Autogun Heroes – Ultimate Guide & Walkthrough

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Here's everything to know about Autogun Heroes as a beginner!

Autogun Heroes is the new non-stop 3D shooter platformer developed by Nitro Games, creators of a popular F2P mobile game NERF: Superblast. Nitro Games also worked with popular developers like Rovio, Netmarble, Wargaming, and Expansive Worlds. 

Still, developers took a completely new approach while creating Autogun Heroes. In this video game, you can rampage through complex levels and unlock new worlds to obtain more powerful heroes in your team. Moreover, you can also opt for different guns and select the best one for the occasion. 

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If you would like to get some help and avoid making dumb mistakes from the beginning, check out this Autogun Heroes ultimate guide & walkthrough. Here we’ll explain how to play the game and which primary objectives to set. Also, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips and tricks that can significantly improve your in-game experience.

Starting Out In Autogun Heroes

Unfortunately, Autogun Heroes has no training grounds where beginners can learn how to move, dodge or shoot. You’ll spend the game’s first minutes fighting with enemies while having a short introduction to the movement and combat system.

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After finishing the first match, you’ll get to Level 2. The game will let you change your loadout and equip Flak Armor. Also, you unlock the Skill Tree providing permanent upgrades for all heroes. 

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After that, you can head into the battle again and progress to unlock new islands, try exciting game modes and face the most powerful opponents. Or you can read this guide and discover more about the basis of Autogun Heroes to make things easier.

Autogun Heroes Movement

In Autogun Heroes, players move by using control buttons located on the left and the right part of the screen.

  • Left Button

The Left Button is the primary movement button to move the left/right side. Like in most mobile games, sliding the control button to the left triggers moving to the left, and sliding to the right triggers moving the right side.

Photo: Nitro Games
  • Right Button

The Right Button is used for jumping in the game. A single tap makes your character jump once, while double-tapping triggers a double jump. If you press the Right Button and hold it for a few seconds, you’ll trigger a long jump.

Photo: Nitro Games

Autogun Heroes Combat System

The combat system in Autogun Heroes is simple. Your character attacks automatically, choosing targets that are closest to him. Moreover, the main hero will attack the nearest enemies even if they are behind you, which should always be considered while playing the game.

Photo: Nitro Games

The most surprising fact is that there is no aiming button to control bullet trajectory. You cannot enable manual firing/aiming in Settings even if you are eager. It has the most significant pros and cons simultaneously.

Primary Objectives for Beginners in Autogun Heroes

Once you know more about Autogun Heroes, movement and the combat system, scroll down. Here are some primary objectives that should be set from the early game. 

Objective #1: Progress Through Skill Tree

If you are a newcomer who gained some Gold during the battles, we highly recommend you invest your gains into a Skill Tree. By purchasing skills, you can get permanent upgrades for all heroes for the price of Gold, which sounds like a dream.

Photo: Nitro Games

Here are a couple of boosts you can get from Skill Tree:

  • Increased Weapon Damage
  • Starting Hit Points Increased
  • Increase the amount of HP healed
  • Increase Damage Bonus on Critical Hits

As you progress through the skill tree and spend a lot of Gold, you can also obtain enhanced improvements. These are available once per multiple levels and are worth much more than ordinary ones. 

Photo: Nitro Games

Here are a couple of enhanced improvements you can get:

  • Increased rate of fire
  • Reduce the amount of damage taken
  • The increased amount of coins dropped by enemies
  • Improved defense against melee attacks

Note that the price for improvements in Skill Tree increases as you progress. Therefore, you should start investing Gold early on to avoid any trouble with resources by the end game.

Objective #2: Level Up Your Gear

To make the most out of your experience in Autogun Heroes, it’s crucial to level up your gear early on. While some players may ignore this aspect, it’s one of the most beneficial things you can do as a new player.

Photo: Nitro Games

It’s worth nothing that gear can be easily swapped from one character to another, so investing money into potent equipment is always a wise choice.

Have issues with finding the proper gear for investing? We recommend collecting equipment of the same type and rarity. Later, these pieces of equipment can be Fused to get a more powerful piece of gear. 

Objective #3: Obtain a Powerful Hero

The primary hero, Gus, is decent but becomes weaker as you progress and move to enhanced islands. Thus, it’s extremely important to consider replacing Gus with more powerful characters like Odessa, Raffa, or Saga.

Photo: Nitro Games

We recommend you focus on obtaining a mighty hero from the early game stages. If you’re committed to playing this game long-term, purchasing the Starter Pack is a great investment. It includes Raffa, a powerful hero who can help you quickly complete the first few islands.

Moreover, the Starter Pack also contains 1,000 Gems and powerful SMG. At only 3.99 USD, the Starter Pack is the best value for your money.

Objective #4: Master Your Dodge Skills

If you want to succeed in Autogun Heroes, mastering your dodging skills is crucial. In fact, it accounts for 90% of success in the game. Thus, we highly recommend that you work on your dodging skills.

The game goes at high speed, so we understand that learning to dodge effectively can be challenging. However, with practice comes perfection. The more you train, the better you will become.

Photo: Nitro Games

You must also learn to play with Triple Jump to perfect dodging skills. This overpowered movement ability unlocked during the battle significantly expands your dodging capabilities. So, don’t forget to include it in your training routine

Objective #5: Learn More About Enemies

To succeed in Autogun Heroes, paying close attention to the Shrooms you encounter is essential. Each enemy has different behavior patterns, cooldowns, and attack trajectories. To get them good, you must pay attention to how they attack!

For example, Red-Capped Mushrooms shoot three projectiles at once, which seems to be quite dangerous at first glance. However, their attack range is limited, making it easy to dodge the projectiles by keeping a distance from Red-Capped Mushrooms.

Photo: Nitro Games

As with Red-Capped Shrooms, such behavior patterns are common to every enemy in Autogun Heroes. Your objective is to learn about the enemy as much as possible, discover any vulnerabilities and exploit them to get victories. Therefore, pay attention, learn, and strategize to win the game.

Best Tips For Beginners In Autogun Heroes

Once you know the basis of Autogun Heroes and the primary objectives you should set early on, let’s discover working tips and tricks that can significantly improve your in-game experience. These pieces of advice are helpful even for experienced players, so read this part of the guide carefully.

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Claim Daily Login Gifts

If you want to get the best resources in Autogun Heroes for free, take advantage of the Daily Gifts. These exclusive giveaways are bestowed upon players every day upon logging into the game. 

Photo: Nitro Games

By claiming Daily Login Gifts, players can obtain Coins, Energy, Keys, and Gems, the most important resources used to progress. Current Daily Login Gifts are:

  • 500 Coins
  • 100 Gems
  • Blue Key
  • Purple Key
  • 20 Gems & 500 Coins & Key

It’s important to keep in mind that these rewards won’t allow you to reach the end game quickly. Still, it is a good strategy, especially if you are a newcomer.

Note that you cannot abuse the Daily Login Gifts and claim them by changing the data settings on your smartphone. Autogun Heroes requires a stable internet connection. So, it’s best to avoid trying to exploit this glitch altogether.

Don’t Let The Energy Restore

For those who enjoy F2P gaming, there’s a downside. To progress and keep up with players who don’t mind spending real money on the game, you should never let the energy fully restore. 

In Autogun Heroes, you can collect a maximum of 20 Energy, which restores after 20 minutes. To fully restore Energy, you need to wait 400 minutes or roughly 7 hours.

Photo: Nitro Games

For optimal results in Autogun Heroes, we recommend logging in every four hours and playing twice to consume 10 Energy. If this schedule doesn’t work for you, consider logging in every two hours and playing once to consume 5 Energy

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to avoid letting your Energy restore fully and to play the game consistently. It’s the key to success in Autogun Heroes.

Kill Ground-Based Enemies First

If you want to survive by the last round in Autogun Heroes, taking out enemies wisely is recommended. Our recommendation is to prioritize eliminating ground-based enemies, and we have compelling reasons for this strategy.

Photo: Nitro Games

Although ground-based enemies usually deal less damage than flying ones, eliminating them creates more open space on the battlefield. It gives you more room for movement and enables you to avoid incoming attacks easily. Furthermore, eliminating ground-based targets is much more straightforward and takes less time.

Focus On A Single Target

Autogun Heroes battles are notoriously challenging due to the presence of 5 to 10 enemies at once. The combat trick we want to share with you is to eliminate the targets one by one, focusing on a single target.

Photo: Nitro Games

As we explained, start with the weakest ground-based targets, then kill more powerful ones, and finally move to the air enemies. That works for Autogun Heroes from the beginning up to the late game.

Keep the Distance

In Autogun Heroes, your character has an unlimited attack range, and your enemies don’t. The trick here is that you can avoid taking any damage by keeping your distance and avoiding any close-range encounters with enemies.

Photo: Nitro Games

We suggest you stand at the edge of the map and then jump, killing all the enemies trying to attack you. You can also unlock Triple Jump. It’s overpowered ability in terms of dodging enemies’ attacks. 

Create your Strategy

There are many mods available in Autogun Heroes. And if you still haven’t noticed, having those that work together will make you super powerful. That’s why we recommend you create the best strategy and stick to it every game.

Photo: Nitro Games

And if you struggle to choose a strategy that works for you, play the game more and don’t be afraid of experimenting. 

Also, you can try a classic damage-dealer strategy, which includes Damage Ups, Reload Speed, and Clip Size. Such a strategy allows you to increase DPS, shoot more and kill more Shrooms.

Photo: Nitro Games

Another strategy we suggest is grenader. It includes mods such as Jump Grenades, Death Grenades, and Death Explosion. To play with it, you should constantly move, dodge enemies’ bullets and throw grenades to kill them.

However, this approach requires advanced dodging skills and a lot of experience, making it unsuitable for newcomers.


That’s it with Autogun Heroes ultimate guide & walkthrough. While the game seems to be straightforward, there are many in-game mechanics you must master. That’s why this article might come in handy, especially for newcomers.

If you consider this article helpful and want more mobile gaming guides, check our website for more articles. Also, find exciting ultimate guides for beginners in Grand Cross: Age of Titans and Defense Derby.

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