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The enchanting world of alchemy, Atelier Resleriana, has recently been launched globally. The excitement for this game, which has spellbinding stories and captivating gameplay, has been building up for quite a while.

However, now that the game has finally launched globally you can maximize your gameplay and conquer your early adventures with confidence by reading this reroll guide that we have created for you.

Atelier resleriana in game

This guide will help you through the process of the gacha system and ensure that you end up with the best characters from the get-go.

Delete Your Account First

If you were unable to get an impactful character initially, you can reroll to try your luck again. But before that, you will need to delete your account, which will remove all of your progress.

You can do this by tapping on the “Menu” option on the left side. Then, tap “Data deletion.”. After this, tap on “Delete player data.

Deleting player data in atelier resleriana

This action, when completed, will bring you to the title screen.

How to Reroll Efficiently in Atelier Resleriana

Re-rolling isn’t only about choosing a different character; it’s much more than that. Here are a few things you should do to improve your game experience.

1. Claim the Tutorial Gacha

This is a no-brainer; you have to go through the game tutorial first. This can take a few minutes.

Once done, claim the tutorial gacha. In the tutorial gacha, you can wish for an alchemist that is 3-star.

2. Claim the Mailbox Rewards

You need to claim all the rewards from your mailbox right after the previous step. You can do this by clicking the mailbox icon on the top-left corner of your screen.

3. Claim the Events Rewards

After you’ve claimed the rewards from your mail, go to the bottom center of the main screen and tap the Events button.

Here you can claim further rewards by entering invite codes. You can search for the available codes online.

4. Pull the Banners

Now return to the main lobby, go to the lower left corner, and tap on the wish button to open the gacha menu.

Pull the tutorial/beginner’s gacha you got earlier to get a 3-star alchemist.

Afterward, use your free Lodestar gems to pull the Celebration Legend Fes banner as many times as you can.

Wishing in atelier resleriana

5. Repeat the steps (In Case of Bad Luck)

If luck is still not by your side and you don’t end up getting the desired alchemist characters, try deleting your progress again and repeat the above steps.

It won’t take much time again as you’ll be able to skip the tutorial instantly.

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Which Alchemists Are Top-Tier?

Atelier resleriana Corneria info

Atelier Resleriana consists of alchemists belonging to different tiers according to their strengths and capabilities.

The alchemists you should be eyeing must be the absolute best in their domain. For instance, if you’re looking for an all-attack Alchemist, opt for Ryza.

Similarly, Resna proves to be a good Supporter, Corneria is the best Breaker, and Marie can be an excellent all-around alchemist.

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But again, if you have played the game and prefer any different characters, you can always reroll to get them.

And this was all about the Atelier Resleriana reroll guide. If you’re unable to go through a step, let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help!

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