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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2023)

Begging Life is a hyper-casual simulation game published by Udo Games where you can pursue a career that most people could only dream of—being a professional beggar!  

Here, you can beg your way to the top by encouraging other people to give you as much money as they can by improving your begging methods, all while getting into all sorts of wacky adventures along the way.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to go from zero to hero (begging-wise), as well as some tips to help your character get rich fast.

The ABCs Of Begging

Begging Life’s gameplay revolves around “earning” other people’s change by begging. To attract people and earn EXP, you’ll have to tap your screen as many times as you can every second.

You can also earn some extra money by merging the change you earn. For example, merging two $1 coins will give you a $3 coin, two $3 coins will give you an $8 coin, two $8 coins will give you a $20 bill, and so on.

TIP: Always merge the change you’ve collected whenever you can. Remember, you won’t be able to receive more change from people if you leave your change box full!

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The people you’ve attracted will then give you a random amount of money. There are two stats that affect how much money you’ll be able to earn, and they are:

  • Luck: Determines how high the likelihood of people giving you bigger change is. The higher your Luck stat, the higher the chances that people will give you more than just $1.
  • Crowd: Determines the rate at which people come and go by your spot. The higher your Crowd stat, the more people you attract.
Photo: Udo Games

You also have an Energy stat, which depletes every time you tap your screen or merge money.

You’ll be able to replenish your Energy by playing some minigames—all of which are pretty easy and always accessible, so don’t worry too much if you run out of them!

Leveling Up

You unlock a new way of begging whenever you level up, which allows you to attract more people or encourage them to give you bigger change.

With this, you can change up what your character does while you’re begging—from pretending to be disabled, playing some music, to performing acrobatics!

Photo: Udo Games

You’ll also be given two skill points whenever you level up, which you can use to upgrade your Luck or Crowd stats. You can’t take back the points once you’ve used them, so be careful!

TIP: Investing in your Luck and Crowd equally early on is advisable, but feel free to put more skill points into Luck once you’re satisfied with the number of people that come by your spot.

Photo: Udo Games

To earn EXP, all you need to do is click on the screen. You get one EXP per click and the amount of EXP you need to reach to level up increases as your level gets higher and higher.

TIP: For those of you who don’t mind watching ads, you can get an additional increase in your Luck and Crowd stats by watching an ad whenever you level up. Don’t miss them if you want to earn money faster!

The Importance Of Materialism (Buying Stuff)

Photo: Udo Games

To progress in Begging Life, you’ll have to buy a variety of items every chapter with the money you earn from begging.

Some items are level-locked, which means you can’t buy them until you reach a certain level. You can, however, unlock them by watching an ad.

Photo: Udo Games

Aside from money, you can earn one more currency called Gems, which you can use to upgrade your home.

You can get Gems by completing in-game milestones, such as reaching certain levels or doing some tasks a certain number of times.


Begging Life is a simple, yet incredibly fun merge game that allows you to just sit back and relax as you watch your character get into all kinds of trouble in-between begging.

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