Beat Monster – Ragdoll Arena: Game Guide With Tips

Shela Baxi
Beat Monster - Introduction
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

Want to take out all your anger somewhere? Or are you having a bad day and you just want to smash something? This game gives you exactly that. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Beat Monster is uncomplicated and easy to play. Every round is just you smashing the life out of a hapless monster with weapons. We will help you with our simple guide and how you can play the game. 

Let’s take a look at Beat Monster – Ragdoll Arena and how you can play the game. 

What is Beat Monster – Ragdoll Arena?

Beat Monster - Claim
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

This Higame Global Ltd. developed game is a simulation game that can be best described as a spite-reliever game. It is basically a game where you have to find ways to destroy a monster in a closed arena.

You have to KO the monster every round. The best part is that the monster does not fight back, you have to liberty to torture and kill him as brutally as you want. 

Every time that you KO the monster, you will collect gold coins as rewards which can then be used to purchase and unlock new weapons to defeat the monster. It really is a very straightforward game with a straightforward gameplay. 

It is a fun game to fool around with, at one crazy instance you can actually use Superman in the game but not like how you play with him in Injustice: God Amongst Us, but rather just the head of Superman pops up from a commode and he uses the laser beams to knock out the monster. Yup, that’s how ridiculously fun this game is! 

What Sort of Weapons are there in Beat Monster – Ragdoll Arena?

Beat Monster - Gameplay
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

There are various weapons in the Beat Monster game with which you can destroy the Monster. You start off with just smashing the screen where the monster is placed and he will take heavy damage from those strikes, but that is just the beginning. 

You can click on the curtain in the top-left corner of the screen, click Toys Box in Mommy’s Note and it will reveal weapons that you can use. There are three free weapons that you can use at the start of the game. The weapons are:

  • Zeus’ Legacy Gun 
  • Robot
  • Toilet

You can start off with any of these three weapons and you also have the option to change the weapon mid-round. The Toilet weapon is the Superman-Commode thing we talked about earlier.

Robot uses a saw in one of its hands and a berserker gun in the other while you can also use the flame as a weapon with which you can move the Robot around. Zeus’s Legacy is a pew-pew pallet gun. 

Beat Monster - Mommy's Note
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

There are so many other weapons that can be unlocked and exploited. Some of the weapons are insane like the Nuke which is almost a one-hit damage weapon then there is the Aman Lamp from which an angry Genie comes out to knock out the monster. 

That is not all there is a Circular Saw, Cerberus(Nerf gun), Y-47(Atomic machine gun), Guitarboy, Taser, and so many more incredible weapon options to choose from. You have to unlock these weapons from the gold coins that you earn every round. 

Beat Monster - Gameplay
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

How can you Unlock Weapons?

Gold Coins. That is how most of the weapons in Beat Monster get unlocked. You earn these gold coins after knocking out the monster every round. You also get green gift boxes that you can open to get additional gold coins. 

Beat Monster - Rewards
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

You also get free gold coins every now and then directly from Beat Monster. You can also collect gold coins as a reward for daily login and then there is also a spin the wheel where you can either win gold coins or unlock a new weapon directly, ain’t that convenient? 

Use the Gold coins to unlock these weapons, weapons are priced differently some may cost as little as 500 gold coins while the others more premium weapons can reach as high as 1000 gold coins. 

As said earlier, if you are lucky enough you can unlock a premium weapon for free from spin the wheel option. 

Beat Monster - Spinner
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

Tips for Playing Beat Monster – Ragdoll Arena

The title of Beat Monster basically gives the whole game away, to be honest. All you have to do is ragdoll the monster in the game using a variety of weapons. Here are some other useful tips though. 

  • Don’t pile up the gold coins, use them to unlock newer, cooler weapons to destroy the monster.
  • Keep looking at ways to generate/collect gold coins. Look for daily rewards, and free gold coins, and spin the wheel to grab them. 
  • Use as many weapons as you like in each round. There is no restriction on using just one or two weapons in a round. Use as many as you want.
  • Check the Toys Box first, a couple of premium weapons might already have been unlocked before you begin the game. 
  • You can use one other monster namely “Char” if you want options in monsters. Char gets unlocked fairly early in the game. The green one is the default monster but you can switch between the two. 
Beat Monster - New character
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.
  • Premium weapons do more damage so you can save a bit of gold coins and then splurge them on premium weapons. 


Beat Monster is a real-time pass game, one which is purely developed to let out your rage. The game is uncomplicated and an absolute hoot to play. 

Beat Monster - Weapons
Picture: Higame Global Ltd.

It’s kind of like Fruit Ninja, simple yet effective and fulfills its purpose.

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