Awaken Chaos Era Codes – February 2024

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redemption code page awaken chaos era
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This Awaken Chaos Era codes list contains tested codes that you can redeem to claim rewards!

Awaken Chaos Era loading screen
Photo: Century Games

Awaken Chaos Era is a turn-based RPG with a smooth but immersive gaming experience. Century Games, the game developers, release several gift codes so you can claim rewards such as summoning crystals, meal coupons, golds, diamonds, etc.

awaken chaos era loading screen
Photo: Century Games

This code guide will highlight working/tested gift codes and how to redeem them.

Awaken Chaos Era Codes February 2024

rewards for redeeming a awaken chaos era code
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Working and tested codes in the game include Hello101, ACEDC2024, ACEFB2024, and godfery. Below are the gift codes and the rewards claimable.

Awaken Chaos Era CodesReward/s
ACEDC2024 (Level 15)Three Advanced Summoning crystals
ACEFB2024 (Level 15)Three Advanced Summoning crystals
Whosyourdaddy (Level 5)Zachary hero
ACE777Ten Thousand Golds, One Hundred Diamonds, 100K EXP Jelly
Ineedadoctor (Level 5)Abbott hero
Hello101One hundred summoning crystals
FullspeedaheadTen Meal Coupons, Ten Legendary Matrixes, Ten Epic Matrixes
ACEFB (Level 10)Three advanced summoning crystals
ACEEXPDouble XP for one hour
ACEDC (Level 10)Three advanced summoning crystals
godfery (Level 10)Five Meal Coupons, Ten thousand Gold, Three hundred Diamonds, Three Advanced Summoning Crystals
WINTERISCOMING (Level 10)Five Special Gear Charms, 250K EXP Jelly, Five Meal Coupons, 50K Gold
Awaken Chaos Era Working/Tested code list

Steps to Redeem Awaken Chaos Era Codes

claiming the awaken chaos era code
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The steps highlight the procedure to redeem the gift code:

  • Launch the game
  • If you are new to the game, finish the tutorial
  • Tap the star icon found at the screen’s top-right corner
  • Tap on Settings
  • Head to the account tab
  • Tap the redemption code option
  • Enter the code
  • Tap on confirm
  • Navigate to the mailbox to receive the rewards immediately

My Redeem Codes Are Not Working

error message for redeeming a misspelled awaken chaos era code
Photo: Century Games

Misspelled Awaken Chaos Era gift codes cannot work, returning the error message “Code does not exist! Please try again.”  Hence, crosscheck the spelling paying attention to the letter case and the code’s alphanumeric nature.

error message for redeeming an expired awaken chaos era code
Photo: Century Games

Also, expired codes will not work as they return the error message “Redemption code expired! Please contact customer service.” So, you should bookmark this code list page for working and tested codes.

error message for redeeming a previously redeemed awaken chaos era code
Photo: Century Games

Lastly, previously redeemed gift codes also will not work returning the error message “This redemption code has already been obtained!”

Get More Awaken Chaos Era Codes

Check the developer’s YouTube, Facebook, and Discord, during major events and updates to get more gift codes.

Final Thoughts

These Awaken Chaos Era codes should enable you to earn a few rewards for a more enjoyable gaming experience. If you have any questions related to redemption codes you can use the comment section.

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