2023 Beginners Guide To Clash Of Clans

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Just downloaded Clash of Clans and not sure where to start? If you have just started and looking to build your Empire, you’ve come to the right guide.

You might figure out the basics a few hours into the Award-Winning mobile game, but it doesn’t tell you much. So, here’s our ultimate 2023 beginners’ guide to Clash of Clans for players that are just starting out.

Clash Of Clans UI

clash of clans User interface
Caption: Supercell

Let’s start off from the top left. The Top Left displays your level and username.

In the My Profile Tab, you can opt-in or opt out of Clan Wars. The My Clan Tab shows you your clan members and Glam Perks. The War Log shows you your last 50 wars. You can search for new clans using the advanced filters using Search Clans.

  • Hop back to your base and in the Top Center, you’ll see the number of builders. Click on it to see your upgrade options.
clash of clans builders
Developer: Supercell
  • The Shield Option allows you to buy Shields in exchange for gems, to fortify your defenses in the event of an invasion.
  • In the Top Right corner, you’re shown your Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixirs, and Gems.
clash of clans Elixirs
Developer: Supercell
  • The orange arrow on the center-left of the screen brings up the Layout Editor, which allows you to change between three home village setups and war base setups.
  • The Redhead Girl on the right side of the screen shows your achievements.
  • On the right side, the Gear Icon shows you new updates and settings to tinker around with.
  • In the Bottom Right Corner, you have the shop, where you can buy gems, elixirs, troops, buildings, and more.
clash of clans shop
Developer: Supercell


clash of clans war
Developer: Supercell

Now, attacking is the main bread and butter of Clash of Clans. So, what’s the point of attacking enemy player bases? Basically, when you attack an enemy player’s base, you steal vital supplies from any buildings you destroy.

But before you jump head first, note that these buildings are defended by enemy traps and towers. To carry out a successful crusade, you’ll need to use the right troops efficiently.

Before you amass a troop and decide to attack the first enemy base you lay your eyes on, take your time with the “Next” button in the game. The “Next” button helps you seek out the right base.

So, now you’ve found the right base to raid. What’s next? Next is to figure out an appropriate strategy that features two key components-Army deployments and Army composition.

Composition: Troops and Spells

Deployment: Timing and Positioning Of Troops

Army Composition

clash of clans army
Developer: Supercell

Troops consist of three main classes which consist of Brawlers, Tanks, and Nukers.

Canon Carts

clash of clans cannon cart
Developer: Supercell

Canon Carts move around pretty slowly. They have a good amount of Hit Points (HP). Tanks should be placed in front to soak up all incoming enemy damage, to prevent brawlers and nukers from taking any unnecessary hits.

The enemy tower AI is pretty basic. They’ll target the first thing in range, which in this case is your spongy Tank. Enemy Towers keep attacking until the first enemy in range dies.


clash of clans brawlers
Developer: Supercell

Brawlers have a medium amount of HP. They’re short-range characters, but where they shine is high damage output. After deploying tanks, wait a while midway through your attack.

They’ll clear out the central core of the enemy base and make haste with straggler towards. They’re pretty fast and can outrun your Tanks, so make sure to deploy them a bit later.

Although they can take a few hits here and there, it’s not worth it to deploy them early. They won’t survive the core.

Army Deployment

Developer: Supercell

When it comes to troop deployments, you need to understand the concept of Funneling. When your troop successfully destroys an enemy building, they’ll target the next closest building.

If all your troops gather in one spot, they’ll destroy it within seconds. But here’s where things get tricky. The troop will form two units that move sideways, circling around the enemy base.

To avoid this, you’ll need to deploy them carefully in a Line Formation, that clears a whole area together. Start from the corners and make your way to fill the middle, alternating sides.

This will funnel your troops in the forward direction. If the buildings on the side are destroyed, do a bit of math. The only way ahead is forward. This tricks your troops into moving straight to the middle.

Clan Castle

clash of clans castle
Developer: Supercell

Some enemy troops will be stationed inside their clan castle as backup defenses. You can’t tell if a clan castle has enemies stationed inside it until you get close enough. So, the ideal method is to test it out with a Barbarian or a Single Archer before you deploy your troop.

After you’ve destroyed a clan castle, make sure to position some tanks in front of your guys before they get in range of enemy towers. Begin your funneling procedure as normal.

Clan castles serve other purposes as well. You can join a clan using the castle, which is the best way to enjoy Clash of Clans and get your hands on the best bonuses in the game.

After you join a clan, you can request troop donations as often as every 20 minutes. If you join a high-level clan, that cooldown goes down to 15 or 10 minutes. 

join a clan clash of clans
Developer: Supercell

Clan castle troops can also be used to defend against attackers. If they survive, you can go the route of using them for defense or to attack enemy bases.

You can also set your castle to sleep, so your troops stay inside instead of going defense mode. Don’t be hasty about back-to-back donations. Otherwise, you might just get kicked from your clan.

The Clan Castle is pretty important when it comes to resource management. This makes it pretty save-up loot. Even if you get attacked and lose, the clan castle only loses a small percentage of your loot. 

Laboratory and Builders

clash of clans laboratory
Developer: Supercell

These are, by far, the most important aspects of progressing in Clash of Clans. To unlock the rest of the in-game features and upgrade your troops, you need to focus on upgrading your builders and laboratory. 

At the start of the game, you start with just two builders and to unlock additional builders, you need to spend gems, which can permanently increase your progression in the game.

Even if you have all the gems in the world, don’t spend them on anything else until you’ve unlocked all 5 builders.

Building and upgrade times are near minimum during the start of the game, but they scale dramatically with every TH or Town Hall level. It can take you a few hours to progress at the beginning of the game, but hours will scale to days and then weeks.

Clash of Clans is a game of time and patience, and if you want to progress rapidly, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars.

Though that seems a bit overwhelming, your best option would be to invest in the monthly pass. Regardless, make sure to unlock all 5 builders as soon as possible to maximize your progression rate.


clash of clans resources
Developer: Supercell

Clash of Clans has three main resourcesGold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir, and the latter doesn’t unlock until you get to Town Hall level 7. 

Gold is essential for revamping your defenses, and you’ll always need a small amount to skip bases in search of the ideal base to raid. Later on, it’ll come in handy to build Siege Machines.

Elixir is quintessential for creating offensive troops, upgrading them over at the laboratory, and revamping buildings to improve your attack capabilities which are not limited to barracks that unlock more units.

Dark Elixir works to upgrade and build a secondary unit of offensive troops and spells, including upgrading heroes. You unlock the first hero at Town Hall Level 7 and another one every two TH levels.

Dark Elixir costs are a tad bit higher, but it depends on how you want to get your hands on it. Upon reaching TH7, you’ll have to spend more and more time gathering resources and investing in upgrades.

How To Get Loot in Clash of Clans

clash of clans loots
Developer: Supercell

Source 1: Mine, Pump, Collector

clash of clans mines
Developer: Supercell

This is a passive method of collecting resources. Just log in and tap on them. Though, keep in mind, it takes a really long time to upgrade these collectors.

Source 2: Enemy Raids

clash of clans raids
Developer: Supercell

Attack enemy bases with cheap troops. Make sure to go for their mines and collectors, as you’ll get 75 percent of what they store.

Source 3: Star and League Bonuses

You’re awarded star bonuses depending upon every win against an enemy base. Depending upon the end result, you either gain or lose a trophy.

Trophies don’t have some concrete function in the game. All they do is determine how much loot you get from star and league bonuses.

Source 4: Clan Wars

clash of clans wars
Developer: Supercell

You need a team of 5 players to participate in clan wars. You can partake in one war every two days. That’s Two Attacks Per Teammate.

Your objective is to 3-star as many enemy bases as you can. If you win, you get the whole listed loot. Lose and you get just 3/7ths of the Loot.

Source 5: Clan Games

Clan games, unlocked at Town Hall Level 6, are weeklong events that allow you to share a pool of tasks that award you a specific number of points.

In the end, you cash out your points in exchange for rewards.

Source 6: Monthly Rewards

rewards clash of clans
Developer: Supercell

Unlocked at Town Hall level 7, they’re a bit familiar with Clan Games, but not in a shared pool with clan members.

Like a battle pass, you claim rewards as you progress instead of at the end of a game.

Source 7: Clan War Leagues

Clan War League payouts are tremendous in contrast to regular Clan Wars. You can only participate in them in the first week of every month.

In addition, you’re awarded League Medals, which can be exchanged for resources or items.

Source 8: Gems and Magic Items

Gems can be used to skip timers, purchase items, and fill storages, as well as cosmetics that offer no in-game benefits.

You need to buy gems with actual money. While not a part of the actual game economy, these gems are only good for getting all 5 builders, as mentioned previously.

Conclusion: Beginners Guide To Clash Of Clans

That’s pretty much the end-all, be-all for the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clash of Clans. So go ahead and play the game to your heart’s content. Rally together with a clan, take out enemy bases, and start beef with other clans. At the end of the day, Clash of Clans is all about having fun with your friends.

If you liked this article, you might want to check out the best tips and tricks about Clash Royale. Also, make sure to check out other Amazing Mobile Games. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

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