Anime Gangster Crime Game: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Jean-Roux Denysschen
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Anime Gangster Crime Game is an exciting and action-filled anime that focuses on crime.

The game starts off in the Anime Miami simulator within the Grand Vegas police games.

Anime Gangster takes place in different gangster city towns, where the mission of the player is to fight for peace and take on different criminal cops.

Anime Gangster was developed by Rage Games Studio and is only available for download on the Android Play Store.

Anime Gangster Crime Game - Home Screen
Photo: Rage Games Studio


The Anime Gangster Crime Game’s gameplay is simple to understand and anyone will be able to play the game with ease.

The game currently features three game modes to play. The modes are Career Mode, A Special Mode, and Open World.

Anime Gangster - Mode Selection
Photo: Rage Games Studio

The Career Mode of the Anime Gangster Crime Game is not currently available and will only be available later on.

This mode will feature a story mode that players can follow to complete certain tasks and missions in the game.

Career Mode Coming Soon - Anime Gangster Crime Game
Photo: Rage Games Studio

Players can currently only play the Open World mode in the game. The Open World Mode features night mode and day mode.

Night mode and day mode are the same in-game and the only difference is the time of day that players are playing the game.

Anime Gangster Crime Game - Night Mode - Day mode
Photo: Rage Games Studio

Players can choose their preferred mode to play in with both modes being exciting to play.

Players will start Anime Gangster with a bunch of different weapons to use to kill people in the Open World Mode.

Players will be able to use a variety of weapons that include guns, bombs, power blasts, Balloons, Webs, Fire, and Rockets.

Controls and Weapons - Anime Gangster Crime Game
Photo: Rage Games Studio

These can be used to kill enemy cops and other people in the Open World mode of the game.

Players can use the Joystick on the left bottom side of the screen to walk around the town and kill people to achieve challenges.

Anime Gangster also allows players to use cars and bikes by watching an advertisement in the game to get to certain destinations quicker.

The yellow marker on the map indicates a location where players can go to kill the enemies in the game.

In game cars - Destinations - Anime Gangsters
Photo: Rage Games Studio

In the Open World Mode, players can do whatever they want like killing evil cops, driving supercars and bikes, flying helicopters, using different weapons, and more.

Anime Gangster Main Menu

The Main Menu on the Anime Gangster Crime Game is simple to navigate and is user-friendly for any player of the game.

The Main Menu features a lot of elements that include the store, achievements, 500 cash reward, spin feature, free diamonds, settings, rating, and private policy.


The achievements option on the main home screen features all of the challenges that players can face to unlock additional rewards.

One of the main achievements is Monster Kill where players will need to kill 100 people in the game.

To be or not to be is another challenge players can take on which involves the player dying ten times in the game.

Meatman involves the player dying by drowning, collision, explosion, or car accident.

Easy money is another challenge that players can take on and involves the player stealing a jeep, taxi, or van in the game.

There are a bunch of other challenges that players can also take on in the game to receive additional rewards.

Anime Gangster Crime Game - Achievements
Photo: Rage Games Studio

Cash Rewards and Gems

The Main Menu or Home Screen of Anime Gangster also features options for players to get free coins and free gems when watching an advertisement.

Players will need to watch an advertisement of 30 seconds of a variety of other games to be able to claim these rewards.

Once the player has finished watching the advertisement, they will receive a pop-up on their screen with the reward.

Congratulations Rewards - Watching ads
Photo: Rage Games Studio


The store can be found on the top left side of the home screen. The store features cash and gems.

Players are given the option to watch a certain amount of ads for each money item in the store as well as each gem item.

This will help boost the player’s balance of both money and gems within the game by simply watching multiple advertisements.

For example, players will have the ability to watch five advertisements to receive $20,000 in the game.

Anime Gangster Crime Game - Store For Cash and Gems
Photo: Rage Games Studio

Spin the wheel

Anime Gangster Crime Game also has a spin-the-wheel feature on the home screen of the game.

Players are given five spins when they first start playing the game and can get additional spins by watching more advertisements.

Players can receive a variety of different rewards while spinning the wheel including coins, diamonds, extra spins, a mystery box with rewards, and a duck that gives players nothing.

This is a fun and interactive way to receive additional rewards within the game.

Spin the wheel feature - Additional rewards
Photo: Rage Games Studio


Anime Gangstar Crime Game is a fun game to play in your free time. If you like Open World Game Modes then this game is for you.

Kill as many enemy cops as you can by using a different weapon every time. Ride in your dream car through the different cities and explore different territories.

If you use an Android device, it would be worth your while to check out this game.

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