Atelier Resleriana – 5 Beginner Tips

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Atelier Resleriana

With the much-anticipated release of Atelier Resleriana, it’s no surprise that plenty of new alchemists are joining the kindred to explore and experience the enchanting world of adventure and alchemy!

If you have yet to hear about the Atelier series, it’s a game published by Koei Tecmo. It is a long-running franchise of JRPG that built its reputation from its unique and charming characters, story, and in-depth alchemy mechanics.

Atelier Resleriana

Atelier’s core gameplay loop revolves around gathering ingredients and using them to synthesize powerful items, weapons, and equipment. Following the footsteps of the series, Atelier Resleriana will focus on synthesis, character awakening, boosting elements, and more.

With that said, this article provides comprehensive beginner tips for new sprouted alchemists to make the most out of the Atelier Resleriana experience! Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Atelier Resleriana – Getting Started

Atelier Resleriana

In every gacha game, a reliable strategy for swiftly clearing dungeons and advancing through the story with ease is to obtain at least one or two high-tiered team members. While not mandatory, it will undoubtedly make your journey in Atelier Resleriana easier.

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Reroll for a High Tier

Atelier Resleriana

Getting high-tier units for your team is no-brainer, as they enhance your enjoyment in the game while you advance through the story and collecting materials. Unlike other gacha games, acquiring duplicates of characters doesn’t provide significant benefits. Having a diverse set of characters is more advantageous.

You can easily reroll and try your luck again to pull a better character. Advisably, aim for the ones considered meta.

High Tier Characters

To help you decide on which character to roll for, here’s a brief list of SS-Tier characters for this season:

ResnaSupport. Her skills revolve around maintaining the party’s health and providing buffs.
RyzaAttacker. On every attack, she boosts her burst and attack damage, making her a must-have for battles.
CorneriaBreaker. One of her best offensive abilities is the skill to stun enemies, immobilizing them. Corneria is ideal for breaking enemy defenses and can boost her own stun damage.
LogyAttacker. He’s perfect to team up with Corneria. Logy’s damage increases when he attacks enemies that are stunned.
Sophie (Upcoming)Defender. The best defender in Atelier Resleriana. She can self-heal after attacking and inflicting debuff on the enemy.

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How to Reroll

Rerolling in Atelier Resleriana is quick and easy. I suggest utilizing it until you obtain a powerful high-tier character! To reroll, simply navigate to the “Menu” section on the main screen.

Atelier Res

At the “Menu,” tap on “Delete Data,” and then choose “Delete Player Data.” Once successful, the game will automatically redirect you to the title screen to start the tutorial all over.


Got your desired character? Don’t forget to bind your account to avoid losing the data. As before, head to the “Menu,” where you should find the “Bind Account” option. Tap on it and then bind the account to your Google Play or Apple.

Wait for the Next Banner


Having the high-tier characters mentioned above should be more than enough to advance in the game progression in Atelier Resleriana. However, saving your rolls and waiting for the next banner, Sophie specifically, is more ideal than rolling now.


Sophie is known to be the best defender in the game and is still considered the meta in other servers. As a Defender, enemies are more likely to target her, which she can easily take on with her high HP and self-healing.

Her banner is an early limited release, appearing on “Commemoration Part 2 LEGEND FES,” so you best snag her once she’s out in Atelier Resleriana.

Unlock Chapters


Ready with your dream team, your first task is to progress through the Story Chapters to unlock the rest of the game’s content.

This will open up quests, release locked materials, missions, battlegrounds, and more. These features will become a significant part of your daily routine in the game, so it’s best to unlock them to be more efficient.

Story Chapter Feature Unlock

1-13Glow Board, Gem
1-17Rorona’s Pie
1-20Peace Quest
2-26Secret Quest

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Strengthen your Characters

Progressing in the game isn’t just about clearing dungeons and completing Story Chapters. As mentioned earlier, Atelier Resleriana, like every Atelier series, focuses on character enhancements, synthesis, and research.

Relying solely on brute force will eventually lead to a wall that hinders further progression.


Hitting a wall in progression is a telltale sign that you need to raise your character level. At the Star’s Cocoon, which can be found in the “Quest” feature, you can gain experience through Training Quests in exchange for your stamina. In addition to EXP, you can also collect Power Up Dew, Cole, Orbs, and Pieces.

Level Cap

Each character has a level cap that needs to be unlocked to allow further leveling. To achieve this, clear Chapter 1-13 to activate the Grow Board feature.


You can find the Board under the “Character” menu. To unlock the Cap, tap on the red Lv lock icon. You will need Glowing Orbs to release the panel.


By unlocking panels, you can increase character stats, level up their skills, and raise their maximum level. Cole and Glowing Orbs are required to unlock panels, and they can be gathered from Training Quest.

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Level Up Memoria

Memoria in Atelier Resleriana can be obtained from the banner. When your character equips a Memoria, it will boost their stats and grant Memoria abilities. The stats and abilities depend on the specific Memoria and can be enhanced through training in level and rank.


To level them up, tap on “Memoria” in the main menu, then select the Memoria you want to level up. You will need Power Up Dew and Cole to train them, which can be found in Training Quest.

Memoria has an unlock rank that can be activated by using the same Memoria; this will improve its abilities. Note that only SSR Memoria can be unlocked using Memory Crystals.


Once you have unlocked all the features in Atelier Resleriana, your daily routine essentially involves collecting materials, strengthening your team, upgrading Memoria, conducting research, synthesizing equipment, gathering Ronora’s Pie (used to recover stamina), and taking on challenges in Quests.

These are the basic steps that should help you grasp the concept of the game and get you started.

So, there you have it! For an in-depth guide, check out Atelier Resleriana – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Codes.

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