Muhib Nadeem

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Meet Muhib, the mobile gaming maestro who, for the past 7 years, has been making your commutes bearable, your waiting rooms less tedious, and your lunch breaks a lot more thrilling. Once a humble gamer thumbing on his Nokia 3310, Muhib has risen through the ranks to become the sagacious scribe of the mobile gaming world. Armed with his trusty smartphone and a gigantic power bank, he has dived into the pixelated jungles of 'Clash of Clans', tackled the Candy Crush confectionery with a toothy grin, and even Pokémon Go-ed where no man has gone before, and has the calluses to prove it! Muhib's love for gaming is only matched by his love for writing, as he tries to craft each word to transport his readers into the heart of the game, making his readers' experience as engaging as the games he explores!