10 Best Pixel Shooting Games for Android

Best Pixel Shooting Games for Android

Ever since Minecraft graced the Windows platform, 3D pixel art games became quite popular. Several games inspired by Mojang’s epic sandbox game became instant favorites! But players always look for something new and with mobile gaming on the rise, casual gamers are looking for unique Android games that are set in a 3D “blocky” world.  

For those who love shooter games in block graphics, there’s some good news. There are lots of 3D pixel shooting games for Android. From battle royales to zombie shooters, these blocky pixel games are very addictive and offer a great pixilated FPS experience:

Best Pixel Shooting Games for Android

Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D is a run and jump styled 3D pixel shooting game for Android, played out in an endless pixelated world. Its auto runner gameplay style makes it challenging for even experienced gamers to master. 

As you discover new worlds and enemies in the Story Mode, you will also be unlocking various survival modes. You will utilize Power-Ups to progress in Story Mode and try to outdistance yourself in survival mode. Use the coins collected to unlock new heroes along the way. With the endless stages you can play again and again and again.


Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground takes place in a post apocalypse city with dead pixel zombies. With it possibly being your last day on earth, go out in style with your arsenal of weapons designed to help you survive. 

Collect loot to aid you in surviving on the island of the dead. Fight till the end and utilize the auto shooting method to ensure survival. With a variety of different weapons and character skins, customize your character in this simple, but fun survival game. 

Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers takes an old game and makes it new again! With its single player and multiplayer mode pick your weapon, load your ammo and be ready to take down your enemies in this block pixel universe! 

Cops N Robbers lets you play solo in Story Mode, or in Multiplayer Mode which has a variety of different options to play with, and against a score of players! Customize your character with different weapons, armor and skins. Have your friends join you on your crusade, or team up with people from around the world!  

Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale - Apps on Google Play

Block City Wars lets you choose your side! Be the hero or villain in this "epix" pixelated world. In this third person shooter game, play in this multiplayer universe where you can drive expensive cars, own awesome weapons and armor to turn this dull city, into a roaring place of destruction! 

Complete missions given to you by the mafia, fight against the police and cause chaos and destruction wherever you go! Play in Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fights, Tank Battles and more! Play with others as a team, or go solo in this dynamic world where good and evil is replaced with destruction and chaos. 

Mad GunZ

Mad Gunz is a 3D first-person pixel shooting game for Android. In this game, you are dropped into the crazy block world. Choose either Battle Royale or Adventure mode when joining this fantasy world. 

Battle to defeat your enemies in Battle Royale, and use items to build structures to protect yourself from them. Choose your arsenal of weapons to beat your rivals from a variety of options! From machine guns to pistols, deal damage to all who oppose you. For being a pixelated game, the graphics and the ability to customize your player is incredible. 

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D lets you delve into the block world with the use of a score of block guns and other weapons. Who doesn’t love playing a free worldwide multiplayer game where collaboration is just as important as personal skill? 

Take part in this global game, with Deathmatches PVP style or team based? Or if you’re more into a strategic, but violent blockade game, try playing capture the flag instead. Whether you want to play ‘survival of the fittest’, or ‘survival or the smartest’ is up to you, but be prepared to gun down your enemies or hack them to the floor with melee weapons.  

Guns and Pixels

Guns and Pixels is a third person pixel shooting game for Android. It enables you to battle with the world, whether it's your friend or a stranger across the globe, play against other players online in this modern pixelated game. 

With a number of different modes to compete in, grab your friends, create a clan together and look to make a name for yourself. Build your identity by customizing your character. Horde and upgrade your weapons, become masterful arms-men and swiftly down your opponents across every map available! 

The Walking Zombie: Dead City

The Walking Zombie: Dead City puts you in another 3D Block world where all you care about is survival. Collect and use different weapons to bring down the undead and enjoy watching their demise at your hands. 

Battle against boss monsters, zombie dogs and other members of the undead in this death zone. Enjoy the different visual themes based on your map and the graphics of the dead returning to the grave. Overkill? No such thing! Enjoy using rocket launchers and other weapons to complete the double tap. 

URB: Last Pixels Battle Royale

URB: Last Pixels Battle Royale has you fighting for survival, there is no such thing as a truce or alliance here. Instead, your goal is to be the last man standing. 

Utilize a variety of pixelated weapons and supplies on the battlefield. Don’t worry about shooting, the auto shooting mechanism takes care of that for you. Instead collect weapons to create an advantage over your opponents. Steal loot from the bodies of your enemies and discover if you have what it takes to win this battle royale. 

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike is a 3D first-person pixel shooting game where you must keep the zombies out! With the ability to build blockades and barricades you must successfully defend your keep! 

Choose from a variety of different weapons, both ranged (guns) and melee (knives, axes etc.) to prevent the horde from eating you alive. In this kill or be killed game, you mustn’t hesitate and need to always be alert and ready for the unexpected.  

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