Best Artifacts for Sung Jinwoo – Solo Leveling: Arise

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Best Artifacts for Sung Jinwoo - Solo Leveling: Arise

The best artifacts for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling: Arise are the Almighty Kargalgan and Beast sets. These sets will provide you with a significant increase to you damage, but will also rely on your Sung Jinwoo build.

Read more below to see our list of the best artifacts for Sung Jinwoo, as well as some alternative sets and how to farm artifacts.

Best Sung Jinwoo Artifacts

Equipment Sets

Almighty Kargalgan Set

Almighty Kargalgan Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: One-hit Kill

2 Set Effect: Increases Ultimate Skill damage by 25%.

4 Set Effect: Decreases the Ultimate Skill cooldown by 40%.

In my experience, the Almighty Kargalgan set provides Sung Jinwoo with the highest amount of DPS. Once equipped, your gameplay should revolve around using Sung Jinwoo’s Ultimate Skill as much as humanly possible.

Note that this set reaches its maximum potential when your Hunters are equipped with the set that we think is 2nd best on Sung Jinwoo, the High-ranking Demon set!

High-ranking Demon Set

High-ranking Demon Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: Destroyer

2 Set Effect: Your Power Gauge Acquisition Rate increases by 20%.

4 Set Effect: When the battle starts, charges Power Gauge by 50% and additionally increases the player and the party’s Power Gauge Acquisition Rate by 20%.

The High-ranking Demon can be argued to be just as good as the Almighty Kargalgan set just because of how convenient it makes gameplay. Power Gauge Acquisition Rate affects how quickly you can build up your Ultimate Attack. So the gameplay focus of this set is similar to the Almighty Kargalgan set.

However, the 4 Set Effect of this set grants everyone in the party an additional 20% bonus. This means that if you have enough Hunters wearing High-ranking Demon, Sung Jinwoo can benefit from both the increased ultimate gauge build up as well as the increased Ultimate Skill damage.

Hard Leather Set

Hard Leather Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: Toughness

2 Set Effect: Your Critical Hit Rate increases by 8%.

4 Set Effect: Your Critical Hit damage increases by 32%.

The Hard Leather set is Sung Jinwoo’s third best Artifact set because of its buffs to crit chance and crit damage. These benefits are especially useful when paired with the accessory sets that we will list out below!

However, once your Sung Jinwoo can reach the critical chance ceiling of 50%, we highly suggest switching this set out for either the Almighty Kargalgan or the High-ranking Demon set.

Accessory Sets

Beast Set

Beast Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: Expert

2 Set Effect: When landing a Critical Hit, has a 25% chance to increase Attack by 0.8% (stacking up to 100 times) (Cooldown: 1 second)

4 Set Effect: Increases Activation Rate to 50% and Attack Increase Effect to 1.6%.

The Beast set is provides the most reliable damage increase for Sung Jinwoo once he has reached the crit chance ceiling of 50%. While it may take some time to build, Sung Jinwoo will receive a total of 160% Attack Increase when he reaches max stacks.

Behemoth Set

Behemoth Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: Executioner

2 Set Effect: When attacking enemies with 40% or less HP, increases damage dealt by 8%.

4 Set Effect: HP condition has been changed to 70% and Damage Increase effect increased to 20%.

The Behemoth set is the best set for players who are in the early to mid stages of the game. In those stages, Sung Jinwoo is unlikely to have the right amount of critical chance, making the Beast set less effective.

In these cases, the Behemoth set comes in as the best artifact set for your Sung Jinwoo.

Skeleton Set

Skeleton Artifact - Solo Leveling: Arise

Set Bonus: Berserker

2 Set Effect: When the user has 50% HP or less, their damage dealt increases by 15%.

4 Set Effect: HP condition has been change to 70% and Damage Dealt Increase effect increases to 30%.

The Skeleton set is a fantastic set to equip for players who have not yet perfect the dodge mechanic. In later stages of the game, this set effect becomes much easier to activate and maintain because enemies deal more damage.

Essentially, this is a set that gets better and better the further you are into Solo Leveling: Arise. However, there are enemies who deal so much damage that you can die after just 1-hit, making this set a great beginner’s pick.

What Are Artifacts?

Equipment Equivalent

Artifacts are the iteration of equipment in Solo Leveling: Arise. Equipping them to either Sung Jinwoo or your Hunters will provide them with a stat bonus that is unique per piece, while also granting additional 2 piece and 4 piece set bonuses.

Equipping these artifacts are free, but once equipped, these artifacts will cost you a relevant amount of gold.


The best artifacts for Sung Jinwoo are largely dependent on your Sung Jinwoo’s current stats, as well as the artifacts you have equipped on your accompanying Hunters. Try to consider if you have enough crit chance to reliably trigger the set bonus effects before farming for the artifact set that you want!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks - Solo Leveling: Arise
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