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Shahzaib Manzoor

Published by Level Infinite, Arena Breakout is an exciting and immersive FPS developed by MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games (PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends).

Arena Breakout finally had its global release on July 14, 2023, after a soft launch on June 26. A few minutes into the game, I could tell why there was so much hype around this unorthodox shooter.

With a lot of focus on authenticity, Arena Breakout moves away from the traditional last-man-standing gameplay usually associated with shooter video games. 

The gameplay is more tactical, the various game mechanisms have a certain realism, and there’s plenty to worry about instead of just shooting on sight. 

This tactical FPS requires the players to kill, loot, survive, and evacuate.

Yes, evacuation is a core part of Arena Breakout. 

Enemies will keep on coming until you successfully evacuate from the war zone.

This is just one example of what sets Arena Breakout apart from other shooter video games. Read on for more details about the game, an overview of game mechanics, and some pro tips that can help you survive the Dark Zone!

Arena Breakout Beginners Gameplay Guide

Arena Breakout is a tactical shooter and extraction game that drops the players into a war zone filled with real players and AI-controlled enemies. In other words, Arena Breakout is a PvPvE game.

Once in battle, players must devise strategies to loot valuables from the war zone, kill enemies, and successfully evacuate.

Killing everyone you see is not an option!

While this sounds simple enough, trust me, it’s not.

The gameplay itself is tough enough, but certain mechanics add to the challenge. That’s why it’s important to develop a deeper understanding of the gameplay mechanics beforehand.  

So, instead of boring you with a tutorial of controls, here’s a detailed look at the combat and health mechanics of Arena Breakout.

Understanding the Ultra-Realistic Mechanics

Arena Breakout reaches for ultra-realism and achieves it to some extent. 

There are separate stamina bars for arms and legs. Getting shot can cause pain and bleeding, which can affect your vision. Your character might also suffer from a fracture resulting in slower movement. 

This is the kind of realism that puts Arena Breakout in a league of its own.

Here’s a detailed look at how health works in Arena Breakout.

Health Mechanics

Your character in Arena Breakout is not a super soldier. 

If your character gets shot, they feel pain. Depending on where they are shot, your character can start bleeding heavily and lose health continuously unless you do something about it.

Similarly, if your character falls or jumps from a high building, they might break their legs. There is a whole different stamina system in place for your character’s arms and legs. 

That means you can’t just run around slinging your guns.

You have to pay close attention to your character’s health. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your character in the best shape.

Health Status

There are 10 health pointers in Arena Breakout- Injury, Wound, Broken, Pain, Dehydrated, Severe Hunger, Severe Lung Injury, Critical overload, Tinnitus, and Sound Blocking. 

These can debuff the character in different ways. For instance, Pain can affect vision. A Broken limb can reduce movement and stop HP recovery. 

Read the details about these debuffs by going to Character>Health>’?’.

You’ll also find their cures in the same section.

Stamina Bars

There are two stamina bars in the middle of the Arena Breakout gameplay screen. One is for the legs, and the other is for the arms. 

When you sprint or jump, the leg bar goes down. Once the leg’s stamina bar gets depleted, your character can’t run until his stamina recovers.

Similarly, when you aim for too long and jump over higher walls and fences, it takes a toll on your character’s arm stamina. With the arm stamina depleted, your character’s aim starts to sway until the bar refills.

Energy & Dehydration

Merely running around in the war zone without actively engaging in combat still affects the energy levels of your character. Along with consuming leg stamina, it can also cause dehydration. This can result in an HP decrease.

To stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up, make sure you keep some protein bars and water bottles in your backpack. It took me longer than it should have to figure this one out. That’s why I turned into a sitting duck multiple times.

Equipment Mechanics

As a beginner, the equipment mechanics of Arena Breakout can be confusing.  However, understanding them is imperative for successful raids. Because if you don’t bring the right equipment along, you’ll get clapped in the Dark Zone. 

There are four pieces of equipment in Arena Breakout.

GearThe first section shows the gear equipped. This includes body armor, a helmet, a face mask, and a headset. Your primary and secondary weapons are also in this section. 
Check that all your weapons are fully loaded and ready to go before you enter any battle. 
Chest RigThe chest rig is where you attach some spare mags for quick reloads. You can also put in some painkillers and med kits depending on the size and space available. 
If you don’t put spare mags in your chest rig, you can’t do a quick reload.
BackpackThe backpack is where you store some extra ammo, snacks, water, weapons, and maybe some bandages and med kits, just in case.
Remember, it takes longer to access stuff from the backpack.
Secure ContainerCases and Keychains are secure containers that you can use to secure loot. Stuff in a secure container won’t be lost even if you fail the mission. 

Now that you know how equipment and health work, let’s take a quick look at the gameplay modes of Arena Breakout. After this quick overview, I’ll share some tips and tricks that will help you get better at Arena Breakout.

Arena Breakout Gameplay Modes

Arena Breakout is a hybrid of PvP and PvE. As you enter any battle or mission, you will face other players as well as AI-controlled bots and boss bots.

Within this PvPvE setup, players have the choice of two gameplay modes- Tactical Op and Covert Op. 

Tactical Op

In Tactical Op Mode, you enter the raid as an ‘Operator.’

You get to take your preferred gear and weapons into your raids. This allows you to play to your strengths and increase your chances of success.

Covert Op

Covert Op drops your character into battle disguised as a ‘Militant.’

On top of that, you won’t get to choose your gear and weapons. Instead, you’ll get random weapons, and you must adapt accordingly to survive and carry out the mission as a Covert Op. 

When disguised as a militant, other militant bots become non-hostile unless you attack them first. 

On the other hand, operators will attack you instantly thinking you’re a militant.

Covert Op is definitely the harder game mode of Arena Breakout. The uncertainty and the thrill of infiltrating from within is an exhilarating experience.

Arena Breakout Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Now that you understand the unique gameplay mechanics of Arena Breakout, it’s time for some tips and tricks. Using these, you can better prepare for your raids in the Dark Zone and ensure success more often than not.

Don’t Forget The Main Objective – Evacuation!

Arena Breakout is all about escaping the war zone with valuable loot. If you want to get rich quickly and have the best gear, do not engage in a last-man-standing match with every player you see. 

Once you feel you’ve collected the right loot, head over to the marked extraction point to complete a successful raid.

If you get greedy, you might end up losing your loadout instead of coming back with a full backpack.

Bring Along The Right Loadout

When you play Tactical Op, you can choose the weapons and gear that you want. From Armor to Guns and other supplies, players can choose everything themselves. Use this freedom to select and create a loadout that compliments your playing style.

If you play Covert Op mode, you do not get this freedom as the game assigns random equipment to you.

Keep One Eye On Your Health

Arena Breakout has an ultra-realistic health mechanism. 

Unlike other shooter video games, you don’t just take a fixed amount of damage when you’re hit. Your character can suffer from fractures, bleeding uncontrollably, feel drained, and even lose vision due to pain.

Similarly, you have to eat and drink occasionally to keep your energy and stamina levels up. If you’re in pain, use painkillers. Apply bandages and use med kits on bullet shot wounds. 

You can find a body icon in the top left corner of your screen. That icon indicates your health status. Keep an eye on it and continuously buff your character’s health.

To Loot Or Not To Loot?

Naturally, you want to loot the most valuable resources from the war zone. There are some red zones on every map that have the highest loot, but these are also the favorite spots of stronger enemies.

So, if you already have decent loot in the bag, it’s best to avoid the red zones and head to an extraction point. 

However, if you’ve just dropped in and you believe that you have the right skills and equipment to go and loot the red zone, give it a go!

Focus On Contacts Tasks, Prioritize Evita!

Contacts are highly important in Arena Breakout. Complete Contacts missions to get valuable items at a cheaper price. Bring in valuable loot for them and they’ll get you what you need.

Moreover, Contacts missions are a tad bit easier and give you the freedom to explore maps with a relatively low number of enemies to deal with. 

Although all Contacts are valuable, I suggest prioritizing Evita.

After completion, Evita will give you a big Keychain for free. Even if you’re a beginner, you must know how invaluable those things are in Arena Breakout.


Arena Breakout is not your typical FPS mobile game. The devs have done a fantastic job of creating authentic shooting action and matched it with some excellent realism. That’s why if you play with your typical FPS strategies, you won’t get too far.

Arena Breakout requires players to be more tactical and I hope this guide helps you with that.

Feel free to leave any of your queries in the comments below and stay tuned for more Arena Breakout guides. 

Also, watch this space for some Arena Breakout codes. 

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