Animal Restaurant: How to Obtain and Redeem Codes – Latest Codes – February 2021

Anurag Ghosh

New February 2021 Codes

I found these codes from the game’s official Facebook Page

  1. love2021 – You will get a cute little guitar memento.

2. 2021oxyear – This gift code will expire on 21 Feb 2021. Grab it before it expires. You will get a lovely stone lion.

You can type in “redemption codes” in Animal Restaurant to get cods and other items, such as cute mementoes.  

Bookmark this guide by tapping on the heart button on the lower-right corner of the screen to get updates about new codes.

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How to Enter a Redemption Code?  

You might be confused as to where to enter codes to get rewards. The space to enter a redemption code is hidden from plain sight:  

Tap on “Settings”, which has a gear or cog icon on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Tap on the white cat to enter coupon codes.

Under the “Settings” box, tap on the cute white cat. You can find her on the lower-left corner of the box. 

A new window will open. Enter the code on the empty space to get your rewards.  

More Redeem Codes:

Where to find Codes

Unlike other games, Animal Restaurant does not give away redemption codes on a weekly basis. You may get them during holidays or special events. The game’s official Twitter account @AML_Restaurant often tweets codes during special events, so make sure you follow this account to get updates.  

The last time @AML_Restaurant tweeted a code was on October 1st 2020. It was “mooncake” but it was valid only for seven days. You would have received a cute memento if you entered this code in the box. 

Animal Restaurant redemption code validity.

Most of the codes posted on the official Twitter account are available for a limited period of time. Beyond the validity date, they will be of no use and so you won’t be able to redeem them. Also make sure you enter the code as it is shown on the tweet. If it’s in lower case, then enter all letters in lower case.