Battle Chest: Ultimate Gameplay Guide & Tricks

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Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

Ever wished you could take part in extraordinary battles where each side is equally powerful or one where you are surrounded by crisp graphics and advanced game mechanics that completely transport you to another world?

Well, this is the type of thrill Battle Chest is here to offer.

The Battle Chest is a new mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, which has become gamers’ favorite in no time.

You can access the Battle chest in the game by tracking down a special chest that is marked with a red and blue glove on the map. It’s like a hidden gem waiting for you in all the free-roam zones.

But the question is how will you get to that special chest? We have got the answer!

Battle Chest Gameplay Guide & Tricks

Stage 1: Rise Of The Acorns 

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

So, here’s the scoop for Battle Chest 1 which is probably the easiest of all.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to kick some Acorn and Oak behinds.

The bonus objective is also quite clear: take over 10 or more of these leafy opponents in one match. You can either use the electric slide, which has quite some zappy moves or hop on the Crater Maker or Rocket Ride. The choice is yours! 

You will usually find these tree buddies together, so teaming up with Electric Slide might be a more helpful move. 

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

Now if you want to grab some easy vanquishes, then here is the information you need. Acorns are squishy, whereas oaks are easy targets, so plan your move accordingly.

To make conquering even easier, try teaming up with buddies for shared vanquishes, and if you’re feeling tough, go for Super Brainz to soak up hits like a champ.

Additionally, if you decide to go with another attack character, then be sure to gain the Fearless upgrade!

Stage 2: Grove Guardians

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

For the 2nd Battle Chest, your mission is to conquer 3 or more towering Torchwood bosses during the match. Keep a sharp eye out for Torchwoods, the bosses, their allies, and the usual acorns and oaks.

Usually, Treewoods are scattered everywhere on the battlefield and can attack at any moment so be very cautious of them.

It’s not necessary that you deal with all the vanquishes yourself, a smart thing to do would be to pair up but contribute fully to damage control. 

Unlike Chest 1, going after the treewoods is best done with Rocket Ride and Crater Maker.

However, only go after the tree woods once you have successfully eliminated all the enemy heroes. Lastly, tree woods are usually shifty, so keep referring back to the map until you have spotted one.

Stage 3: Lone Survivor

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

This is the stage where things start getting a tad bit complex. Your extra goal here is to stay alive and stand for one minute, but don’t panic; these 60 struggle seconds are quite rewarding. You get 5,500 coins and 10 marshmallows! It’s a steal of a deal, isn’t it? 

But how do you survive a full minute? Here is the recommended strategy. Choose a character with high health or self-healing ability; however, additional cover is important; using Pirate’s Parrot Pal might help.

Until you have achieved the challenge, stay out of sight of the enemies, and if it seems like they are lurking nearby, then relocate ASAP. Additionally, you need to play carefully, which means avoiding getting involved with multiple enemies at once. 

Stage 4: Turf Takeover Domination

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

The next stage requires you to get into your suburban mode and keep control of all 3 points at once. Since the objective is hard, the reward is greater.

Upon completing this challenge, you get to achieve 7,500 coins and 10 marshmallows. Consider this battle chest your ultimate showdown against choppers.

To win, focus on strategic mobility and objectives. Opt for characters like the Engineer, known for his high mobility and defeating to defeat choppers. Move swiftly between points, capturing and recapturing, especially at the points where your team is absent. 

Keep an eye out for choppers to keep them from getting too close. Remember, holding all three points simultaneously is only necessary for a short time, thus strategically unlocking your attacks and abilities to ensure your victory.

Stage 5: Forest Fury

Battle Chest
Image: Rjoy

This is the last stage in Battle Chest, and obviously the hardest of all! Prepare for an intense face-to-face in Team Vanquish. The mission is clear: conquer 5 or more champions and the victory is all yours. 

In this chest, the battlefield is flooded with champions where each champion represents a different enemy type; therefore, you need to be extra cautious. 

Similar to other battle chests, teaming up is always a good choice since it divides the load of the vanquished count.

Moreover, try choosing characters with high damage output since they bring out the best takedowns and strategically use area-effect abilities when you find yourself surrounded by enemies. 

In this chest, It’s not just about winning battles but doing so with style. Carefully choose your character upgrades to enhance your chances of conquering this challenge.

And if you happen to win the battle, you will be rewarded with a whopping amount of 10,000 coins and 10 marshmallows! 

Bottom Line

And that wraps up our guide on Battle Chest. One thing to keep in mind is that as you jump from one chest to another, the difficulty level increases so it’s wise to tweak your in-game strategy every now and then.

You can download this game on Google Play.

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Best of luck!

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