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Amirul Annuar
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Ace Fishing Crew is one of two mobile fishing games created by developers, Com2uS. It’s a polished game combining basic fishing strategies (reeling, baits, etc.) with simple fighting-style mechanics (HP bar, skills, etc.).

When back portside, you’ll have multiple stories to catch up on, with many unique characters to recruit onto your crew as well, expanding the overall experience in Ace Fishing Crew. If you’re excited to try the game out, here’s a quick beginner’s guide to help ease you in.

Dreamy Moonlight Restaurant

Home screen of Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

On the fictitious Pamos Island, you own Dreamy Moonlight Restaurant. There’s a story intertwined between your history and the disappearance of the previous owner here, and this will keep you engaged with the game for a while, apart from the different game modes available.

Being new to the island, you’ll be guided by many islanders (a majority of whom are recruited as crew members) to help you progress through the game, opening up new challenges, opportunities, and fishing spots to reel in bigger ‘game’ catches.

Fish categories in Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

Still, the main appeal of Ace Fishing Crew is undoubtedly the fishing experience itself, and you can visit four different locations to do so; each location has four categories of fish to be caught, culminating in more than two hundred different species to be discovered altogether!

Gameplay Basics

Tutorial screenshot of Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

New to Pamos Island, your fishing skills are undoubtedly rusty and untested. As such, you’ll need to gradually learn the trade while slowly catching better fish at the same time.

This is the core gameplay of Ace Fishing Crew; reeling in prized fish, supported by your crew members. As such, despite there being different in-game modes available, your fishing ability is what matters most, playing out like so:

1. Bait luring

Bait luring in Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

Your fish bait (which can be changed according to the crew member using the rod) is thrown inside the water, letting you observe which nearby fish to lure in. A transparent circle will appear, letting you use it to ‘zone’ onto a particular fish.

Once a fish is attracted to it, an icon will appear on top of its head signifying this. As soon as the fish bites, the next phase starts.

2. Reel them in!

Reeling fish in Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

With the fish now attached to the bait, you need to tire the fish out until it’s ready to be reeled in. This is where the game’s ‘combat’ plays out; a bar appears in the middle of the screen, representing how strongly you’re holding on to the rod while keeping the line loose to avoid it from being snapped.

The bar is segmented into three different sections; yellow, blue, and red. To reel the fish in, you need to press on its icon and hold onto it while swiping left or right depending on where the fish is swimming towards (or based on arrows on the screen).

Shark in Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

While pressing on the reel, the bar mentioned earlier will fill up, and you need to release/ lift your finger from the reel as soon as it reaches the blue segment to inflict maximum damage/ fatigue to the fish.

Depending on the fish, some can easily be beaten after a few turns, while more feisty catches will test your focus and perseverance, just like how real-life fishing would!

3. After the catch

A caught Yellowfin Fish in Ace Fishing Crew.
Photo: Com2uS

After successfully taking in your catch onto the boat, this is where your fish is evaluated, rewarding you with the resources for you to upgrade your equipment, level up/ promote crew members, and collect premium currencies for other in-game use.

All the fish that you’ve caught will be updated inside a logbook too, keeping track of all the aquatic species that you’ve yet to discover while improving your proficiency to capture the same ones again in the future!


Extra game modes in Ace Fishing Crew.

Although Ace Fishing Crew’s gameplay loop seems straightforward and repetitive, tons of content awaits you in the game as you progress along the main storyline. New characters will join you on your fishing trips, while more challenging modes open up secret locations for you to entice even larger ‘monsters’ to your reel.

Ace Fishing Crew might not be the truest fishing simulator on mobile phones, but it still holds its own, offering commendable experiences and fun for everyone to enjoy. If you want to chime in with your own beginner’s tips, share them in the comments section below!

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