Assassin’s Creed Rebellion: 12 Tips, Hints and Strategies for Covert Missions

Assassin's Creed Rebellion Boss
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is a brilliant mobile strategy-RPG from Ubisoft Entertainment, creators of popular games, such as Hungry Shark World, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and the latest – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. The game lets you collect heroes from the AC universe and build your own team of assassin’s to fight the Templars. It has more than forty characters and each hero has a unique set of skills. Some are adept in lock-picking and disarming traps, others can sneak up an enemy to eliminate him or hide in plain sight to avoid foes. You will also be able to recruit and train swift-moving heroes and characters that can heal others.

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion also lets you setup your HQ. You can build new rooms to train your heroes, craft weapons for them, generate gold and Intel, research to compile codex and regenerate hero HP. Each room bestows certain benefits to your heroes and the brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion Boss

Gameplay is easy once you go through the tutorial. AC: Rebellion’s Combat is based on tapping buttons to complete actions. Each hero has a particular set of actions and skills that appear on a room or above an enemy when you select him. You will have to choose the best hero combination to complete all objectives and escape unhurt from a covert mission. But before doing anything else, you should know what the best approach is to fight enemies, how to improve your skill’s success rate, make the most of surprise attacks and many more with the help of these tips, hints and strategies:

Chances of accomplishing a mission are more if you follow all team recommendations on the mission screen. These recommendations are: Power and Role. You will have to tap “edit team” and follow recommendations to increase your chances of winning a mission.

If a particular mission requires 280 power score, then each hero in your team should have a minimum power score of 280. Remember this isn’t the total power score, but the scores of each assassin in your team. You might complete a mission with power scores less than the recommended score, but chances of all team members escaping after completing a mission are less. You may end up with only one or two heroes when the mission is over. This will also result into earning fewer stars, and you will earn fewer rewards. You get three stars when you complete a mission with no casualties and get more rewards when you earn three stars in a mission.

To increase an assassin’s power, you can level him up in the training room. You will need codex pages or large codex to level him up faster. You will have to build this room in your HQ. Just tap the training room and tap “+” to select a character. However, each assassin’s level is tied to your brotherhood level (player level). So if your player level is 4, than max level your heroes can reach is “4”. You can check your brotherhood level on the upper-right corner of the screen. You will learn how to increase player level faster if you read Tip no. 2.

You can also increase a hero’s power by equipping better gear to him or promoting him to a higher rank. You will need DNA fragments of that hero to promote him to a new rank. You will also need to build a ceremony room to finish hero promotion once you receive all DNA fragments of that hero.

2. Three Ways to Increase Brotherhood Level Faster

Increasing your brotherhood or player level is crucial because it’s linked to upgraded levels of all heroes. So if your brotherhood level is 3, then the max level your hero can reach would be 3. To reach a new player level, you will have to earn XP. The more XP you collect, the faster the player level bar fills up and the faster you level up. Here are some ways to gain XP in AC Rebellion:

Complete Objectives: One of the best ways to get XP. You can easily get 500-900 XP by completing simple objectives. Check the list of objectives and finish them one by one to get XP and coins.

Play Side Missions: Side missions such as loot and standard missions are easy to finish. You can complete a single loot or standard mission 5 times a day, and there are several missions to complete. A new mission is unlocked when you complete a mission. You can farm lots of XP, coins and other rewards in side missions. Loot and standard missions are denoted by hammer and arm icons respectively on the mission map.

Finish Story Missions: Story missions grant more XP than side-missions. A single story-mission guarantees more than 100 XP, plus you will receive other rewards such as crafting resources, credits and DNA fragments.

3. How to get the First Initiative in Combat

While battling enemies in Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, you must have noticed that your hero has “lost initiative” when he directly attacks an enemy facing him. This is because he isn’t equipped with a weapon that has a higher speed stat.

In combat, a character can perform an action when his time gauge is full. The time gauge is shown just below the health gauge. When combat starts and you tap the attack button, you will lose initiative to attack first if the enemy’s time gauge fills before yours. This is because his weapon speed is faster than yours. You should equip a weapon with higher speed stats to get an edge on your enemies. You can check each weapon’s speed stat at the Weaponsmith, in your HQ. Tap the “i” icon on a weapon card to find stats in detail. To know more about weapon crafting, read tip no. 7.

4. Choose the Best Attack Skill for Your Surprise Attacks

An enemy having his back facing your hero is a good target for a “surprise attack”. Your hero takes the first initiative to attack and deals heavy damage to him. If the enemy level is “very hard” (you can see the level and difficult mode below an enemy), then you should use your most powerful attack skill to attack him.

Take Full Advantage of Surprise Attack

Your surprise attack should reduce as much health as possible on your first strike, so make sure you select the best skill. Purple colored skills above your opponent are your best bet and they charge up after a few ticks. When you have the surprise attack advantage over your enemy, tap one of the purple skills to deal maximum damage to him.

5. Know a Hero’s Purple and Blue Skills

Each hero has two kinds of skills – one that has a certain number of charges and the other refills over a period of time during battle. Skills with charges have a blue background and have a number above them. You should use a blue skill carefully because once you use up all charges, you can’t use it for the entire mission.

Some charged skills are used to take advantage of a mission’s surroundings, such as free-running acrobatics, stealth, lock-picking, disarming traps etc. Other blue skills confer buffs to increase certain stats such as HP, Dodge, Critical Chance etc. Support characters have lots of blue skills that can inflict debuffs to enemies or confer buffs to team members.

Skills having a purple background are found above an enemy. These are usually attack skills and have a recharge time measured in ticks. A skill with less number of ticks recharges faster than a skill with high number of ticks. A purple skill does not have a certain number of charges and is available again when you confront a new enemy. During battle, you will have to wait for a purple skill to charge up before you can use it again. Take the best heroes who posses deadly purple skills to deal additional damage to enemies.

Make sure you tap and hold each skill to know more about it. You can do this when you are on an adventure or when you are on a character’s page on the “Heroes” page. 

6. How to Improve Your Skill’s Success Rate

As explained earlier, blue skills play a vital role in a mission, but there are a limited number of tries or charges and so you must not waste them and use them at the right time. Also, the success rate of a blue skill depends on the rank of a hero. Success rate is shown in percentages and a higher success rate means your hero would execute without fail in most occasions.

how to Increase Skill Success in AC Rebellion

On your adventure, you will notice actions having a unique color and success rate (in percentages) above certain objects or enemies. These actions appear before you enter a room. The color suggests how successful you will be in executing that particular action. If the color is green, the success rate is high, but if it’s red, the success rate is low and chances of executing that action would be lower. If it’s yellow, then there’s a 50-50 chance of executing that action.

To improve your heroes’ skill success rate in AC: Rebellion, follow these steps:

To get a higher success rate in blue skills, you must promote a hero. I will explain how to do this a little later. But first, head straight to “Heroes” and then tap a character to open his page. Now tap the “Skills” tab and then “Details”. You will see a handy chart explaining how higher ranks affect skills. So if you have a one-star Hamid, a disarm specialist who can pick locks and disable traps, promoting him to two star will upgrade his “disarm” skill to rank 2. Now when you use him in an adventure, the success rate will obviously be a bit higher than before.

Promote Your Hero

To promote a hero, you will need a ceremony room and DNA fragments of that hero. On your hero’s page, tap the “Find DNA” button to know where you can obtain DNA fragments. The game shows a list of locations, including mission and DNA cubes that contain a hero’s fragments. To know how many fragments you will need to promote a hero, just go to the “Progression” tab on a hero’s page.

Next, you will need a ceremony room. You can build it in your HQ. The ceremony room is used to promote your hero to a new rank, which will then upgrade his skills and also boost stats.  When you build a room, you can promote multiple heroes up to rank 5. You can upgrade it to increase the rank cap.

7. Equip Weapons to Heroes to get Bonuses and boost Power Score

Equipping weapons to your hero not only increases his power score but also provides boost to certain stats. For example, equipping a one-star Bardiche (Axe) to Tariq will increase DEF by +20, add 10 percent bonus to critical hit and increase weapon damage and speed. To equip a weapon, you will have to craft it first.

At Brotherhood level 5, you can craft and equip weapons to your heroes. You will notice a new “Gear” tab on your hero’s page. Build a Weaponsmith in your HQ if you want to craft better weapons. You will need materials such as iron ore, tin ore, copper ore etc. to craft one. You can acquire materials by completing Loot Missions. A loot mission is denoted by a hammer icon on your map. You can also get them from the main story missions. Check the possible rewards section in a story mission to find if it contains all needed materials for your weapon.

Equipping Weapon to Your Hero

Once you have obtained the required amount of materials, go to your headquarters and then tap Weaponsmith. Tap the “+” sign on the lower-left corner of the screen to start building a weapon. Now choose a weapon for your hero. Each hero has a specific weapon requirement. For example, Tariq can wield an axe, whereas Mario Auditore can be equipped with a sword. Check what weapon type can be equipped to your characters. To do this, go to “heroes”, tap a character’s portrait and then tap gear. Weapons do have lots of variations, so there will be several types of swords, axes, hidden blades available for each hero and their stats will be different from others. Higher grade weapon blueprints will be available when you upgrade your Weaponsmith.

Once you have selected a weapon, it’s time to assign a hero to craft it. You will have to choose a hero who has the highest weapon crafting stats to decrease the time required to make a weapon. The stats are shown with a tiny hammer icon. Select a hero from the list. You cannot select characters who have already been assigned to other rooms.

8. Types of Roles and What Roles Should You Select for Each Mission

Characters have special roles and you can learn more about their roles if you go to the “Heroes” section. Each hero boasts a unique role and his skills are linked to his/her role. A Stealth Hero’s skills usually revolve around stealthily avoiding an enemy and assassinating an enemy from a concealed location, whereas a disarm specialist character has lock-picking skills and can disarm traps. There are a total of nine roles in AC: Rebellion:

Assassination, Stealth, Navigation, Heal, AoE (Area of Effect), Disarm, Support, DPS (Damage per second) and Tank.

The “team recommendation” section hints at certain roles that can be effective in completing a mission. You can find recommended roles by tapping a story or side mission and then tapping the role icons on the upper-right corner of a screen. When a mission recommends two or more roles, you can guess what enemies you will be facing and what the environment or surroundings would be:

If the mission recommends disarm and stealth or assassination roles, then you can safely assume that there will be stealth assassination opportunities and traps all around in that particular mission. If the mission recommends DPS roles, then the villains would be stronger and there would be fewer or no sneak-and-kill opportunities. Choose stronger heroes who you think would be a perfect fit for a particular scenario.

9. Experiment with Your Team Structure

Under team recommendations, notice that these are only role recommendations and not character recommendations. Your team should have higher ranked heroes having roles as suggested. Since a mission can be replayed, you can experiment with your current team structure by selecting a hero whose role is different from the recommended roles. So if the recommended role is only DPS, you can take two DPS heroes and a “Tank” hero to assist them or two DPS with an assassin/stealthy character. 

To replay a mission, you will need intel and if you really want to experiment with your team structure, then you will need plenty of those sealed envelopes to replay the same mission again and again. The best way to generate intel is to build the “Intel Room”.  You will have to assign a hero with higher production stats to generate intel faster.  

10. Upgrade Training Room to Gain an Extra Training Activity Slot

You should consider upgrading your training room if you want to train and level-up more than one hero at the same time. You will have to reach brotherhood level 9 to upgrade your training room. You will not only gain an extra activity slot to train another character, but also reduce training time by 10 percent. Keep upgrading this room to decrease training time.

11. Level up Living Quarters to Increase Max HP per Minute

Living Quarters is one of the most important rooms in your HQ. On building it, your heroes’ HP will automatically regenerate every minute. On their adventure, your heroes will receive damage and the HP refills pretty slowly. So if a hero’s HP reduces to 50 percent or lower you will have to wait until he recovers fully.

With an upgraded living quarters, he will recover much faster. Leveling up this room will give a boost to max HP regeneration per minute for all heroes. So if you select a team of three heroes and their HP decreases to some extent after the mission ends, then all heroes will recover HP at the same rate as mentioned in the living quarters. You can check what the current HP regeneration rate is by tapping this room.

12. Take Advantage of Rush Mode to Get Instant Resources

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion’s Rush mode is the best way to farm DNA fragments and crafting materials from Legacy and Loot Missions. It unlocks at brotherhood level 5. In Rush Mode, you don’t have to replay a mission all over again to get rewards. Just tap “Rush” on the mission screen in a Legacy, Standard or Loot mission, spend the same amount of “Intel” and get rewards instantly. However, you will need to follow certain requirements to get instant rewards under Rush mode:

Rush Mode

You must play and earn 3 stars in a Legacy, Loot or Standard mission to unlock the Rush mode for that mission.

You must meet power requirements for each hero and select the role requirement. Just make sure the shapes of a hero’s role icon/insignia and color matches with the Rush mode mission’s role requirement color/icon.

If you have more heroes, you can send two separate teams in two different rush mode missions. But you must fulfill all Rush mode mission requirements to get instant resources.