The Best Android Games Updates This Week

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Best android games updates this week
Image: Supercell
(Last Updated On: September 28, 2023)

Mobile gaming continues to multiply, with over 2.6 billion people playing worldwide. A recent survey by Newzoo found that 65% of mobile gamers played a mobile game in the past week. This suggests that around 1.7 billion people played mobile phone games last week.

With so many people gaming worldwide, they must be on the lookout for jaw-dropping, action-packed games that fill their thirst for outworldly adventure. In that case, We’ve got the best Android games updates this week! update

Of the best Android games updates, one of our favorite roguelike action RPGs,, brings you this fantasy world’s best yet again. Survival in the dungeons has never been this ferocious! Get ready to enter the New Rune Towers and explore and study the runes to gain new powers.

Licht’s Castle is now open, a new addition to the World Map. Allowing you to explore the realm of 50 chapters never seen before. Did I forget to mention it? The Demon Seal is open. You have to pledge forward and seal the wicked demons!

Obtain the Dark Knight Equipment to embrace the power of the devil and the dragon to grow stronger, and complete your quest. Level up and collect the exhilarating character story, use the legendary guidebook, clear missions, and win rewards. Hurry to the Play Store to begin your journey without delay!

Hero Dino: Idle RPG

Hero Dino Idle RPG update
Image: NLABSOFT Co., Ltd.

With Halloween just around the corner, Hero Dino invites you to the Halloween event in the dinosaur world! This will be available for purchase as soon as the Summer pass ends.

But that’s not all Hero Dino has brought you! One of the best Android games updates is Ferocious Dinopoly modifications and new stats have been added.

The Season Competition Shop is now open for you to buy epic items. Exciting Summon Level Rewards have been added to make in-game progress easier.

New packages have been added to boost your progress swiftly, along with game difficulty balances and minor bug fixes. Defeat the humans who have invaded your dinosaur world and emerge victorious! Find out more about Hero Dino: Idle RPG here.

Tower of God: New World

Tower of God New World update
Image: Netmarble

The super-hit webtoon “Tower of God” has now been reimagined as a mobile game filled with notorious adventures. Aren’t you eager to climb the Tower of God with Bam, Khun, and Rak?

The fall festival is rolling, and exhilarating stuff has been added to the game. A new story event: Khun Family Fall Festival with new teammates, Khun Edahn, The Dataist, and Khun Kiseia, The Skilled Assassin. 5 Khun family costumes have also been introduced to the game. But wait, there’s more!

A brand new game content, “Guardian’s Test,” with 2 new Adventure Floors (28 & 29), has made it to the game. Shinsu Link Rank “S2” is now available, as is Daily Free Summon for better in-game progress, and performance improvements have been tackled with this update!

Are you ready to climb the Tower of God and find the absolute truth? Here’s your free pass!

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Dice Kingdom – Tower Defence

Dice Kingdom Tower Defence update
Image: 111%

Dice Kingdom, being a casual tower defense game, brings you everything about dice: summon, merge, and formation!

A new addition finds its way to the Dice Kingdom — Stack Up! The new game mode features dice stacking. Challenge yourself to stack the tiles as high as you can!

The Dice Balance improvement is finally complete and ready to come into play. Not only that but the Kingdom Market has also been renovated to some extent to upscale the supply of defense dice to safeguard the Kingdom with ever-strong dice!

Learn more about the Dice Kingdom here!

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Mech Arena

Mech Arena update
Image: Plarium Global Ltd

For robot lovers out there, Mech Arena has got you covered. That’s why this game is one of the best Android games updates listed here. Engage in different PvP game modes with mechs of your choice and upgrades.

The latest update has brought a visual redesign to the whole Mech Arena. Base models of Mechs have been rekindled, which can still be customized with Paint Jobs and an even greater variety of colors.

The UI is strikingly different from before. The Mechs, Weapons, and Pilot displays have been redesigned. The Hangar drop is even more badass than any previous updates!

The “Mech Arena” map has been improved for a better, more appealing look. Content Acquisition UI, Red the Pilot, and the title screen have redesigned visuals. Download this Robo PvP today!

Clash Royale

Clash Royale update
Image: Supercell

SuperCell updates have never stopped, have they? Clash Royale (CR), with its ultimate real-time battle sets, is raging on the Play Store as one of the top-grossing games.

This week, CR brings new troops with Card Evolutions! Empower your card’s strength with evolutions and reign over the Arenas as the Supreme King!

Power up your cards to the new Elite Level to battle daunting foes and compete in three new Arenas on the Trophy Road for unprecedented glory! Embark on Clash Royale’s battlefield here.

See you in the Arena!

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Well, there you have the best Android games updates this week. Undoubtedly, this week came with a blast! The best games with their adventure-filled and exciting updates have been covered. Now you know what’s in store, so why not also check it out?

What do you think about these updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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