Arena Of Faith – Gameplay Guide With Tips

Abdullah Selmani
Arena of Faith

When it comes to MOBA games, Arena of Faith (AOF) is at the top.

Arena of Faith shows a new way of playing, where players fight five against five through NFT characters producing AOF coins.

Arena of Faith puts more focus on the event system where there are multiple play styles, complicated character setup, as well a kit system.

There are cup matches, championships, and a mode with customizable 5v5 fights for the game that highlights the strategic, team-based approach and competition in the game.

Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith Gameplay Mechanics

In addition, Arena of Faith is an unusual MOBA with a unique playing style that sets it apart from other games.

Adopted as an autonomous system, AOF brings about a novel 5v5 battle where players manage non-replaceable coin characters.

This approach is deeper, with more specific details than ordinary MOBA gaming. It also takes into account different hero powers at the world level.

Heroes and Abilities

The game is complicated because it involves individual skills for each hero in Arena of Faith.

This makes players pick heroes by skill which takes speed in planning.

Arena of Faith

Heroes are gained using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that further add levels of values, which determine game perks and changes.

Game Modes and Competitions

Arena of Faith has different types of games like Arena room, fight ring, cup matches, and events.

These are planned events known as Cup Matches and Tournaments which offer huge prizes.

In standard gameplay, there are five heroes in each team fighting to break the other’s home crystal over various tracks through the jungle.

Arena of Faith

Designing a strategy plan in this manner also adds levels of complexity in games making teamwork and flexibility needed.

Team building tactics in Arena of Faith

In addition, team building is of huge importance toward the goal of success for the same game whereby pairing becomes crucial in deciding whether the team wins or loses.

Community ideas for fair team makeup and suggested heroes for best playing skills in this thorough guide.

Arena of Faith

Why fair team makeup counts:

Roles in a Balanced Team

  • Carry: The team’s main damage providers are carriers. They are great in taking prolonged or burst harm that usually needs them to come with protection.
  • Tank: This job includes absorption of losses and taking the lead in the fight. They have the job of ensuring they protect their teammates.
  • Support: The support cast offers usefulness, heals, and calms mob groups. They improve the chance of life of the team, adding greatly to changing the results of fights.

Synergy and Coordination

The mutual benefits that come from a team with equal members have their beginning in this.

Arena of Faith

Coordination ensures that teams start combat with tanks, and can keep up before carrying releases damage upon them.

A durable team is defined by unity among its members with good communication that adds to the general team’s success in many scenarios of play.


Such a balanced team can easily fit in any setting.

Balancing their choices helps them to deal with any active opponents, which may also include very difficult goals.

Such freedom in strategy will only be achieved with a balanced team whose makeup can change as necessary.

Effective Objective Control

Map goals work best with fair combinations.

Arena of Faith

Objectives are taken by tanks, provide view and maintain through battle, and cut enemies quickly out.

In this way, they ensure resource edge and strategy control in the match.

    Carry Heroes:

    • Lucifer: Renowned for its ability to deal damage quickly and shine in, one-on-one fights Lucifer is a favorite choice among players trying to make a mark with their attacks.
    • Susanoo: With its damage output and amazing ability to help successfully in team fights Susanoo shines across situations as a flexible damage dealer.
    • Ganjiang & Moye: This duo of heroes adds energy to the team offering benefits that prove helpful, in various situations.
    Arena of Faith
    Photo: VORTEX LABS

    Tank Heroes:

    • Izanami: Renowned for durable tanking abilities, Izanami is capable of soaking up damage and disrupting enemy formations.
    • Tamamo: A versatile tank with crowd control abilities, Tamamo is ideal for initiating team fights and protecting allies.

    Support Heroes:

    • Ame-no-Uzume: Offers healing and utility, contributing to the team’s sustainability during engagements.
    • Hou Yi: A support hero with crowd control skills, Hou Yi enhances the team’s control over fights.

    Event Modes

    In Arena of Faith, players can engage in diverse gameplay modes, each offering unique challenges and rewards:

    Arena of Faith
    Photo: VORTEX LABS
    1. Arena Battles: Non-obligatory casual matches where users can set up rooms for freeform play or take part in Arena Room matches as solo players.
    2. Cup Matches: Intense games with full squads of five players per team. In teams, they play for a championship, where one can lose by playing stupidly.
    3. Team Arena: Co-operative Gameplay, Teamwork is winning in a 5v5 fight where the opponent is invited by the team themselves through the battle.

    Mastering Arena of Faith

    • Strategic Hero Summoning: Use effective progression by focusing on banners with powerful heroes, such as Emma and Masarani.
    • Progressive Leveling: You should focus on one SSS hero, improving talent, and different gameplay modes.
    • Optimal Upgrade Choices: Choose to upgrade your weapon and divinity wisely having in mind both their interaction with hero abilities and usefulness against specific characters.
    Arena of Faith
    Photo: VORTEX LABS


    The revolutionary MOBA such as the Arenn of Faith provides the players the five-in-five fightings and the NFT players and decentralized ecosystems.

    Arena of Faith has adopted an innovative approach towards esports, unique features, and a solid community.

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