Arcane Labyrinth Guide – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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Arcane Labyrinth Guide - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Arcane Labyrinth is a battle mode in AFK Journey that gets unlocked after you complete AFK Stage 40.

This mode has multiple difficulty levels, and each one of them has 20 levels to go through. Once you complete level 15 of one difficulty level, the next one gets unlocked.

Below will be a detailed Arcane Labyrinth guide with tips on how to conquer it!

Arcane Labyrinth Guide

Arcane labyrinth game mode - AFK Journey (AFK2)

In Arcane Labyrinth, you’ll come across multiple enemies on every level. Some of these enemies will include playable heroes in the game.

Additionally, these enemies become increasingly difficult as you progress deeper into the Labyrinth. Enemies you encounter on Lv. 1 of Difficulty Level 1 are much weaker compared to the enemies you will encounter on Lv.14 of the same Difficulty Level.

The 15th stage will have the ultimate boss to fight against. Once you defeat it, Difficulty Level 2 will be unlocked. There are a total of 15 difficulty levels in the game at the moment.

Best Heroes

Thoran - AFK Journey
Smokey Meerky - AFK Journey
Smokey & Meerky
Reinier - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Cecia - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Odie - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Viperian - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Korin - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Igor - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Vala - AFK Journey (AFK2)

With only 10 Hero Slots, it is crucial to select the best heroes per attempt at the Arcane Labyrinth. Above, we’ve included a list of the heroes we’ve found to be most effective based on our experience with the battle mode.

Looking at this team, it’s easy to tell that we’re trying to cover all of our bases. Thoran and Temesia take up the role of our shields. They’re survivable and will create space for our DPS units to do their jobs.

Speaking of DPS, we’ve included Odie, Vala, Viperian, and Cecia. All of whom can either deal with the enemy backline or reach the backline.

For supports, we’ve opted to include Smokey & Meerky and Reiner, for their offensive capabilities. And finally, we’re rounding out the team with Korin and Igor, who will act as sub-tanks.

Best Gates

Best gates - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Before each of the 15 stages of a Difficulty Level, you will get to choose some Relic, Item, and Blessing Gates that have special boosts and power-ups.

Some will improve the defense of your allied heroes, while others will increase the attack speed. There are many more, and you can choose any relic or gate more than once as well.

  • Guard (Relic): It will enhance your Physical and Magic DEF by 10%. Upgrading it often will make your heroes almost immune to these attacks.
  • Swiftblade: (Relic) This will increase the attack speed of all your heroes by 10. If you keep upgrading it, the attack speed will be far quicker compared to the default one.
  • Fortitude (Relic): It will increase the HP of every hero by 10%, and upgrading it is very beneficial, especially in the later difficulty levels.
  • First Aid Kit (Blessing): This will grant you two resurrection potions, but you won’t be able to buy more from Fitz’s store then.
  • Double Crystals (Blessing): This gate will grant you twice the crystals that you currently have.
  • Resurrection Potion (Item): This will grant you a potion to revive a hero with full HP.

List of All Gates

NameGate TypeEffect
WarmthRelicRestores 10% HP to all deployed heroes upon victory in battle.
GuardRelicIncreases Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 10%.
PotentialRelicRestores 20 Energy after casting an Ultimate.
SwiftbladeRelicIncreases ATK SPD by 10.
VanquishRelicIncreases ATK by 5%.
FortitudeRelicIncreases HP by 10%.
SantuaryRelicIncreases Vitality by 10.
Speedy RecoveryRelicIncreases Haste by 5.
Lump SumBlessingGain Pure Crystal x150 and stop obtaining Pure Crystals after defeating enemies.
Relic RewardsBlessingObtain additional Relic x1 of the same type when defeating enemies.
Double CrystalsBlessingDoubles the amount of Pure Crystals currently owned when picked up.
First Aid KitBlessingObtain Resurrection Potion x2 and stop having Resurrection Potions in the store.
Resurrection PotionItemUse to revive 1 selected hero and fully restore the hero’s Energy.

Best Crests

Best crests - AFK Journey (AFK2)

After you complete a relic set, you will be taken to the section to select a crest.

Crests are also awarded after you complete stages 5, 10, and 15. The regular ones are rare and elite, while the best ones are epic.

They will help you with your attack, defense, ultimate, and more stuff, depending on which ones you get.

  • Blades of Wind (Epic): It deals 3% additional damage to the enemies according to their max HP, along with restoring your hero’s energy by 50 when they attack enemies under control effects.
  • Monsoon Assault (Epic): Enemies are stunned for 2s and receive 10% of their max HP’s damage every 10s.
  • Victor’s Blade (Epic): After an enemy hero is defeated, the ATK SPD of your heroes increase by 25.
  • Stunning Attack (Elite): It stuns the enemies for 3 seconds at the start of the battle after giving them true damage equal to 10% of their max HP.
  • Hurricane Terror (Elite): Whenever an enemy hero is defeated, fright inflicts on others for 3s.
  • Titanic Might (Elite): Your heroes’ ATK increases by 1% and Phys and Magic DEF increase by 2.5% based on their max HP.
  • Division of Labor (Rare): If your 5-hero team has different hero classes, then your ATK, PHYs DEF, and Magic DEF will increase by 20%.
  • Divine Soldier (Rare): Your front-most hero gets thrown to the enemy side and stuns all the enemies for 5s.

List of All Crests

Impact ArmorRareReduces the damage allied heroes receive from enemies on the enemy’s side of the battlefield by 25%.
Blade of ImmunityRareGrants control immunity to allied heroes whose HP ratio is below 70%.
Energy ShieldRareRestores 100 Energy every 3s for allied heroes with shields.
ConquerRareReduces Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 15% for allied heroes, and converts 5 times the amount of reduced Phys DEF and Magic DEF into ATK.
Swift ShieldRareIncreases ATK SPD by 25 for allied heroes with shields.
Lasting ShieldRareWhen an allied hero’s shield duration expires, converts 50% of the remaining shield value into healing for the hero. The healing comes from the ally that granted the shield.
Impact ShieldRareEach allied hero gains a shield equal to 30% of their max HP when entering the enemy side of the battlefield for the first time.
Shattering GustRare5s into battle, blows enemies toward back edge of the battlefield.
Division of LaborRareIncreases ATK, Phys DEF, and Magic DEF by 20% when the deployed allied heroes are all from different classes.
Focusing SightRareIncreases Crit by 30 for allied heroes when no enemies are detected within 2 tiles.
Divine SoldierRareThrows the front-most allied hero to the area with the most enemies when a battle start. The hero stuns nearby enemies for 5s when landing.
Impact SpearRareAllied heroes deal 25% more damage to enemies on the enemy side of the battlefield.
Fiery DashRareIncreases Haste by 30 for 3s when allied heroes deal a critical strike.
Wind BlessingRareIncreases the duration of control effects inflicted on enemies by 20%.
ConcentrateRareIncreases the damage allied heroes deal by 50% if they do not move for 3s.
Absorption of GreedRareAllied heroes can absorb 10% of the target’s HP with normal attacks. This effect is considered crest healing and can be triggered once per enemy by each ally every 5s.
Power DrainingRareStun an enemy hero for 2s after the enemy’s Ultimate ends.
Entwined FuryRareGrants 40% additional crit rate to allied heroes when dealing damage to enemies under control effects.
DominanceRareRestores 100 Energy for allied heroes when a battle starts.
Mauler FangRareFor every Mauler hero deployed, increases allied heroes’ ATK, Phys DEF, Magic DEF, and HP by 5%.
Heated HammeringRareAllied heroes can stun their targets for 2s when they deal a critical strike. This effect can be triggered once for each enemy hero every 5s.
Might TideRareIncreases Crit by 30 for allied heroes whose HP ratio is above 95%.
Raging FireRareIncreases allied heroes’ Crit by 15.
Energy TideRareRestores 100 Energy every 3s for allied heroes whose HP ratio is above 95%.
Critical AdvancementRareIncreases critical damage by 30% when allied heroes deal a critical strike with a normal attack.
Furious AttackRareAll allied heroes’ first 5 normal attacks are guaranteed critical strikes.
Furious ExtractionRareGrants 25% additional Life Drain to allied heroes when dealing a critical strike.
SandstromRareEnemy heroes under control effects receive 20% more damage.
Freezing WarningRareStuns each enemy for 3s when their Energy is more than 500 for the first time.
Fierce ShieldEliteEvery time an allied hero casts Ultimate, gains a shield equal to 15% of their max HP for 5s.
Speedy Recovery ForceEliteDoubles the Haste bonus granted by Speedy Recovery series Relics.
Timed BonusEliteEvery 3s in battle, increases ATK, Phys DEF, and Magic DEF by 2% for allied heroes, up to 40%.
Defensive CounterattackEliteWhenever an allied hero gains a shield, stuns the enemy for 2s with their next attack when dealing damage. This effect can be triggered once for each allied hero in 5s.
Stunning AttackEliteWhen a battle starts, all enemies receive true damage equal to 10% of max HP and are stunned for 3s.
Hurricane TerrorEliteInflicts Fright on all enemies for 3s whenever an enemy hero is defeated.
Annihilation MarkElite5s into a battle, marks 2 enemy heroes who currently have the lowest HP ratio. When allies deal damage to marked enemies, their ATK SPD is increased by 60 for 3s.
Titanic MightEliteBased on allied heroes max HP, their ATK is increased by 1% and Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 2.5% during battle.
Weakness PenetrationEpicAllied heroes have a 5% chance to 5 times the original damage.
Victor’s BladeEpicIncreases ATK SPD by 25 for allied heroes whenever an enemy hero is defeated.
Monsoon AssaultEpicOnce every 10s, all enemies receive true damage equal to 10% of max HP and are stunned for 2s.
Blades of WindEpicAllied heroes deal additional true damage equal to 3% of the targets’ max HP and restore energy by 50 when dealing damage to enemy heroes under control effects. The effect can be triggered once per enemy by each ally every 3s.

Arcane Labyrinth Tips and Tricks

Following are some tips and tricks that will make this battle mode easier for you.

Upgrade Your Heroes and Equipment

Always make sure that all your heroes and equipment are upgraded before entering the Arcane Labyrinth.

Because if not, you’ll be bound to lose early. Have the strongest heroes in your lineup equipped with the best equipment.

Bring a Well-Rounded Team

Always make sure that your team does not have all the heroes of the same type. For example, don’t make a team with only warriors or supporters.

You would want to have a diverse team with a healer, tank, mage, warrior, and marksman/rogue. Now it is up to you to decide what combination you’ll be going in with.

We have already listed the best heroes above!

Position Your Heroes Strategically

Arcane Labyrinth battle - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Don’t just randomly place any 5 heroes. This will do more harm than good.

Ensure that all your heroes are placed according to a tactic that you think will work best.

Generally, you would want to have your ranged heroes at the back, support/healers in the middle, and short-range attackers/tanks in the front.

Moreover, don’t let all the enemies attack a single hero by placing them in front alone. You would prefer dividing the enemy attacks among multiple heroes so a single one doesn’t get killed in the starting game.

How to Play

Below is everything you need to know about how to play Arcane Labyrinth from the start to the end.

Select Your Heroes

The first step is to select the heroes. The first difficulty level only lets you select 5 heroes, but this amount increases to 10 from difficulty level 2 and onwards.

Always make sure that your team does not have all the heroes of the same type. For example, don’t make a team with only warriors or supporters.

You would want to have a diverse team with a healer, tank, mage, warrior, and marksman/rogue. Now it is up to you to decide what combination you’ll be going in with.

Choose the Difficulty Level

Arcane labyrinth difficulty level - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The second step is to choose the Difficulty Level. If you are just starting, you’ll have level 1 by default. But once you beat it, level 2 will unlock, and so on.

Deploy Your Heroes

Arcane labyrinth heroes - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Once you complete Difficulty Level 1, you will be able to select 10 heroes. However, only 5 can be deployed to the battle.

The main 5-hero team I usually use at the moment includes:

  • Igor (Warrior)
  • Smokey and Meerky (Support)
  • Antandra (Tank)
  • Cecia (Marksman)
  • Viperian (Mage)

You are free to try out your own combinations and see which one works best for you! Also, here is our AFK Journey hero tier list.

Select the Relic Gates

Arcane labyrinth relic gates - AFK Journey (AFK2)

We have already discussed what relics are, so I won’t be mentioning them much here. But just as a reminder, make sure you are choosing the best ones according to your team!

Utilize Fitz’s Store

Fitz's store - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Fitz’s store can appear randomly in place of a relic gate or after you choose a Pure Crystal Gate. Here you can buy passive powers, which can boost your team a lot.

Some of them will restore your energy after casting an ultimate, some will restore your HP by 10%, and so on.

It can also let you choose a relic between three random ones, and there are also options to increase your crystal rewards and revive a hero by getting the Resurrection Potion.

Defeat the Boss

boss fight in arcane labyrinth - AFK Journey

Level 15 of the game will have a boss to fight against. You will find him easier to beat it in the early difficulties, but he will keep getting stronger as the difficulty level progresses.

Once you defeat the boss, the Deep Challenge will unlock.

Deep Challenge

Arcane labyrinth deep challenge - AFK Journey

When you complete levels 16–19 of a Difficulty Level, the ultimate boss gets unlocked at level 20.

And just so you know, it cannot die. All you can do is try to do as much damage as you can and improve your rankings.

The ranking won’t be available until the 20th stage of a difficulty level is cleared.


Arcane labyrinth rewards - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The first three difficulty levels have hero essence and epic invite letters as rewards. And from 4 to 15, you will only get epic invite letters. Also, keep in mind that these rewards will only be awarded when you clear a level for the first time.

List of Arcane Labyrinth Rewards

Difficulty LevelRewards
13 Epic Invite Letters and 200 Hero Essence
23 Epic Invite Letters and 400 Hero Essence
33 Epic Invite Letters and 600 Hero Essence
43 Epic Invite Letters
53 Epic Invite Letters
63 Epic Invite Letters
73 Epic Invite Letters
83 Epic Invite Letters
93 Epic Invite Letters
103 Epic Invite Letters
113 Epic Invite Letters
123 Epic Invite Letters
133 Epic Invite Letters
143 Epic Invite Letters
153 Epic Invite Letters


Arcane Labyrinth is a fun battle mode that tests your skills and hero management to the fullest. Apply the best strategies you can to get to the end!

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