Beginner’s Guide – Solo Leveling: Arise

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Beginner's Guide (FI) - Solo Leveling Arise

From one of the most popular manhwa of the recent decade comes Solo Leveling: Arise—a cross-platform 3D gacha game adaptation that offers its players various collectible characters, outstanding graphics, a high-octane real-time combat system, and captivating storylines faithful to the source material.

Scroll down and read more to learn all the tasks you need to prioritize as a beginner in Solo Leveling: Arise, as well as some tips to help optimize your early game experience and build a solid foundation for your account!

Solo Leveling: Arise – Early Progression Guide for Beginners

Listed below are all the mechanics and features you’ll be able to access as a beginner, as well as several tips to help you utilize them more efficiently as a new player. 


You can get the following from Draws:

  • Player Weapons (Sung Jinwoo) are weapons that can only be used by Jinwoo.
  • Hunter Weapons are weapons that can only be used by Hunters.
  • Hunters are characters that can either be used as supporters for Jinwoo or as playable units in Hunter Battles.

There are two banners that you’ll be able to access even as a beginner in Solo Leveling: Arise, namely:

Draw Banners Accessible to BeginnersItem Required
Selection Draw Banner
Selection Draw Tickets
Rate Up Draw Banner
Special Draw Tickets 

Battle Modes

There are two main Battle Modes in Solo Leveling: Arise—Sung Jinwoo Modes and Hunter Modes.

Sung Jinwoo Modes are battles where you can only use The Player (Sung Jinwoo) as your primary character, while the Hunters in your team can only be used for their Support Skills.

Main Story chapters and Dungeon Breaks feature mostly Sung Jinwoo Modes in terms of battles, so make sure your Sung Jinwoo’s stats, skills, and equipment are optimized before you try to clear them.

During combat, Sung Jinwoo can execute Basic Attacks, two Basic Skills, QTEs, Weapon Skills, and Support Skills, as well as dodge, move, and dash. Moreover, he can switch between two weapons by using Weapon Skills.

Hunter Modes, on the other hand, are battles where you’re allowed to switch between the three Hunters you put in your team during combat.

Hunters can do almost everything Jinwoo can do during combat—except use Weapon Skills (Hunters’ Exclusive Equipment don’t possess Weapon Skills) and Support Skills (Hunters are swapped instead when used).  

Side Story chapters, Special Dungeons, and Encore Missions feature mostly Hunter Modes in terms of battles, so make sure your Hunters’ levels, skills, and equipment are optimized before you try to clear them.

Power Up Mechanics

Just like how there are two kinds of Battle Modes, there are also two ways that you can become stronger in Solo Leveling: Arise. It’s by upgrading Sung Jinwoo and upgrading Hunters separately.

Sung Jinwoo can be powered up through the following methods:

Power-Up Methods (Sung Jinwoo)Requirements
Level UpPlayer EXP
Player Weapon & Player Weapon UpgradesPlayer Weapon Duplicates
Melding Cubes
Weapon Enhancement Gears
Skills & Skill UpgradesSkill Runes
Skill Scrolls (Player)
Blessing StonesBlessing Stones
Class ChangeUnlock New Classes (Story)
Win Class Change Battles
Artifacts & Artifact UpgradesArtifact Enhancement Chips
Stat Point AllocationStat Points

The ability to allocate Stat Points is unique to Sung Jinwoo, and you can use it to increase any of these parameters:

All Sung Jinwoo StatsDescription
StrengthIncreases Jinwoo’s Basic Attack.
VitalityIncreases Jinwoo’s HP and Defense.
AgilityIncreases Jinwoo’s Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage.
IntelligenceIncreases Jinwoo’s total MP and decreases his skills’ cooldowns.
PerceptionIncreases Jinwoo’s Precision, which determines the minimum amount of damage he deals per attack.

Sung Jinwoo will be given five Stat Points every time he levels up. You can level up Sung Jinwoo by collecting Player EXP, which you can get by completing Story Stages, clearing Gates, and claiming Activity Funds.

Use them wisely, but do note that you can reset your Stat Point allocations in exchange for Gold, so don’t stress too much about investing in the wrong stat/s!

Your Hunters, on the other hand, can be powered up using the following methods:

Power-Up Methods (Hunters)Requirements
Level UpGold
Hunter Weapon & Hunter Weapon UpgradesHunter Weapon Duplicates
Melding Cubes
Weapon Enhancement Gears
Skills & Skill UpgradesGold
Skill Scrolls (Hunter)
Hunter UpgradeGold
Mana Power Elixirs
AdvancementHunter Data (Hunter Duplicates)
Artifacts & Artifact UpgradesArtifact Enhancement Chips

Activity Fund 

The Activity Fund is Solo Leveling: Arise’s AFK Rewards system. It gives you countless valuable resources passively, even while you’re offline:

  • Gold
  • Player EXP
  • Mana Crystals
  • Artifact Enhancement Chips
  • Weapon Enhancement Gears

The rewards you receive from the Activity Fund increase every two levels Sung Jinwoo (The Player) gains.  

Solo Leveling: Arise – Primary Objectives for Beginners

Listed below are all the tasks that you should be prioritizing as a beginner in Solo Leveling: Arise

Play Through the Story

Just like most games in the gacha genre, Solo Leveling: Arise requires players to progress through the story before they can unlock other game modes—some of which are essential for powering up your heroes such as Encore Missions and Gates

Of course, unlocking game modes isn’t the only reason why you should consider clearing story chapters. You’ll also be able to farm a good amount of Selection Draw Tickets and Essence Stones by doing it—especially if you also clear Side Chapters as well. 

As a beginner, you’ll want to clear story stages every day until you either run into a level restriction or a stage that you can’t clear with your current Power.

Also, make sure to always pay attention to the Battle Missions for each stage and try to accomplish all three of them whenever you can. That way, you’ll get more rewards per chapter.

Clear Dungeon Breaks, Special Gates & Red Gates

As seen in the image above, there are four different types of gates in Solo Leveling: Arise, aside from the Bonus Gate which appears at random locations:

Gate TypesPrimary Farmable Resources
Normal Gate (Blue)Armor Artifact Equipment
Weapon Enhancement Gears
Artifact Enhancement Chips
Red Gate (Red)Armor Artifact Equipment
Mana Crystals
Skill Scrolls
Special Gate (Yellow)Armor Artifact Equipment
Dungeon Break (Purple)Melding Cubes
Marks of Time

As soon as you unlock the Gates right after unlocking the Assassin class, you’ll want to avoid clearing Normal Gates and go for Red Gates, Special Gates, and Dungeon Breaks instead, as they’ll generally give you better rewards.

You can change the Gates through the Rescan feature, which resets all the gates you have on your Gates page—potentially changing their type and rank. Using Rescan also allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty levels of your Gates.

Aside from their types, Gates are also categorized into ranks, namely:

  • S-Rank
  • A-Rank
  • B-Rank
  • C-Rank
  • D-Rank
  • E-Rank

While a Gate’s type determines what kind of resource you get, a Gate’s rank affects its difficulty and the amount of resources you get in Mining Operations. The higher the rank, the harder it is to clear, but the more resources it gives you upon being mined.

A Gate becomes available for mining after you’ve cleared it, which gives you a variety of items such as when cleared. Make sure to only clear high-rank gates (preferably only B-Rank and above) for better rewards!

Deplete All Your Keys Daily

As a beginner, you have to get all your keys (i.e. Encore Mission Keys, Gate Keys, Dungeon Instance Keys) down to 0 before the end of each day if you want to maximize the amount of growth items you farm per day.

Aside from the Hunter Archive Keys which recharges only 1 key per day, all keys will be recharged to full every day.

Participate In Events

If you’re a new player, then participating in as many events as you can even early on is a sure-fire way to farm most—if not all types of items in the game in the long run.

Events in Solo leveling: Arise ranges from EXP Bonus Events to Login Events and Minigame events—all of which will most definitely help you get stronger fast even as a new player!

Some events require you to complete specific tasks or collect event-exclusive items, so just make sure to visit the Events page every day.

Complete Your Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, & Challenges 

If you don’t know what to do during your first few days of playing, just make a habit of clearing all the Daily Missions and Weekly Missions

Not only will doing the Daily Missions and Weekly Missions point you in the right direction on what tasks to prioritize, but it’ll also give you a consistent stream of  Gold and Essence Stones—two of the hardest items to farm in the game.

The same goes for Challenges, which give you countless valuable items (most notably lots of Selection Draw Tickets) in exchange for completing specific tasks as you get further into the game.


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