Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – February 2024

Hamza Rashid

We have the latest codes for Anime Fighting Simulator in July 2023!

Anime fans assemble! Roblox has proven once again that it is a wonderful platform to bring your dreams to life with BlockZone’s Anime Fighting Simulator. Battle it out with tons of fans online and prove yourself to be the very best anime hero the Roblox world has ever seen. Our list of Anime Fighting Simulator codes will help you get there faster.

Anime Fighting Simulator
Image: BlockZone

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Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – July 2023

Dwax10k3k Chikara Shards (NEW CODE)
1billionvisits!Free Chikara Shards
sub2hakimboFree Chikara Shards
Emperador2kcode2,000 Chikara Shards
bloodlinesfixedChikara Shards
1millionsubsfrangoChikara Shards
defild800kChikara Shards
300ksubstigretvChikara Shards
sub2defildplaysChikara Shards
2millionsingroupChikara Shards
emperadorwapoChikara Shards
emperadorstarChikara Shards
1billionvisits!Chikara Shards
kelvin600kChikara Shards
secretrazorfishcodeChikara Shards
elemperador100kChikara Shards
Mrrhino50kChikara Shards
bigboi100kChikara Shards
anotherbugfixChikara Shards
thanksbugfixesChikara Shards
subtodefildplaysChikara Shards
NNGChikara Shards
medtw50kChikara Shards
sub2razorfishgamingChikara Shards
subtokelvingtsChikara Shards
n1colas2subChikara Shards
tigretvsubChikara Shards
sunfrangoChikara Shards
L3NIChikara Shards

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Anime Fighting Sim redeem code
Image: BlockZone

Redeeming codes in Anime Fighting Simulator is very simple. Follow these steps to redeem codes like a pro!

  • Once in the game, click on the blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen
  • The codes menu will appear
  • Enter a code exactly as it is displayed
  • Hit Redeem and enjoy

What Codes Do in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Codes are like special gift vouchers within the game that you can redeem for Yen and Chikara in Anime Fighting Simulator. They not only give your progress a nice boost but also offer a fantastic opportunity to snag some awesome items that might be out of reach for free-to-play gamers. So, don’t miss out on the chance to level up your game and grab those exclusive goodies!

Codes Not Working in Anime Fighting Simulator

If your codes aren’t working in Anime Fighting Simulator, there could be two possible reasons for that. First, double-check that the code you entered is accurate and doesn’t contain any typos or mistakes in capitalization.

Secondly, make sure the code you’re trying to redeem is still valid and hasn’t expired.

How to Get More Codes in Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Sim more codes
Image: BlockZone

Codes in Anime Fighting Simulator are typically released during significant milestones for the game or special occasions like Christmas. To stay in the loop and catch these codes as they drop, we suggest following the developers on their social media accounts. 

Additionally, joining the official Anime Fighting Simulator Discord server is a great idea as it connects you with a fantastic community of fellow fans who will make sure you’re always up-to-date when new codes are released.


That concludes today’s guide on the latest Anime Fighting Simulator codes that are sure to take your Roblox gaming experience to the next level. Be sure to comment down below if you stumble upon any codes for the game!

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