Archer Forest: Complete Walkthrough and Guide

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Welcome to the forest where you deploy archers to protect your towers. Archer Forest is one of the most popular mobile games, combining the elements of both tower defense and idle games.

You are the only one responsible for protecting your towers from multiple waves of monsters in different maps by empowering your towers, training better and stronger archers, and using many other strategies that we will discuss below to clear more waves.

Archer Forest was developed in March 2021 by MadMans, who also developed the known game Mad Tank, and it’s available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

This article is a complete walkthrough and guide for Archer Forest, going through everything from how to get new archers to how to empower them to pass challenges and how to defeat bosses.

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Basic Gameplay

Whether you are a new player or someone who has been playing it for a long time, this guide is made for you to teach you everything about the game starting from how to create and merge arrows, use the lightning bolts to defeat monsters and clear stages, to advanced tips and tricks on how to build a village, upgrade the buildings, and get high-tier characters.

The basic gameplay of Archer Forest is simple, all you need to do is clean your anvil to get it ready. Just tap on it to create multiple arrows and merge them, so let’s dive deeper into how to do that the best way.

Creating Arrows

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Arrows are the main aspect of the game as they are your weapon to defeat monsters, but not just that; the higher-level arrows you get, the more you unlock, so all you need to do is tap on the anvil to get more arrows.

Arrows will appear in your inventory where you can use them but remember that as a beginner you only have 10 taps on the anvil, which means 10 arrows, and the anvil will produce 1 more every couple of seconds. Of course, you can increase this limit by going to the production tap.

Also, once you start the game, you will find yourself with only 10 inventory slots, but you can unlock more using the production tab, which we will discuss below.

Merge Arrows

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To get more powerful arrows you need to merge them together, as every two arrows of the same level would give you an arrow from the higher level, so merging two level 1 arrows would give you one level 2 arrow, and so on.

Merging doesn’t only give you access to powerful arrows, but it also levels you up, so the highest arrow you have merged is your current level. At each level, you get extra rewards such as gems, and every 5 levels you get, you unlock something new, especially in the early levels where you get more archers on the battlefield.

Photo: MadMans

In your early levels, on levels 9, 13, and so on, you will get an extra slot to summon a new archer to help you protect the towers. The more you progress in the game the harder it gets, and you can make up to 8 friends, so choose them wisely.

Lightning Bolts

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You don’t have to only rely on your archers as you can deal damage yourself by tapping the screen. Each tap will summon a lightning bolt that will deal some extra damage to monsters. Remember that you can enhance the damage of the lightning bolts and make them hit automatically from the ATK tab.

Summon Archers

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Even though the arrows are the main aspect of the game, you still need someone to use them, and that’s the archer’s job.

Archers have different tiers, starting from 1 star, which is the weakest, to 5 stars, which is the strongest, and to find them all you need to do is head to the shop, which is the last tab at the bottom of your screen, and choose from the different bundles, which cost you gems.

Remember that each time you unlock a new archer, you get it at level 1, and to upgrade to higher levels, you need to summon more archers so that you can get more copies of them. For example, from level 1 to level 2, it needs 10 copies, and from level 2 to level 3, it requires 15 copies, and so on. Also, you get 5 copies each time you summon it.

Photo: MadMans

Each time you summon archers you get random ones, so you will need to spend a good amount of gems to get higher tiers, or you can just get lucky and get them from the first draw.

Photo: MadMans

You get to choose to place 8 archers out of 52 but most probably when you hit the highest tier, which is 5 stars, you need to place all of them to get the best out of them. You can always choose who to summon using the “Change Deck” button on the main tab.

The Map

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You can always use the map icon to travel through different places to discover new monsters and earn more resources, but first you need to clear at least 100 stages on each map so that you can unlock the next one.

Once you go to a new map, you will find more powerful monsters than the previous one, so you need to upgrade your arrows and archers so that you can overcome the challenges and beat the map.

The Dungeon

In the monster dungeon, you can find multiple activities that you can do to earn more resources, such as gems, runes, and colored stones.

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The first one is the boss battle, where you can fight different types of bosses to earn a lot of gems using the boss ticket, which can be earned from completing missions, shop purchases, or gem purchases.

Bosses get harder on each level so make sure to have enough damage for them. Also, if you can’t beat the current level but you need to take some perks, you can also go to the lower-level boss and auto-clear it, which will give you many stones but not the gems, as the gems are only for the first clearance.

Photo: MadMans

Next up in the dungeon, you can find PVP, where you play against random players. Both of you get faced with the same number of monsters, and whoever deals more damage wins.

Once you win a round, you get 15 PVP tokens, which you can spend in the PVP shop to buy different things to help you progress faster.

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Then you can go to the competition tab, where you can rank up using your team of archers to win the red stones by passing the most stages you can in 10 minutes.

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And here comes the world boss, who appears every couple of hours, and you get to face him once per day, so make sure to pick your strongest archer as you get matched with other players so that you can all kill him and get rewards.

Advanced Gameplay

There are some advanced strategies to overcome the challenges that some people neglect, but they have a huge impact on your overall performance.

Starting from upgrading your performance and archer’s skills to getting pets that are both cute and resourceful.

Performance Upgrades

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And just like any game that you want to get better at, you need to level up your skills, upgrade your character, and improve your overall performance to cope with stronger monsters and pass more levels.

In the tab on the left, you will find 5 categories that you need to upgrade so that you can get stronger.

Photo: MadMans

The first one is the gold tab, where you can spend your gold coins to increase your damage, starting from your attack damage and attack speed to critical chance and critical damage. You can also upgrade the lightning damage and auto cooldown from there.

Photo: MadMans

The second tab is the Manage one, where you can manage your towers and income. You can upgrade it to increase both your online and offline income and also your tower’s health and recovery time.

About the hill expansion, it automatically upgrades once you hit certain levels of arrows.

Photo: MadMans

Next, we have the ATK tab, which makes almost the same stuff that the “Gold” tab does, but here you can only use your rebirth stones and gems to increase your overall damage and critical.

Photo: MadMans

The 4th tab is the production one, where you can manage all of your production processes, from increasing the level of the produced arrows so that you can merge them faster and get to higher levels to increasing the slots of inventory and increasing the auto production and merging capabilities.

Photo: MadMans

The last tab is the special one, where you get perks when killing bosses, which increase your overall performance.

Archer’s skills

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One of the most effective ways to increase your performance is by increasing each archer’s power individually.

Each archer has his own unique skill and passive; the higher the tier, the better the skill and stats, so make sure to always upgrade your archers’ stats with rebirth stones to make them powerful.


Photo: MadMans

You can have up to 2 pets. The first slot is free, and the second one will cost you 5000 gems. Summoning pets is just like summoning archers. You get random ones using red diamonds. Pets can be very helpful as they give you extra perks that will help you either clear waves faster or gain more resources.

Build a village!

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Your archer village is your home, where you can build buildings with gems that will help you increase your performance faster and generate more loot for you.

You can build the production arrow building, where it increases the max level of produced arrows by 1, or the gem and red diamond building, where they provide you with gems and red diamonds over time.

Also, you can build the mining building where it increases your daily supply and the damage it causes, as mining is one of the ways to find hidden gems and diamonds under the stones.

Complete quests and collect gifts!

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Another way to gain more gems, arrow tokens, and boss tickets is by finishing the quests; each time you finish one, a new one will appear in the middle of the screen. Always finish them as they are easy to accomplish, and they give you a good number of resources.

Photo: MadMans

Also remember that from time to time you get gifts from the game in your post, so always check it for more free stuff, and that every day you log in you get a log-in reward for 7 days, so make sure to open the game once a day at least to claim it.

Photo: MadMans

And as an idle defense game, your archers keep gaining resources for you even if you are offline, so don’t worry if you are a bit busy to play because you are getting resources based on the stage you logged off at, which you can also double by watching a 30-second ad.


Photo: MadMans

Archer Forest is a game full of events that pop up from time to time where you gain tokens by killing monsters so that you can buy valuable things, so make sure to join the events so that you can get powerful in no time.


Photo: MadMans

Archer Forest is a fun and challenging game that is enjoyed by players of all skill levels, and with some practice, you will be able to protect your village against the waves of monsters and become the ultimate hero of Archer Forest.

Also, the game always gets new updates, so you won’t lose interest as they plan to add new characters, events, and features and even improve the graphics and performance.

So overall, Archer Forest is one of the best idle and free games out there; it might be a bit time-consuming, but surely, it’s worth playing.

Drop down below in the comments who’s your favorite archer; mine is Chronos, with his cute but lethal fire wall!

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