Animal Restaurant Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

Animal Restaurant is a cute restaurant sim game from Wei Wang. Chef Gumi’s restaurant attracts adorable critters from all over the world. Manage her new eatery by promoting her restaurant to draw new customers to her delightful eating house, learn new recipes, and install facilities and furniture to ensure customers don’t leave without eating their favorite dishes. As more and more animals visit your restaurant, hire adorable feline staff to improve services and earnings.  

You start your business by placing tables for customers and stoves to cook food. Critters come and order food at the table. Tap meal bubbles above them to cook food on the stoves. After eating their favorite dishes, animals pay in cods, which is the game’s currency.

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There are plenty of things to do in chef Gumi’s Animal Restuarant! With the help of these tips and tricks, find out how to earn a lot of cods, increase star ratings, unlock new customers and promotion methods and get cool bonuses.   

Animal Restaurant

Place More Tables and Choose the Cheapest Ones 

If more customers order food, you will earn more cods. But without proper table arrangement, foodies won’t order their favorite dishes.  

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Have more tables.  

Place more tables to attract customers

Buy more than one table to serve more customers. Since you will be low of cods and cutting on costs in the beginning, purchase the cheapest tables. 

Under facilities, the first counter under each “Table” section will be the cheapest. As soon as you collect enough cods, purchase them.  Having more tables will ensure quicker earnings and animals won’t have to form a queue near the door for a long time.  

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 Have More Stoves to Serve Customers Faster 

Your goal is to earn as many cods as possible to unlock new recipes, hire staff and expand chef Gumi’s Animal Restaurant.  

Along with placing more tables, you should also add more stoves to serve all customers. Just like tables, start with the cheapest stoves available in the facilities menu. Under each “Stove” section, buy the first furnace and place it on your kitchen.  

When multiple customers order food, tap meal bubbles above them to cook food on several stoves. Doing this, you will serve them faster and earn more cods.  

Tip: Buying more stoves increases the cooking speed.  

Use the Flyer Promo

Flyer promo is the cheapest way to attract more customers. All you have to do is tap this promo button repeatedly until the green bar above it fills up and see how customers flock to your new restaurant.  

You can attract a whole batch of customers by choosing the highest-level promo. Tap the promo ticket to attract a lot of customers. You will need a promo ticket and have to watch a video to use the cellphone promo ticket which is available next to the flyer promo.  

Upgrade Promotion to Obtain Bonuses and Attract Special Customers  

The flyer promo is the simplest and the cheapest promo method available, but did you know that there are other methods of attracting more customers, including special ones?  

Upgrade your current promo to other methods, such as radio, TV and cellphone. You will need tons of ratings to level up a promo. Work hard to earn your ratings gradually and upgrade promotion.  

Upgrading to the radio promo will increase the prices of certain dishes and attract special customers such as the Salesman and the Rich Kid a greater number of times.  

Leveling up to TV promotion raises prices of certain recipes, attracts better customers from town, draws the “fortuneteller”.  

Upgrading to the highest level of promotion, the cellphone promo, increases price of certain dishes and attracts customers from the city. With this promo unlocked, your restaurant will attract the mysterious merchant.  

Tables and Stoves Grant Great Bonuses  

Each table and stove grant certain bonuses that will help you earn more profits and increase efficiency:  

Tables increase tips per minute. You must place a tip desk to earn this bonus. (more on tip desks later). the higher the price of a table, the more tip bonuses you will earn.  

Stoves increase cooking efficiency. As you learn more recipes, certain food items will take more time to cook.  

Placing high quality stoves will increase cooking efficiency, thereby decreasing cooking time to prepare such foods. Each stove increase cooking efficiency by a certain percentage. However, the cheapest stove increases tip per minute.  

Learn Lip-Smacking Recipes to Increase Earnings 

As more and more customers visit your restaurant, they will demand something new and tasty. If a customer demands a new dish and you don’t have one, he will leave your restaurant.  

Learn new recipes as soon as you collect a lot of cods. This will not only make your visitors happy, but also increase your earnings. Each new recipe’s earnings are more than the previous one.  

Under menu, tap the “recipes” tab and then tap on a new recipe to learn it. To learn a new recipe, you must reach a certain restaurant rating.  

You can get ratings when you place facilities or when “rave reviewer” customers give a rating after eating food. Certain customers, such as the Paper Bagged Ostrich and Artist Badger will order food in advance. Note the timings and log in later to earn a lot of ratings and cods. Once you reach the required rating to learn a recipe, just spend cods to unlock it completely.  

Learning a new recipe increases your profits when you serve it to a customer. Check the “earnings per dish” on each new recipe under menu to know how much cods you will be earning when a customer orders it.  

Place Tip Desks to Earn Bonus Cods 

Happy customers will leave a tip, but to collect them, you will need a tip desk. This facility collects tips over time, so check every few minutes. To place one, go to menu > facilities and under tip desk purchase the first desk. You can buy more, but they will require a lot of cods. Keep collecting cods from customers, and pay attention to special customers. Once you amass a lot of cods, buy another to increase your earnings. 

You can double the tip received from a tip desk. Just tap the “Cod x 2” button and watch a video to double your rewards.  

Unlock the Buffet to Expand the Restaurant 

In Animal Restaurant, you can expand your eatery by adding a buffet. Tap the downward pointing arrow beside the Menu. You will see an empty space which can be unlocked with 300000 cods.  

Your eatery’s rating should also be at least 1500 stars. Save stars to open a new eating space for your loyal critter customers.  

One big advantage of the buffet is that it earns cods automatically every hour. Unlocking this new space can be a great investment decision. 

Increase Tip Bonus by Placing These Facilities 

Tip desks earn cods every minute. To increase a desk’s per-minute earnings, you will have to place certain facilities on your restaurant:  

1. Mats: Placing mats will increase a tip desk’s cod bonus per minute. The cheapest one costs 1500 cods.  

2. Tables 

3. Curtains and wall decor: Both can also increase tips per minute.  

4. Windows and Trash Cans 

5. Cupboards and certain stoves.  

6. Kitchen rack and fridge.  

7. Some staff members, such as Apricot the Sweeper 

8. You must reach a certain restaurant rating (star) and use cods to place facilities. 

How to Increase Price of Recipes 

Increase a recipe’s price when you reach a particular star rating. Tap on each unlocked recipe with an upward pointing green arrow to raise their price, but make sure you have reached a certain rating to upgrade them. 

Hire Staff to Boost Earnings 

Hiring adorable critter staff for your animal restaurant will increase your earnings and star ratings. You can get a full list of staff members under menu. You will need cods and must reach a particular star rating to hire them.  

Staff members take orders quickly, finds cods, increase tips, sweep the floor, boost movement speed and collects cods lying on the cod. Each staff member has a unique perk, so make sure you check a member’s info card before hiring him.  

Know Your Customers  

Various animal customers will arrive at your restaurant, but not all will be the same. You will serve:  

Normal customers who will just eat, pay cods and go.  

Competitive eaters who will eat more than one dish at a stretch and increase your stoves’ cooking speed. 

Irritating customers that will drive your customers away from your restaurant.  

Special customers who won’t eat but toss out cods when you tap on them and salesmen who will often come to promote ads and leave some cods for you. You will have to watch those ads to get bonus cods.  

How to Unlock Customers  

You will have to fulfill certain conditions to unlock new and special customers.  

In most cases, you must learn certain recipes to welcome new guests, but there will be other requirements, such as reaching a certain rating, placing a facility and upgrading your promo method.  

Some customers won’t appear unless you upgrade the promo method from flyer to radio, TV or cellphone. A few customers will be “seasonal”, which means they will appear on certain seasons or festivals.  

Pay attention to customers that order in advance. Note the timing of the orders and login on a particular day to fulfill their mysterious orders to unlock them. You will receive lots of rewards when you complete their advance orders.  

To know the requirements for unlocking a new animal, tap Menu > Customers and then tap on those portraits that have a “???” above them.  

Beware of Annoying Critters  

While most customers will help your restaurant grow, there will be some who will either steal your profits or drive your customers away. Most probably, these animals were planted by your evil competitors who don’t want your restaurant to flourish.  

Beware of the Skunk

You must get rid of special customers, such as the cod stealing rabbit and the skunk.  

The rabbit will steal cods lying on the floor and the skunk unleashes an awful smell that drives customers away.  

To chase these troublesome critters away, tap on them until the green bar above them fills up.  

Complete Achievements and Tasks  

Tasks section unlocks when you gain 25-star ratings. You can start completing simple tasks and achievements to get a lot of cods.  

Pay Attention to Orders  

The task section also shows “advance order” progress for animals who have ordered food in advance. Keep track of the progress bar and remember to log in when the countdown ends to get you rewards.  

Share Animals to Earn Bonus Cods 

You can get rewards when you share certain special animals such as the Artist Badger.

Share special customers to get cods

Once you have unlocked an animal, you can share his portrait via Facebook to get your rewards. Connect the game with Facebook to show off your new animals.  

How to Increase Star Ratings 

Star ratings are very important for your restaurant. It’s a core requirement to unlock new customers, upgrade promotion method, unlock new facilities and recipes. Here are a few ways to increase your Animal Restaurant star ratings:  

– Place facilities. Each facility grants certain star ratings (one-time) when you place them on your restaurant. Check each facility under Menu to know how many stars you will get per facility.  

– Complete all tasks under “Daily Tasks” to get stars. Daily Tasks unlock when you reach 25-star ratings.  

– Finish one-time advance orders from certain special customers such as the Artist Badget, Wounded Bear and Paper Bagged Ostrich to get a lot of ratings. 

take advance orders from shy customers

A shy customer places an order one day in advance. Just make sure you open the game before the countdown of their advance order ends to gain rewards.

You can check a mysterious order’s countdown in the “tasks” menu. When the countdown ends, tap “Claim” to obtain cods and star ratings.  

Advance orders countdwon

– “Rave reviewer” customers might give stars after eating at your restaurant. You can unlock one by learning the Bibimbap recipe and placing Daily flower on the garden on your left.  

These are some of the ways to increase star ratings. If you know a few tricks to get more stars, post your comments to share them with us.  

  1. I am at the very start of the game I need to get to 15 stars to unlock americano but I cant do much I have no staff.

  2. How do I buy the take out food its kinda confusing that and I forgot ! Thank you!

  3. Ya’ll should upload the fishing part guide, and how you can respawn a new pawn to get more sticks and whatnot (it took me a long time to figure this out and I’d like to help others about it too ;-;)

    1. You can post the tutorial on how to respawn a new pawn to get more sticks, in the comments section. I am sure readers will love to read it! Thanks for your comment.

    1. hi @leah, you have to buy facilities (snack cabinet, drink cabinet, refrigerator and fruit cabinet)

    1. I think that there’s a button that says something like, “I doubt that”. Press that and it will go away.

  4. How do I unlock “Mouse” and “Spotted Deer”? Their requirements are “Wild Fern” and “Fruit Platter” but I updated those facilities before unlocking them. I tried to use those required facilities again, but the said guests never came 🙁
    Any idea what I should do?

    1. I guess you will also need certain food items besides facilities to unlock animals such as the spotted deer and mouse. For both mouse and deer it’s “Adzuki Bean Dumpling”.

    2. Mouse – Wild fern and Adzuki bean dumpling
      Spotted deer – Fruit platter, Adzuki bean dumpling and star rating of 120

  5. How do I obtain certain letters? Are there special combos of flowers to give the owl? Or are they just random?

    1. Yes there are special combos/flowers which you can add to the messenger’s suitcase before sending her away to obtain certain letters.

  6. Does changing out which furniture is on display affect how many cod I make?
    For example: If I have all of the mats unlocked, but I’m using the green grass mat, am I getting the tips/hour rate of the most expensive mat I bought, or the tips/hour rate of the grass mat?

    1. For the green grass mat, you end up earning 4 cod/hour whereas the oval mat produces 12 cod/ hour. However make sure when you buy the most expensive object, double check how much cod it produces as it is not always the most.

    1. After you’ve met certain requirements (listed on the Memento page), a customer will drop an item. Some of these items can be worn by certain employees; it will say “can be worn” within the item’s icon. Go to the Memento page (book icon in the top right corner, second tab), tap on an item, and select “wear.”

  7. I”m trying to unlock de bald cheep, but I don’t get it. I put a dash of red to get a rose. Because one of the conditions to unlock de bald cheep is have a rose. But it didn’t work. The dash of red is not enough to get a rose? Someone help me please!!

  8. I can’t seem to figure out how to unlock “fruit platter,” but I need it for the spotted deer.

  9. I just unlocked the buffet and cannot find anywhere how to gain the green and white coins used to unlock buffet menu items.

    1. Get the Temp Worker Yolly from staff. 50 Green coins will be dropped by him every hour. Also, purchase the Hot Kettle Combo facility at the buffet. You will get 100 green coins from it each day.

      1. I have the temp worker yolky and I don’t understand how to get the plates. How would I do this?

        1. To get the green+white coins, you have to wait for him to wander down to wear the food goes in and out and he’ll drop them in front of it. To purchase the dishes, you have to go into Recipes and go to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see “Freshly Made” and “Buffet”. Select the Buffet.

          1. My buffet is suppose to earn me 2800 per hour but it is not dropping any cod’s nor do I see any of my customer taking in anything. What’s going on?

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