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John Alem Ramos
Arcane Lineage

Arcane Lineage stands out as a distinctive turn-based game within the Roblox universe. Engage in battles where you can summon beasts, apply debuffs, support allies, and strive to emerge victorious.

Within itsa expansive world, you’ll encounter diverse races and classes, each offering a unique gameplay experience. If you’re intrigued by the Necromancer class, this guide is tailored to help you discern if the Necromancer playstyle aligns with your preferences.

Below, you’ll find all the essential information about the Necromancer class, empowering you to make informed decisions about joining this intriguing class. Get ready to explore the dark arts and uncover the secrets of the Necromancer class!

What is the Necromancer Class in Arcane Lineage?

The Necromancer class is a formidable Chaotic Super Class accessible for players at level 15 or higher.

To unlock this class, you must first upgrade from the Wizard base class. Renowned for its proficiency in summoning magic, the Necromancer excels in creating magical allies to bolster its forces in battles.

Additionally, this class is adept at providing support, showcasing healing abilities that contribute to its versatility on the battlefield.

Acquiring Chaos is a crucial step in unlocking this powerful class—accomplish specific quests and undergo a process of corrupting your soul to be part of this intriguing class.

How to Become a Necromancer in Arcane Lineage?

Again, as mentioned above, to become a Necromancer, you’ll start by getting the base Wizard class. 

If you’re a beginner, head to Caldera Town and buy the Old Staff from the weapon shop for 50 Gold, situated behind the Request Board near the spawn point. After getting the staff, reach level 5 and ensure you have at least 120 Gold to continue as a Wizard.

Now, make your way to the wizard tower just outside the main walls. From the spawn, go past the Request Board and out the gates. Head to the back left corner of the walls to find the tower.

Despite the lack of obvious stairs, you can climb the stone wall behind it. Look for shining white orbs that guide you up an invisible ramp to enter the tower.

Speak to the Wizard NPC inside to learn multiple mage skills, but be aware that each skill costs Gold. Keep fighting enemies and earning Gold to level up to 15. The best way to level up is by completing requests and fighting enemies.

To unlock the Chaotic Super Class of Necromancer, complete specific side activities to gain Chaos:

– Drink 11 Potions

– Complete 2 Chaotic Quests

– Speak to the Necromancer Trainer

To find the Necromancer Trainer, Ulys, head to the cave in Deeproot Canopy. Cross the bridge next to the wizard tower, take a right at the second archway, and go under the archway.

Follow the left side near the wall and go down through the cave opening. Navigate through the dark cave by following the trail of blue, glowing mushrooms.

Eventually, you’ll reach Ulys in his house, where you can learn Necromancer skills. Just like with the Wizard, you’ll need plenty of Gold to acquire these skills, so make sure to save up ahead of time.

Where to find starter Chaotic Quests in Arcane Lineage?

To kick off your Chaotic quests, head to the Potion Shop in Caldera Town and talk to Byfra, who’s on the right side as you enter the building. Byfra will request a small Healing Potion.

For the second Chaotic quest, venture to Deeproot Canopy. Cross the substantial bridge located just to the right of the wizard tower.

Continue past the town’s vendors until you reach a smaller bridge where Krit is sitting on the edge. Your task is as simple as giving him a little nudge to send him off.

Necromancer Abilities

As a Necromancer, you have access to a total of 5 abilities, each costing 400 Gold to learn. In total, you’ll need about 2,000 Gold to unlock all these abilities.

Given that Necromancers excel as a summoning support class, their abilities predominantly center around leveraging summons to inflict damage. Here’s a glance at all of these abilities:

Active Abilities

Call Skeleton: Summons a SkeletonEnergy Cost: 2
Recharge Time: 12
Skeleton Actives: SmackBone Spray
Darklight Drain: Deals undodgeable damage to the opponent while healing youEnergy Cost: 2
Recharge Time: 6
Raise Dead: Revive a dead ally and restore some of their HP and energyEnergy Cost: 2
Recharge Time: 999

Passive Abilities

Dark Caster: Collect more energy per turn by chance
Death Siphon: Regenerate HP and earn a speed boost when you defeat an enemy

After acquiring all the Necromancer abilities, don’t forget to keep leveling up. Invest points into skills such as Arcane and Endurance to further enhance your power and unlock the full potential of your abilities. 

Necromancer Best Build

Now, let’s dive into the best equipment and stats for the Necromancer class.

    Best Necromancer Weapon

    The best Necromancer weapon is the Jade Prayerstaff.

    • Obtained from the Mysterious Man
    • Buffs incoming and outgoing healing by 30%

    Best Necromancer Equipment

    • Arcane Equipment
    • Empowering Equipment
    • Energy Equipment
    • Spirit Equipment

    Best Necromancer Armor

    • Corrupt Caster
      • Requires level 20, 750 Gold, and 3 Laneus Ore
      • +15% Magic Armor
      • +10% Poison Armor
      • +10% Holy Armor
      • +5% Arcane Stat
      • +5% Max HP
      • +2 Arcane Stat
      • +16 Flat HP
      • +5% Arcane Stat
      • +10% chance to gain 1+ Energy

    Best Necromancer Enchantments

    • Midas
    • Reaper


    That covers everything you need to know about the Necromancer in Arcane Lineage. Whether you decide to embrace this class or not, I hope you found valuable insights in this guide.

    To experience Arcane Lineage, download Roblox from the Play Store or App Store and dive into the fun!

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