Beedom – Gameplay Guide, Tips, & Tricks

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Beedom - Casual Strategy Game Guide and Tips
(Last Updated On: November 5, 2023)

Beedom is a fun and exciting mobile game that everyone would enjoy. You as a player will need to build your own Beedom and grow your bee armies.

Explore the island and unlock new territory while growing your own bee army and destroying enemies in battle.

Constantly upgrade your bees to become much stronger than each opponent you will face. Use your Bee Heroes in battle to beat enemies even faster.

Beedom is developed by ICLOCKWORK PTE. LTD. and is available for download on the IOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Beedom Introduction - Gameplay - Tips - Tricks

Comic Introduction

When first opening Beedom, players are greeted with eye-catching comics that give players a backstory of what has happened in the Beedom.

The Comics also explain how hard the bees have worked on their development but have unfortunately caused low honey and hive supplies.

It will be the player’s duty to expand and grow the swarm to ensure that there is enough honey supply and hives for the Beedom to be successful.

Beedom Introduction - Comic Intro

Tutorial Gameplay

Once players have read the comics and all the details of the game they will be ready to start their battle journey.

A hand signal will show players what to click on at the start of the game and this will lead to the first tutorial battle.

Beedom Tutorial hand - Battle Tutorial

Bees will face an enemy plant and will need to be victorious in battle to retrieve the hive and to help expand the Beedom.

Players will have the opportunity to place multiple bees on the battlefield to engage in battle.

Players will simply need to click on fight to engage in battle and to attack enemies. The higher the level bees are the higher damage it will deal to the opponents.

Beedom Battle - Destroy Enemies

Beedom Bee Upgrades

In Beedom it is possible and very important to upgrade your bee army to ensure victory in battle.

To upgrade bees, players can for example simply drag two level-one bees together to create a level-two bee. The level two bee will be more effective in battle.

After each successful battle, players will receive multiple level one bees that can be dragged together to create level two bees.

The process will stay simple and players can then further upgrade their level two bees by dragging them together to level three bees.

This process will continue to upgrade your bee army as much as possible to ensure the growth of your Beedom.

Beedom - Upgrade your Bees for battle


Bee Heroes

As players further progress in the game, they will unlock bee heroes which they can use together with their army to defeat enemies.

There are a lot of bee heroes to unlock and this can be done by further challenging enemies and expanding your hive.

At the start of the game, you will unlock Rita. She will help you in battle with her amazing abilities to quickly destroy opponents.

There are other bee heroes to unlock including Eriksen, Giselle, Lacey, and much more.

Beedom - Heroes to use in battle

Personal Info

On your home screen of your hive, you can find your personal info in the top left corner of your screen.

The personal info will indicate your overall level, your union, your jungle, your resource information, your beehive buff, and your army info.

There are many different resources in the game and they are honey which will be used to explore different territories in the game.

Other resources are Nectar, Dew Fruit, Lunar Dew, Union Points, Glory Points, and the Trial Badge.

Your amount of honey, nectar, Level, CP, and Shop will be displayed on the top of your screen.

Beedom - Personal Information - Resources


The quests menu can be found at the bottom left of your screen and will indicate all of your main quests in the game.

It also features bounty quests which will only be unlocked later in the game.

The main quests are things like unlocking land grids or unlocking other beehives. For each quest done, players will receive rewards like honey, nectar, and an energy chest.

Beedom - Quests completion to receive rewards


The shop can be found on the top right side of your screen and features daily supplies and other supplies as well.

Players will be able to buy additional supplies with real money to give them a boost in the game.

The shop also features Bee Blessing Scrolls, Weely Cards, Special packs, Growth fund, and Nectar offers.

Beedom - Shop for resources


Players will be able to join a union within the game with other players. The union can be 50 or 60 players.

Players will be able to join a union or create a new one. Players will receive additional rewards for joining a union.


The Mail section can be found on the bottom right corner of your screen and will give players information about unions, events, systems, and much more.


The bag can be found at the bottom right corner of your screen and will show player resources.

It will also indicate bees, buildings, heroes, and evolution in the game.

Beedom - Bag - Heroes - Mail - Union

Build and Jungle

Players will be able to build and expand their own beehive territory which can be found in the jungle section of the main screen.

Later in the game players will be able to explore the jungle and build on new beehives.

Beedom - Build and Jungle


Explore the exciting jungle and fight any enemy in your way to build the biggest Beedom in the game.

Upgrades and enough resources will be an essential key to the player’s success in this game.

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