The 17 Best Android Gacha Games – 2023

Nivenka Stanton
Dragonheir: Silent Gods
(Last Updated On: September 20, 2023)

For all you gacha lovers out there, we have compiled this list of 17 of the best Android gacha games available to download and play for free!

Gacha games have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. In short definition: gacha games are games that allow players to obtain characters, cards, or various valuable items in gameplay, using a currency unique to the game.

Gacha games can have various items that are truly worth something during gameplay. Certain things worth naming are Characters, unique weapons, cards, various buffs, and Armor of variable rarities, among others.

Below you will find some of the amazing features of the best Android gacha games, as well as a link to download them:

1. Dragonheir: Silent Gods

This newly developed game by Nuverse Games, released on September 11, 2023, definitely makes our list of best Android gacha games!

With over one million downloads in just over a week for the beta version, it is hard not to see why. Your goal in this game is to use cunning and strategy to defeat enemies.

Hard to say what attracts gamers the most. The dungeons, or the dragons! In this game, you will need to use strategy to outwit enemies, discover secrets that will help you progress, and roll the dice to test your luck!

From intricate puzzles you will need to solve, to cooking competitions, and so much more, embark on this journey to find a thrilling adventure-packed experience!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods
Photo: Nuverse Games


    • Roll the dice to enhance gameplay
    • Use the best Heroic team you can put together and top the charts
    • Strategic combat allows players to enhance gameplay and become the best
    • Use companions and take on the dungeons if you dare
    • Seasonal updates are available
    • Infinite hero builds – yes you read that correctly!

    Download: Play Store

    2. Gacha Club

    The reason Gacha Club made our list of the best Android games to play: Create your own anime characters to your desired preference for the cutest possible anime.

    Developed by Lunime, Gacha Club has taken over with a whopping 50 million plus downloads!

    Your goal is to battle enemies in four different modes, create unique characters, and reach the top!

    Gacha Club
    Photo: Lunime


    • Customize your characters
    • Battle using your characters, as well as pets
    • Play Mini-games that earn you additional currency
    • Play offline – No Wi-Fi required
    • Four battle modes to choose from

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Gacha Cub

    3. Honkai Star Rail

    Honkai Star Rail, developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. is among our list of best Android gacha games, for gamers that enjoy a fantasy RPG gameplay style.

    Your ultimate goal? Explore the galaxy while fighting enemies and making new allies. Use strategy to outwit the enemies and reach the top using various skills and wit throughout gameplay!

    Honkai Star Rail


    • Explore worlds and allow fantasy to overwhelm you
    • RPG gaming experience – Allow your choice to determine the outcome
    • Meet new friends and discover alliances
    • Battle to your heart’s content using skills and ability boosts

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Honkai Star Rail

    Honkai Star Rail

    4. Master Of Knights

    One of the best RPG Android Gacha games has to be Master of Knights! This newly released gacha game developed by NEOWIZ already has over 100K downloads!

    Overcome the seven trials you will face, and reach the very top. Even when you’re AFK, level your character and use spell cards to enhance your skills even further!

    Master Of Knights
    Photo: NEOWIZ


    • RPG gameplay
    • Spell cards – use spell cards to increase your skills and become the very best
    • Two battle modes – turn-based SRPG as well as real-time battle
    • AFK system – Strengthen your heroes by simply logging in
    • PVP Arena & PVP Mode Colosseum
    • Dungeon mode for the brave souls

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Master Of Knights – Tactics RPG

    5. Souls

    Developed by Habby, Souls makes our best Android gacha games list for various reasons. Having only been released in August 2023, Souls has over one million downloads so far!

    Souls is a diverse mixture of gacha, RPG, action, and adventure, making it a great selection for gamers not knowing exactly what they are in the mood for.

    Photo: Habby


    • More than 60 heroes to help you throughout the game
    • Use strategy to help you win battles
    • Explore the world and become the best of the best
    • Deploy 5 heroes at a time, using various genres, place them strategically in order to win the battle

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Souls

    6. BrownDust 2

    BrownDust 2 is an RPG game developed by NEOWIZ and makes our list of best Android gacha games.

    The goal of this game is to embark on an adventure and battle enemies throughout gameplay.

    BrownDust 2
    Photo: NEOWIZ


    • Console-level graphics compiled in an adventure RPG game
    • User-friendly interface
    • Thrilling battles to keep players on their toes
    • User-vs-User PvP and Evil Castle

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: BrownDust 2

    7. Genshin Impact Fontaine

    Developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. Genshin Impact has a massive world for players to explore.

    This RPG game requires a lot of space to download, but is worth it for the extensive amount of gameplay you get in return!

    Genshin Impact Fontaine


    • Massive open world to explore
    • Use the seven elements in battle: Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo
    • Build the OP team to become the best
    • Cross-platform gameplay – Play with friends from all over

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Genshin Impact Fontaine

    8. Marvel Strike Force

    Marvel Strike Force is on our best Android gacha games list for all the Marvel fans out there! Developed by Scopely, this game has some of the best graphics a game can offer that we have seen in a long time.

    This RPG game allows you to use Marvel characters to defend the world!

    Marvel Strike Force
    Photo: Scopeley


    • Ultimate Marvel characters including, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ant-Man and more
    • Stunning Graphics 
    • Utilize RPG fight tactics for strategic domination
    • Upgrade Heroes and Villains to become stronger.
    • Mix and match characters
    Marvel Strike Force
    Photo: Scopeley

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Marvel Strike Force

    9. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

    Plenty of gamers will remember the classic Dragon Ball Z series! This anime action puzzle game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. brings back fond memories for older generation gamers!

    Your goal is to link Ki spheres during battle to attack your enemies, using memorable characters such as Goku, Saiyan, and more.

    Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
    Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.


    • Anime action puzzle game
    • Great game to play on the go, wherever you are
    • Favorite characters from Dragon Ball Z are present and ready for action
    • Download now for free to enjoy the best available Dragon Ball Z experience

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

    10. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Final Fantasy is one of the many favorites, and with ten million plus downloads, it is hard to argue with this fact. That’s why this game is on our best Android gacha games list.

    Complete dungeons in this thrilling RPG game, as well as test out your skills on other players. Reach the top in this thrilling gacha game!

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.


    • Easy and interactive Battles
    • Complete Quests for bonuses
    • Arena PVP battles 
    • Fight for prizes and rewards
    • Easy portable RPG

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

    11. Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

    Developed by Electronic Arts, Star Wars is another classic that brings some nostalgia to older-generation gamers.

    With over fifty Million downloads, this game is one of the best Android gacha games available on the market!

    Use your favorite dark & light side heroes across iconic locations to battle against enemies, collect champions and so much more!

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes


    • Fight with your favorite characters from Star Wars
    • Customize your squads so as to defeat your enemies
    • Collect heroes, champions, and legends as well as other characters to compete in epic battles
    • Unlock and upgrade ships
    • Collect unique upgrade materials only available as rewards from Ship battles 
    • Lead raids and become a Battle Legend

    May the force be with you on this one!

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

    12. Final Fantasy: War Of The Visions

    Final Fantasy: War Of The Visions developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. is one of the best Android gacha games available! With stunning visual graphics and auto-battle techniques, this game has proved its worth over and above.

    Use your characters wisely, they can mean the difference between victory and defeat! Embark on quests to gain the ultimate rewards.

    Final Fantasy: War Of The Visions
    Photo: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.


    • Auto-battle and increased speed settings
    • Play quests and earn various materials, over 200 quests are available
    • Battle it out against enemies and become the legend

    Download: Play Store

    Game Units Guide: Final Fantasy: War Of The Visions

    13. Honkai Impact 3rd

    This RPG action role-play game developed by miHoYo Limited makes our best Android gacha games list for various reasons, over ten million downloads being one of them!

    In this game, have the privilege of experiencing a fantastic storyline, and join the war against Honkai.

    Honkai Impact 3rd
    Photo: miHoYo Limited


    • Experience brand new updates
    • New story chapter
    • More outfits are available
    • Equipment updates have been applied

    Download: Play Store

    14. Nikke: Goddess Of Victory

    Nikke: Goddess Of Victory is one of the best Android gacha games as well. Developed by Level Infinite, this gacha game has over five million downloads to date.

    This anime sci-fi RPG shooter game is something else, command and collect girls and use them to destroy overwhelming invaders.

    Nikke: Goddess Of Victory
    Photo: Level Infinite


    • Unique tactics and various weapons enable you to take on enemies easily
    • The game storyline has a post-apocalyptic ring to it, with thrills along the way
    • Various characters that help you throughout gameplay
    • Innovative battle system, as well as unique skills
    Nikke Goddess Of Victory
    Photo: Level infinite

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Nikke: Goddess Of Victory

    15. Alchemy Stars

    The much-awaited Alchemy Stars has finally arrived, with pre-registration reaching over one million, it’s easy to see why this game made the best Android gacha games list.

    Use your strategic gameplay to outwit the enemy, battle it out, and reach the top!

    Alchemy Stars
    Photo: Leve Infinite


    • 150+ talented artists brought the characters to life
    • Find allies and let them help you defeat the enemy
    • Original turn-based combat which allows you to draw the best attack
    • Use auto-combat mode if you would prefer that instead

    Download: Play Store

    16. Omniheroes

    Omniheroes developed by OmniDream Games is a newly released game that makes our list of the best Android gacha games. Log in to receive 777 free summons from the get-go!

    Rescue the Valkyries and battle to save the world!

    Omni Heroes
    Photo: OmniDream Games


    • Battle through the realm of swords and sorcery
    • one-hundred-plus legendary heroes are available
    • Stack powerful battle buffs by activating them
    • Various skins available
    • Hundreds of 5v5 stages, roguelike labyrinths, and PVP battles are available
    • A unique leveling system allows you to one-tap to upgrade
    • Join a guild for numerous rewards
    • Global PVP arena available to test your skills

    Download: Play Store

    Game Guide: Omniheroes

    17. Arknights

    Arknights was developed by Yostar Limited. This is one of the best Android gacha games for gamers who enjoy anime-style games.

    Your goal is to fight a deadly infection using operators that assist in various operations after some training. These operators are your core team that helps protect the innocent!

    Photo: Yostar Limited.


    • Anime RPG Gameplay
    • Various classes
    • Auto-deploy
    • Home Construction

    Download: Play Store

    That’s A Wrap!

    We hope this comprehensive list of the best Android gacha games helps you select the best game that suits your gameplay style.

    Please note that this guide is not set in stone, and new games are released often. We will keep adding new games to our site so be sure to stay tuned for the best Gameplay guides, tips, tricks, codes, and more!

    Please feel free to add any additional games you feel we may have missed in the comments.

    Additional games that may catch your eye: Girl Wars, Monster Hunter Now, and Code Geass.

    Happy Gaming!

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