Berry Avenue Codes – December 2023

Nazarii Verbitskiy
Here are Berry Avenue codes!
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

We’ve got the latest codes for Berry Avenue on July 2023.

Scrolling through the internet, you might find information that Berry Avenue codes feature free rewards for every player. Unfortunately, that’s fake. If you want to know how Berry Avenue codes work, read this article. Here you’ll find the truth about codes in Roblox: Berry Avenue.

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What Codes Do In Berry Avenue?

In Berry Avenue, codes work differently compared to other Roblox games. They enable users to transfer their inventory items into the game. Codes don’t provide freebies like codes in AU Reborn and Anime Tales. To get free rewards, you need to check the official developers’ social media accounts. Here you can find tons of giveaways for the average player.

How To Redeem Codes In Berry Avenue

Photo: Amberry Games
  • Open Roblox and launch Berry Avenue
  • Buy a House and get inside it
  • Press the button Avatar and head to the Menu
  • Once in the menu, tap on the button Equipped
  • Click on IMPORT ID and insert the code into ‘ID’ text box
  • After that, tap on the ADD to get rewards

That’s how you can redeem codes in Berry Avenue. If the code doesn’t work, enter the unique ID correctly. Even a minor mistake can invalidate the code.

Code Not Working – Berry Avenue

As Berry Avenue codes don’t expire, the only reason the code might not bring any rewards is spelling mistakes. Just be careful while redeeming a code and double-check every time, even if you are copying the code directly from Roblox. Be sure it can make redeeming codes much more straightforward.

How To Find New Codes In Berry Avenue

Photo: Amberry Games

Unlike other Roblox games, Berry Avenue codes cannot be found on the social media accounts of the developer. To get codes for Berry Avenue, you need to head to your Roblox Inventory. Here you can find the unique ID for every item you want to transport into Berry Avenue.


That’s it with Berry Avenue codes. Even though codes completely differ from other Roblox games, knowing how to use them properly is helpful! And if you want to get codes featuring free resources as a reward, check out the article about Zombie Battle Tycoon. It can be really helpful!

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