)
+1Every 4 times allied heroes cast their Ultimate, a flame wave is unleashed on all enemies. 
The flame wave deals true damage equal to 16% of the target’s current HP and up to 60% of Team ATK. The flame wave also reduces the target’s ATK SPD by 60 for 4s.
+5Increases damage to 24% of the current HP, capped at 90% of Team ATK.
+10Triggered after allies use 3 Ultimates.

The Starshard Spell is arguably the best artifact when it comes to improving general DPS in AFK Journey. It deals True Damage to all enemies, which means the damage dealt by this artifact cannot be mitigated by any type of defensive stat.

This makes the Starshard Spell a must-have when you’re facing several enemies in multi-wave battles, especially if you manage to get a reliable Energy battery like Rowan on your hero roster.

Confining Spell (Backline Damage & Crowd Control)

Confining Spell artifact - AFK Journey

Unlock Requirements: The Confining Spell can be obtained while playing Chapter 4 of the main story or from in-app purchases.

Boosted Stats: ATK, HP

Upgrade Levels (Confining Spell)Effects (Confining Spell)
+13s into a battle, deals magic damage equal to 25% of the Team ATK to 2 enemies in the back every 12s, making them unable to move or act for 1.5s.
+5The Prison duration is increased to 2.5s.
+10The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 10s.

The Confining Spell incapacitates two enemy backline units and deals damage to them, making it one of the best artifacts that players can use in PVP game modes—if not the best, as it easily takes out pesky DPS units on your enemies’ side.

This artifact is your best choice whenever you’re facing an enemy team with strong backline units—especially heroes that can skip your frontline and target your own backline units like Vala, Selvina, or Cecia.

You can get the Confining Spell early by purchasing the Artifact Bundle II for 380 Dragon Crystals (approx. $19.99), along with 10 Epic Invite Letters and 380 Diamonds.


Fortunately for all AFK Journey players, artifacts have no paywall. This means you’ll eventually be able to unlock all of them and upgrade them to +10 (max level) as long as you keep playing the game consistently.

While you’re at it, how about learning how to reroll or farm free Diamonds in AFK Journey?

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