Battle Bay: 10 Tips and Strategies to Win PvP Matches

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

The creators of Angry Birds have come up with another brilliant concept, but this time it’s 5 vs. 5 real-time multiplayer sea combat game instead of the usual birds versus pigs game. In Battle Bay, a player controls a weaponized boat and teams up with 4 more players who fight for dominance and survival. It’s a fight between “Friends” and “Unfriends” and it takes guts and some strategy to win a match. A boat squad wins if certain strategic points are captured or all boats of the opposing team are destroyed. Gameplay is similar to World of Warship Blitz’s naval battles, but Battle Bay’s cartoony visuals add a colorful and playful feel to sea combat.

You can equip weapons and support items to your armored boat, train crew members to unlock talents and upgrade items to improve stats. Once ready, you can start a match and help your team win it. These tips and strategies are for those looking to win a battle by dominance. Read on if you happen to be one of them:

1. Shoot Enemy Boats from a Distance: Play the Role of a “Sniper”

When battle begins, the real action takes places in those green zones. Most players try to move to these regions with the hopes of capturing them, but easily fall prey to stronger enemy boats. Jumping straight into battle zone can be suicidal and your boat may be destroyed by enemies within seconds.

Battle Bay

If you have just started playing, then the best strategy would be to target enemy boats from a distance. Equip your boat with long-range weapons such as snipers and uncommon/rare cannons. Once you are confident and are adept with the controls, you can start experimenting with weapons/support items and take risks.

2. Have Patience and Attack Low HP-Boats

Start slow and don’t rush towards enemy boats once you identify them. You can choose a safe spot, a strategic location where you can see all incoming boats and then swipe the screen to move your target. Examine the map at the upper-left corner of the screen to know the exact location of the enemy team.

Wait for your team to move closer to enemies and support your team by attacking enemy boats from a distance. When enemies appear, move your aim towards them wait for it to become green, which suggests that one of the boats is within your range and you are aiming straight at it. Sea waves might act as obstacles, so make sure the coast is clear before shooting.

Target low-HP enemies (A boat’s HP is shown just above it). You can also go after fleeing boats or those boats that have been isolated from the team. You can even take advantage of your team’s efforts by attacking an enemy targeted your team.

3. Know Where Your Enemies Are

A quick way to locate your enemy boat’s location is to look at the red arrows under your boat. If you see multiple arrows pointing to one direction, you should move your boat to that direction to locate enemy boats. Arrows can help you find enemy boats, especially those that are isolated from the team.

4. A Perfect Weapon/Support Item Combo Will Help You Destroy More Enemies

Experiment with different weapon combos and don’t forget to equip one support item to your boat. Support items range from shields that grant extra hit points and protect your boat to “Turbo” that supercharges your boat’s engine to improve its speed.

Choose your support item wisely. In case of weapons, you can go for a close-range/long-range weapon combo, such as sniper cannon and “carronade”. Sniper cannon has a very long range and can help you eliminate enemies from a distance whereas the carronade is a devastating close-range weapon that destroys enemies with a barrage of rockets.

5. Equip Weapons with Shorter Reload Time

Before equipping weapons, don’t forget to examine their stats. Your main concern should be the cooldown time because if a weapon takes a while to reload, then it won’t be a good choice in a fast-paced game like Battle Bay. With longer reload times, you will be at a disadvantage as enemies with quick weapon reloads will attack quickly.

Choose weapons that have a shorter reload time. Tap your boat and then tap each weapon under “inventory” to check their cool-down, range etc. When a match starts, don’t hesitate to switch between weapons. A faster loading weapon will be available quickly and you just have to tap its icon to use it.

6. Check an Item’s Slot Points and background Color before Attaching It Your Boat

Not all weapons will fit into your boat’s empty slots. Some weapons will require two slot points. Each boat has three slots, and each empty slot has a number, called slot point. A weapon with 1 slot point can be equipped with a slot marked as “1”, whereas if you have a slot marked as “2”, then you can equip a weapon that requires 2 points.

Along with slot points, the background color of the weapon or a support item should match the color of a boat’s empty slot. A weapon’s icon that has an orange background color cannot be equipped with a boat with slot having red as its color. You should keep these two aspects in mind before equipping weapons/support items to your boat.

You can see the color and slot points by tapping your current boat’s icon on the bottom of the screen. A weapon’s slot points can be seen on its stats page under “Inventory”. Just tap an item/weapon to view stats.

7. Target the Red Team and Steer Clear from Artillery Attacks

It’s always green team vs. red team. You will move with team Green (aka Friends) and fight the red team (“Unfriends”). You can easily identify a boat from the red team. The HP bar above an enemy boat will be red in color. Your aim will automatically turn green when an enemy boat is within the attack range. Also, when enemy boats use artillery the bulls-eye icon that appears on the sea surface will be red in color. Quickly move away when you spot a large target icon underneath your boat. Your enemy is probably attacking you or a friendly boat nearby and a hit within that target range will harm your boat.

8. Don’t Turn Your Back against Enemies

When enemies start attacking your boat, try to move backwards with the aim locked at your target or the attacker. Just don’t turn around and flee from the scene. Moving away with your boat’s rear facing an attacker will make it pretty hard to counterattack and you will have a hard time swiping the screen to target enemies. One of the enemy boats may follow your boat and keep attacking until it’s destroyed.

9. How to Get Weapons and Support Items

There are several ways to get them:

Battle stars that you receive in a PvP match depends on your overall performance. Chances of getting 3 stars in a player vs. player match are more if you destroy more boats and don’t lose too many hit points. Save those stars and spend them wisely on Star Crates, which contain a guaranteed uncommon item.

Log in daily to get rewards, which include crates that may contain a rare/common or uncommon item. You may also get an item directly on certain days. Weekly rewards also contain crates.

You can get weapons or support items from crates. The color of a crate determines the rarity of an item. Free crates (grey color) contain a guaranteed common item where as green crates contain a guaranteed uncommon item.

If you want to buy a weapon of your choice, then tap the shopping cart icon and then tap “Items”. You can filter items based on their rarity. You will need to gold to purchase a common/uncommon/rare item. You can easily earn gold by winning PvP battles and completing quests.

Complete Combat achievements and you might get an item or two. Tap menu at the upper left corner of the screen and then go to the “Achievements” section. Tap the “Combat” tab to know a list of tasks that reward you with an item upon completion.

Quests are also a great way to get items. Tap the “Quests” tab and keep an eye on weekly quests. Complete all daily quests to complete a weekly quest and get crates.

10. Train Your Crew

A captain requires a trained crew. If you don’t have a proper crew, then you have already lost half the battle. Train members to unlock their talents. You will need to then choose an unlocked talent to activate and learn it.

Select a talent wisely. You will have to choose any one talent out of two. Tap a talent and read the description carefully before pressing the activate button. You will know its potential benefits or weapon/stats boosts from its description.

Once a talent is activated, you cannot switch to another talent quickly. You must retrain your crew member to reset talents and only then you can select and activate another.  Some of the must-activate talents are increased range for a particular weapon time, shorter reload times, improved turbo effect (more speed) and damage boosts for weapons.

Additional Tip: Scrap Unwanted/Duplicate Items to Get Parts for Upgrades

If your inventory is full, then it’s time to purge unwanted items. Start with duplicate or common weapons. Tap an item and then press the scrap button. Scrapping gives you parts, which can be used to upgrade weapons and support items.

Before tapping the final red “Scrap” button, check what type of parts you will receive. Scrapping a rare item will surely give lots of uncommon/rare parts and a power cell. If you have two items of the same type but different rarity then it’s better to scrap the inferior item. For example: If you have a common and uncommon Cannon, then it would be a wise decision to get rid of common cannon.