AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Guide to Character Classes and Skills

Anurag Ghosh
AxE - Alliance vs Empire Galanos Character
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

When playing AxE: Alliance vs Empire for the first time, the game presents you with two factions – Darkhaan Empire and Galanos Alliance. Each faction consists of three characters.

Darkhan Empire has the Warrior, Valkyrie and the Mage whereas Galanos Alliance has Titan, Archer and the Blademaster. Here’s a quick look at each character class and their special qualities:  

For the TL;DR crowd, watch the character selection video  in this guide to know how to select a faction and create a new hero from scratch.   

Darkhaan Empire  

Under Darkhaan empire, there are three starter classes – Warrior, Valkyrie and Mage. Check out thier qualities at a glance, which might help you choose the right class for your adventure:  

1. Warrior  

With attributes focused on “crowd control”, Darkhaan Empire’s Warrior uses a greatsword for melee attacks.  

2. Valkyrie 

Valkyries use both sword and shield to attack enemies. They also have healing and support attributes (class skills).  

3. Mage 

My favorite, Mages use ranged magic to blast their enemies from a certain distance. They possess attack attributes. If you want to go all-out attack against multiple enemies, you must select a mage class.  

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Galanos Alliance 

1. Titan 

A melee character, Titan uses close-range twin axes as his primary weapon to deal great damage to enemies. Like Darkhaan Empire’s warrior, a Titan also possesses crowd-control attributes.  

AxE - Alliance vs Empire Galanos Character

2. Archer 

Archers employ ranged arrow attacks and have healing and support attributes.  

3. Blademaster

If you love close-combat, then choose Blademaster. Blademasters use swords and have attack-focused attributes. 

When you select a faction for the first time, you will be able to choose any one starter character belonging to that faction. So, if you select Galanos Alliance, you will be able to choose an archer, Titan or a Blademaster.

Feel free to choose any faction and character, but the game provides a clever way to reward players. It offers 50000 gold to players who choose their “recommended” faction. 

In my case, I was offered 50,000 gold if I select Darkhaan Empire. I couldn’t resist the temptation and went for it. The game also offers gold rewards for choosing their recommended server.  

Select the Recommended Faction to get Rewards

It’s up to you to select a faction of your choice, but if you want lots of gold, then pay attention to the “rec” label above a faction banner as shown in the above screenshot and select that faction.  

Congratulations! You have chosen a faction. You can now create a new character to begin your adventure. One of the best aspects of AxE: Alliance vs Empire is that the game provides a preview of a character’s starter skills before selection.

Just ignore the animated character intro by tapping the “skip” button. Now pay attention to the right side of the screen, where skills and attributes of the selected character are displayed.

Tap each skill and the character will perform that skill. To know more about a hero’s attributes, you will have to tap and hold an attribute or class skill to get the description.

On the bottom of the screen, four presets let you change your character’s costume. Now tap Next to change your character’s facial features, hair and eye color. When everything’s ready, tap “Create Character”, enter your name and start your adventure.  

Equipping Skills and Attributes to a Character 

Each character has a unique set of standard skills and class skills, aka attributes in AxE: Alliance vs Empire. The skills shown on the character selection screen are just samples. You will find a few more unique skills and attributes when you finalize a character. Watch our video below to know more about skills and attributes:

You can get a complete list of skills and attributes, plus the levels at which you will unlock them if you go to menu on the top-right corner of the screen > character > skills & attributes.

There are seven skill slots per character. All slots can be seen on the bottom-right corner of the main screen. You will have to reach a certain level to unlock a slot. You can unlock standard skill slots for each character when you reach level 2, level 7, level 15 and level 20.

The standard skill slot section is located just above your current weapon icon (big circle). To unlock class or attribute skill slots, reach level 10 and level 20. The attribute slots section is located next to the standard skill section.  

When you reach higher levels, you will unlock more advanced skills and attributes. You can then replace your existing skills with those advanced skills via the “Skill Management” which can be found in menu > character > skills & attributes. Do remember that you can equip a maximum of 4 standard skills, two class skills and one weapon skill. Choose wisely.  

Learn Passive Skills Using SP  

You will have to learn passive skills using skill points (SP) to acquire them. Once you reach level 8, you will start gaining one SP every two levels. You can also purchase SP using white diamonds. You can obtain white diamonds as rewards:  

If you have pre-registered for this game, you will receive a total of 150 white diamonds. Tap menu > mail (envelope) and then claim your pre-registration rewards before they expire.  

Pre-Registration Rewards

You can also get them as community event reward and as surprise gifts. Keep checking your mailbox to claim these rewards.  

You can get white diamonds from event rewards. Tap “Attend Reward” on the right side of the main screen and then tap the event reward tab.  

Event Rewards

To learn a passive skill, tap menu > character > skills and attributes and then tap “passive” under “skill”. Now tap the plus icon beside a “learnable” skill to acquire it.

To purchase an SP, tap “+” on the bottom of the screen. You can reset SP anytime (there’s no penalty and thank god for that!) if you want to use them on other active or passive skills.   

How to Change Factions and Characters  

You can change factions and characters anytime while playing AxE: Alliance vs Empire. On your adventure, tap menu on the upper-right corner of the screen and then tap the white square icon. Next, tap on “Change Character”. You will not only be able to select a new faction, but also create a new character. The game will display a warning. Tap OK.  

There are six empty character slots in each faction. To change a faction, tap your current faction’s insignia. You can then tap on “create character” under the new faction and choose your hero. Creating a new character or faction will have no effect on your current hero. You can select him/her anytime using the “Change Character” command while playing.  

Please note that when you create a new character, you will control him to begin your adventure from scratch. You can switch between your newly created character and your previous character any time. Watch the video below to know more about changing characters.